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I’m very much the same thing. My team supports a couple different product lines, and we have had a bi-weekly meeting with the consumers of those products for the last 10 years. Initially, I ran the call and it was never longer than 10-15 minutes, even though we always have an hour booked. Then someone else took over and it ballooned up to 45 minutes. I finally managed to get someone new to run the call and it’s down to 20 minutes. Given that we’re covering two or three times the info I used to cover, I consider that a win. Down with long meetings.
11/03/16 @ 17:31
Comment from: Daniel
Here’s what happened. This dude isn’t a “certified instructor.” At the bristow location, they had lost a very important master, and as in result of that, people started leaving, leaving them no choice but to hire inexperienced adult students to teach. He got bumped up.
10/30/16 @ 06:41
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As a player of board games (unfortunately including Monopoly) I will say I prefer the credit card version. My brothers always made me be the banker, which I acquiesced because I was smart enough to cheat without being caught. The reason why I like it though? You can focus on the real point of the game, which is proving the failures of capitalism and ravaging your siblings savagely. Is it really worth making making the change for 16 dollars rent? I never though so, I’d just let them skip it unless I had hotels which make their defeat even more humiliating. The wheel chair thing is real dumb, but I support the credit card Monopoly.
10/29/16 @ 20:07
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She’s a fairly conservative poster child most of the time. But Trump’s candidacy has driven her away from Faux News company line. It’s incredible if you think about it. This is a time where they should want the pretty blonde conservative to be on their side. Instead they’ve spent the entire election attacking her for showing some semblance of balance. That would be fine, except their attacks on her are the most misogynistic and chauvinistic things. They drove her away. And with her, they undercut the entire female conservative base that aligns with her at a time when Hillary is winning women by an amazing percentage. But hey.. lots of old white men in the republican party. Maybe they don’t care if they lose so long as they get to keep telling women to go back to the kitchen.
10/27/16 @ 06:14
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lynn middlebrooks geter has two children, age 12 & 13 living with her. The son that was abused in now in jail arrested for abusing a disabled person. One of Lynn’s daughters is married to a Harris County, GA sheriff’s detective. It appears Lynn has reported her ex husband and current wife of having a meth lab in their Harris County, Ga home. The home was raided and the two were charged and will be having a hearing in Hamilton, GA on Oct. 31st. What makes me so involved in this is that DFCS took the current wife’s 7 year old daughter from her and gave that daughter to man who was never proven to be her biological father. He lives in Alabama. Lynn’s ex husband and his current wife are suffering because they cannot afford proper legal representation.
10/20/16 @ 14:02
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I think my favorite part of this is the way it was announced. ‘A state actor has severed Assange’s internet access’. Sounds very ominous. Like the US hacked into the embassy and killed the internet router or something. What actually happened? The embassy itself killed his connection like a mother trying to get her teenage son to stop watching porn.
10/18/16 @ 09:05
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it wasn’t even a hard question! “Are they lying?” “Yes, I think they are lying or misrepresenting claims. There is no credible evidence being presented. It’s all hearsay, and possibly party of a larger planned campaign by Crooked Hillary to discredit Donald.” That’s a proper response to the question for a Trump shill. A Hillary shill would sound like this: “I’m not certain, but I haven’t heard anything to make me disbelieve these brave women. After hearing that tape, I think it’s something that should be closely examined.”
10/16/16 @ 06:55
Comment from: ken
this bitch is a sad excuse for a human
10/11/16 @ 02:49
Comment from: Jeremy Ronick  
Ronda Pearson is a total whore with major daddy issues. She thinks she is one of the guys as she fucks them. Whore Ronda just wants more attention so guys will want this loser bitch.
10/10/16 @ 19:45
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I’ve used Corsair power supplies and RAM for years due to the high ratings they get. Clearly those ratings are well-deserved!
10/08/16 @ 02:10
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Hmm, shouldn’t all the “fiscal conservatives” out there be highly alarmed that their candidate lost SO MUCH money that he was literally exempt from having to pay income taxes for several years? Wouldn’t that be the EXACT OPPOSITE of a successful businessman?
10/03/16 @ 00:16
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Merkel and Trudeau were the first to come to my mind followed by Pope Francis (if you consider the Vatican sovereign). I guess Johnson could at least get partial credit for not saying “Putin” but… yeesh!
09/30/16 @ 15:06
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Yep. I like to emphasize things for humor.
09/21/16 @ 17:43
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Trump or a fucking asshole? Surely you just repeated yourself.
09/21/16 @ 17:12
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I see it as treating the symptoms and not the problem. My angst is that I have to take the treatment even though I don’t have the symptoms. Other solutions include combating botnets, prosecuting the bad guys better (international law is a bitch), DoS prevention/mitigation, etc… You are right, these are much more difficult. Of course the root of the problem seems to be dumb users. I’d like to see some solutions to remedy that problem…
09/21/16 @ 09:52
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As a power user, I like my choices. I don’t like the OS taking them away from me. But, if the past 15 yeas have taught us anything, it’s that your average user will not properly update their systems. That’s bad for them, and if that was the end of the story, Windows would be wrong to force updates. But the truth of it is a massive portion of the worlds computers are part of zombie nets that live to DDOS other people and steal information. Those users who refuse to properly patch at least quarterly have proven to be a threat to the internet ecosystem. I don’t love this solution, but lets not kid ourselves here; it’s one of the least painful things MS could have done to combat the problem.
09/21/16 @ 06:22
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At the airport, on the way to the airport, 15 minutes before you leave, 2 hours before you leave, a day, a week, whenever. The user should get a say. And while I typically detest catering to the lowest common denominator, I’m willing to leave it be when it doesn’t impact me. The default shouldn’t be for the stupid or lazy. That is my unpopular opinion for the day.
09/20/16 @ 19:53
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Not AT the airport, trying to get out the door to get TO the airport. Often, when you tell Windows to shutdown, it will decide to start installing updates. That’s what happened to the user in the scenario I was relating. But rather than simply closing the lid of their machine and allowing it to sleep or hibernate, they forced the shutdown via a long-press of the power button and hosed the file system. Mind you, that was in Win 7 (not 10), but I’d still be apprehensive of forcing a shutdown any OS while it’s updating system files. And for the record, there are plenty of way for admins and users to set their patching options/timings in Windows. Remember though, unlike with Linux where it is expected that the user is computer-savvy and probably installed it themselves, Windows and OSX are both OSes that come preinstalled on pretty much every computer out there. In those cases, MS and Apple have to assume the lowest common denominator where user knowledge is concerned and set defaults appropriately to protect the stereotypical computer n00b.
09/20/16 @ 00:02
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Advice to not turn the computer off shouldn’t be necessary. If you are at an airport, you should be able to reject the updates until you have time to do them properly. Better yet, you should get to chose and perform the updates you want when you want them. But now we’re venturing into weird territory for windows. I’ll take my do it yourself ball home with me to linux land now.
09/19/16 @ 19:19
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I ’sell’ new products to internal groups all the time. Sometime they cover a legitimate need. Sometimes they’re a power grab disguised and filling a legitimate need. Sometimes… well.. someone paid a few million dollars for crap and by god they’re determined that we will deploy it. For the later two cases, it’s entirely possible that my internal teams are aware of my ‘tells’ and back away from those products. Exactly like I hoped they would.
09/19/16 @ 17:22