It's been a while since I posted and back then I said I was only going to post about happy and fun things. Truth is, those things seem to be rare in my life and when they happen, I let them wash over me in the moment. I like to keep hold of every bit of it and selfishly don't share that feeling with anyone, include all you dear readers (with few exceptions).

But today I'm going to pause; I'm going break my rule about only posting happy things. Just for today. Something over the last few days has been eating away at me and I want to let it go.

Hurricane Harvey. Let's talk about it. I listen to the crazies on the radio on my way into work (Fox News). I read news from all over. One thing is clear. There is a lot of love for Texas and people sure are coming together to help other people. The world is going crazy, Fox News, limited government, “take away health care from poor people," "Poor people should pay medical expenses instead of getting that new iPhone they 'need' so badly" bastards are calling for "the full force of the federal government" to "mobilize relief funds." What the fuckity fuck is happening? Libertarian, free market fanatics who think that the fact we have income tax is against the constitution are spewing hate and calling for extremely aggressive action against people price gauging. It's called the free market assholes, if you love it, fucking love all of it. There's so much of this. People from all over are flooding into Texas to help other people and Fox News is repeatedly focusing on stories of "diversity," "everyone is helping everyone," "THIS IS AMERICA, NOT CHARLETTESVILLE." You know, fuck all of you. The idiots out there may fall for it but I won't.

Here's the brain nugget eating at me. While I applaud the outcome (people helping people is great; whether it's individuals or news agencies calling for the Federal gov't to stand up and provide relief), I deeply question their motives. I think these people feel guilty and ashamed of where they stand right now. I think they hate they've aligned themselves with the KKK and white nationalists. I think they hate they backed republicans. I think they hate themselves for being pro-trump. I think most of them are so ashamed or so full of pride to admit they were wrong. But THIS, this they can do. They feel like they can wash away the self-hatred by helping now. Make themselves clean and pure again. I swear to their fucking god if I hear one more prayer for the people of Texas… But now is when they make up for Charlottesville. Now is when they try to pivot away from the fucked up shit in this country to align themselves with something positive. Now is when they can keep their pride and feel better about themselves, without having to admit they were wrong. “See, we trump asshats are good people!” #NoYouAin’tBitch

People are selfish, even in their altruism. Don't fool yourself. As someone who has been one, even first responders are acting selfishly. You train for these moments, you prepare for them, and you like being in the thick of it. Helping people in need feels good and a lot of us chase that. Fuck, I’m still chasing it today. But even though that type of helping hand is still selfish, I claim it's good.

This type of help we're seeing, I can't but help feel it's dirty and wrong, even though the help is greatly needed. The selfishness behind it is perverse. The same folks a few weeks ago who yelled "Don't you dare tear down my historical statues" are the same motherfuckers running the "Cajun Navy." Just remember assholes, karma isn't a thing, neither is your god who you think will weigh your deeds on a scale of justice. Good actions don't cancel out hateful one.

I'm glad you’re helping but I still think you are terrible for being on the side you are on. Republicans on the hill, fuck you, you fought providing release to the Northeast and Gulf in past storms and you want it for Texas. Yeah, Texas should get it but fuck you. You pro-coal, anti-environment, global warming deniers are just now realizing storms are bad and have massive effects on our country? Fuck you, you are making it worse. Pro-Trump people, he's still horrible and you are still garbage. Being decent when everyone expects you to be does not prove anything. Being decent when it's hard is what matters. That sure is shit isn't now and you fucks failed that "Bigly."

So fuck them, fuck them all to death.

I have so much hate for these people it bubbled over today. They really are a bunch of deplorables, but not just some of them, all of them mother fuckers. I don't care what good things they do for this. I will never tell people not to help, because helping those in need is an end worth pursuing for the sake of the end. But at the end of the day, fuck you buddy.

Good job, keep it up, but fuck you asshole.


NOTE: This is NOT an April 1st joke. The conent in here is real. Or is it? It is. I'm just joking. Or am I? I mean, I could be? But I'm not. But if I were, that's just what I'd want you think. So yeah. Sure, go ahead. Whatever. See if I care. (spoiler alrert, I don't)


  1. It's been a while. I know, it happens. That's just me. Accept it or move on.
  2. I'm still only focusing on things that make me happy. Maybe that's why it's been a while since my last post...
  3. One thing that makes me happy is debating.
  4. One of my favorite debate topics is grammar. Probably because it has sort of rules -ish most of the time and things change.

With that out of the way, my favorite grammar topics to discuss:

  • What I dub "Marvin's grammar postulate the first." This states that any medium discussing grammar (print, speech, posting) will have a grammar error in it. So yes, if you find one in this post, I'm right. Just saying.
  • Unusual plurals. Probably due to adoption from romantic languages, some plurals are surprising and fun. Examples include courts martial, sums total, battles royal, sleights of hand, and, of course my personal favorite, culs de sac. (And as I recently commented to a news source I read regularrly who fixed their story, attorneys general.) Believe it or not, these are all the correct plural form of these words. More examples here.
  • One space, two space, which space or em oh my. Back in the day of typewriters, you had to put two spaces between sentences for them to be readable. Now, typefaces provide for this so only one space is necessary. But some people were "taught" that you always put two, even though the reason for it is rubbish. I include this example mainly because it's a perfect example that just because you've been "doing it that way" for "a long time" and have been writing for longer doesn't mean your way is correct. In this case, you're basing your actions on outdated problems that are no longer relevant. In fact, almost two years ago now this was pointed out to me and I have changed to the correct one space rule. Just saying. It's ok to be wrong but change you should.
  • Aha, can't forget irregardless. It's a word, look it up people. (In all fairness, you should use regardless instead. This doesn't make it not a word though.)
  • Last but not least, the infamous Oxford Comma. Along the same lines of the number of spaces debate (and kind of the same as ending a sentence with a preposition and using passive voice which I omitted because this was already too long), this convention is taught as "optional." I can say this because I know someone who was taught that. Some, including myself, argue that it is NOT optional. Point and case, literally. It's not the first and certainly won't be the last very costly missing comma... Just do it people.

Finally, I'll leave you with this, my absolute favorite case for why the oxford comma is necessary.

sexy jfk


And another for good measure.

not so sexy abe


- M


I feel pretty and witty and ...

Just to be difficult and different, I'm going to start writing about light-hearted topics I find fun.  (Boom, professional smiley bitches)

For my first foray into frivolity, I want to discuss one of my favorite TV shows I rarely talk about. Gilmore Girls. Cheesy ass theme song aside, this is a really good show.

This brings up an interesting fact about me, by the way. Besides for liking dick (and possibly the West Side Story joke in the title connected to this fact, referencing the moving of course) my fondness for the Gilmore Girls is probably the gayest thing about me.

But I digress. This show makes me happy. I relate very strongly to one of the main characters (Paris Geller). While people who know me may disagree, she closely matches how I view myself... for better and for worse. Disdain for most people, stupid indiscretions, fierce passion, and often perceived arrogance that is really self-doubt and insecurity in disguise. If I could magically change into one person, it'd probably be Paris. She is the unfiltered me; how I would act if I truly didn't give a fuck about people (too bad I do).

So here's my multimedia tribute, a decent compilation of some great Paris Geller antics.


PS, all 153 episodes are on Netflix and the revival (four 90 minute episodes) is coming November 25th. I can't wait.

PSS, Tie your tubes idiot


Quote of the day

Trump's policy shop was a quintessential trumpsterfuck.

Trumpsterfuck [truhmp-stur-fuhk] noun: 1. Several clusterfucks fucking each other.


Very Few Words Left

I usually like to include some type of media in posts to make it more interesting. Tonight, I will shamelessly post a video that hit me hard.

u235, you were/are right. I'm done with this. No more talking about it. I'm done with politics until I'm 65. If I even make it that far.


Is Tech Support Getting Better?

I'm used to tech support not being any help. Turn it off and turn in on again. No shit, don't treat me like I'm an idiot.

I was pleasantly surprised when u235 posted about a positive result from tech support recently. Now I can contribute my own success story. Are things actually getting better or am I getting older to the point where now I'm "that idiot" and I don't even realize it?

Anyway. My story. Downloaded game. Installed game. The game is WildStar. WildStar runs through a launcher. Launcher loads. 30 minutes of patching later because, idk, why NOT include the latest patch in install? Whatever. Everything is finally downloaded and there is a shiny "Play" button on the launcher. I click it. The launcher disappears. Nothing happens.

I tried everything. You name it. Run as Admin. Manually adding ports and firewall rules. Compatibility mode. Single monitor with vanilla resolution. Uninstall/reinstall. Verifying files. Blah blah blah. In case you can't get into my head space on this one, it is tremendously frustrating to click "Play" and then have nothing at all happen. No error, no screen flicker, fucking nothing. It was infuriating.

So I contact WildStar support. They responded quickly and reasonably. I shipped them some log files, no big deal. They asked me to try a few things and it actually worked. Stopping all non-Window's services, disabled all startup programs, Winsock reset, and some others. After it was working I slowly started turning things on until I found the thing that was stopping my game. Fucking NVIDIA. Apparently, if you like NVIDIA enough to give them lots of money, they shower you with extras like the NVIDIA Capture Server Proxy. Whatever this thing actually is, if it's on your machine I recommend taking it off. Once I killed that asshole everything worked fine.

Sigh, so what now, now I can play the game.


I'm Never Just Kidding

I'm so excited for my family to come visit. I had such a good weekend with old friends with whom I have so much in common. My bosses usually make good decisions. I hate the cold. I miss summer. Math is dumb. Sports are awesome. I wish I owned more flannel (and I know the difference between flannel and plaid).

Poe's Law is no joke.

Poe's Law

Is introducing Poe's law an indicator of Poe's law at work? I'll leave that to the reader as an exercise.

PS, It is not wise to confuse Poe's law with Lewis's Law. People don't like it at all.

Lewis's Law

Don't we just all love people on the internet (Including ourselves) ...


Ironic Irony of the 2nd Amendment

It is popular in the news (not these days but usually). There's usually plenty of things to read or watch about it (especially on this blog). There are myriad opinions too (although this blog typically has only one).

Of course we're talking about the 2nd Amendment and gun rights.

But with all of this content and opinions, what strikes me the most about the 2nd Amendment and those who support it in today's world is the irony of it all. Allow me to pontificate.

Without using popular terms, I content that those who support the 2nd Amendment are typically those who like to follow the constitution to the letter or claim to understand and follow what the founding fathers intended. Some may disagree and we can debate via separate correspondence. But I'll just move on as if it were true.

Text: "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

1) Follow the words crowd: putting aside the fact that scholars don't agree on the actual text (number of commas), it is clear that we have the right to form ?well regulated? militias and keep and bear arms. But these terms need definitions, especially if we're going to follow the words literally. Let's focus on the key word ? arms (next would be ?well regulated?). If the definition provided is literal, then we have the right to bear muskets, swords, hatches, and the other tools of the militia (unless they predicted future and included semi-automatic rifles and shotguns). But let's make it interesting and assume the smart old white dudes thought to the future with a forward looking ideal. Since the text clearly ties together the right to form a militia and keep and bear arms, then the arms we have the right to keep and bear are the same as those used by the militias. Interesting, this means we have the right to own all arms militaries around the world utilize, including rockets, nuclear weapons, the whole shebang. Well hold on, a sane person may say, why the comparison to the militia? Well sane person, without this linkage, the 2nd Amendment is as pointless as a militia bearing shotguns and assault rifles trying to seize liberty from our government with its drones, encrypted sat comms, and warships (Oh My!). Well hold on, a ridiculous person may say, so what, that's great! Well ridiculous person, it would be ridiculous to explain how ridiculously ridiculous you sound you ridiculously ridiculous person who inspires much ridicule. It seems you get a choice, ridiculous 2nd Amendment that allows nukes or a violation of the 2nd Amendment because you cannot bear enough arms to be infringed in the forming of your militia.

2) Intent crowd: It is hard to deny, although many will try (and they are wrong), that the intent is obviously to prevent the government from making it impossible for the citizenry to restore liberty when presented with a tyrannical government. In support of this, consider the context of the day. The founding fathers just went through hell struggling against the massively stronger military of their tyrannical government. It's no wonder why this is the 2nd Amendment and not found later in the list. They put this in place to limit the government so that citizens could fight back for liberty. While crazy today, this was a wonderful idea in its day. I argue it was even necessary at the time because of technology. But today's technology is very different. Dare anyone to argue that any of us could amass enough weapons to beat our military (and laugh in their face if they actually accept). For better or worse, our military is incredibly strong; we don't stand a chance. If you think worse, wake the fuck up and go join that ridiculous guy up there, you two are a pair (since it's so trivial, I'll leave the proof of this statement for the reader as an exercise). If you believe in the intent of the 2nd Amendment, I feel sorry for you for it was overcome by events over a century ago. Perhaps this is the best example of how our country?s documents can be overcome by time (but that's neither the monkeys or circus of this post). 


The Irony: No matter who you are, your interpretation, or your opinion, the 2nd Amendment is useless. No matter what you do, bear arms or not, you can't protect yourself from anyone.

And behold the irony!



Srebrenican Type of Day

I was having a conversation with a colleague the other day about morals and philosophy. The point was that humans sometimes make suboptimal moral decisions and we both liked it that way.

Imagine you were exiting a burning building and you run into a baby sitting on top of a 1.4 million dollar painting. Surely you save the baby, most would. Except the moral philosopher might say, if you took the painting and sold it, surely you could donate the money to save more than one baby's life (for example, you could provide food and water for hundreds of babies that would die otherwise). In both cases you don't know the baby or the parents. You don't know any of their potentials. All you know is that it is a baby.

Do you save the baby or cast it aside for the painting? Do you save one life and cause hundreds of others to suffer and die or do you let the baby burn so you can save hundreds of others? Opportunity cost is a bitch.

But who wants to live in a world where people save the painting? That doesn't seem human. I, for one, am team baby (even though I generally loathe the filthy, sticky handed, disease spreading monsters).

In a past life I studies a type of history, although I would never claim to be a historian of any sorts. In the 1990's some unfortunate UN Peacekeepers in Srebrenica were charged with protecting a group of people. An overwhelming force opposes them and the UN Peacekeepers have no retreat or reinforcements. The opposition rolls in with buses and separates the men from the rest. It doesn't take a genius to know what their plans are for these poor souls. 

But what is a UN Peacekeeper to do? Stand up to the threat? Fight back? Not only will the men still be killed, but now so will the UN Peacekeepers and the women and children. What the UN Peacekeepers did was take the painting; they chose the technically morally correct option and stood by while thousands were slaughtered. They even helped keep the peace while the buses were being loaded to avoid further waste of life. They saved thousands of lives by condemning some.

But this seems very wrong still. Most people want the UN Peacekeepers to act and even cry loudly that they are the worst type of cowards. But the alternative is many more lives lost. Is it worth more than doubling the death count just so you can fight back? More death, less life, but hey, we did the right thing. Really? Sometimes we have a hard time swallowing our own humanity.

I feel like this a lot. I see what the right thing to do is but it feels like I shouldn't do it. I see the painting and realize its true value but I still want to save the baby. I still want to fight.

So, what's a realist to do. Luckily my consequences are far less dire and I can drink it off by the end of the day. It is tiresome though, to ignore doing what I would do if I didn't understand how it would just making things worse. I save the painting. I help usher the men to certain death. I'm not wrong, but it sure doesn't seem right.

If you want to take the time, I recommend this video for context:


Sweet, Sweet, Juxtaposition

Maybe it's just me but nothing brings me quite as much contentment and elation as perfectly juxtaposed items.

A Pac-Man head in a desert under a palm. The sense of calm only chaos can bring. A joyful song playing to a murderous clown. Pearls with jeans and a t-shirt. Good things coming out of evil circumstances. Idiots achieving power. Depression on a beautiful summer day. Complex simplicity.

Something terrifyingly beautiful. 


Things that are beautifully terrifying.

But be careful, ironically, irony poisons the moment.



My Hanoian Life

Is it possible I'm more of a computer than a human? This is an existential question I pose to myself regularly, triggered by myriad thoughts and observations.

The thought popped into my head last week at a meeting where people in my team present work they are excited about. Everyone should present over time and I'm certainly behind the idea.

The host started the meeting by saying that people needed to sign up. That neurologically speaking, the more people speak in front of a crowd the better they become. I couldn't help but laugh. She was in front of a crowd talking about talking in a front of a crowd.

Of course someone actually saw me chuckle and called me out. So, I explained my thought to everyone. Someone else started laughing and said, "Don't you realize we are now talking about you talking about her talking about talking." I replied "now I'm talking about you talking about me talking about her talking about talking." I'd like to say this is where it ended but if you knew the people I work with you wouldn't be surprised it didn't.

Recursion is a bitch and it derails me as if I were a computer; I'm just not capable of breaking out.

Sometimes it's funny but it is mostly crippling. For example,the way I organize and approach problems is highly susceptible to recursion. I am easy to break. Push things on the stack and I can clear it. If you push more things before I pop everything I'll keep chugging. But, when something way down on the stack needs to be done or else, I have a hard time clearing everything away and deciphering dependencies. I have to recursively shift things in my mind like the Tower of Hanoi problem to keep things straight.




If you're my enemy,you know how to break me.

EDIT! The only cartoon I follow online posted this today. Apparently I'm not the only one.

xkcd rules


I know what it means to be a salesman pushing a garbage product. Sure, the product could be ok. Except it's not. I know how it feels to be a salesman successfully selling a garbage product. People buy what I'm selling and thank me for it. They shouldn't. I know why I secretly hope someone sees through the facade to realize what I realize; that garbage is garbage. Surely not everyone will swallow garbage if you feed it to them nicely... Such is life I suppose. Don't cry for me Argentina; blah blah blah. I like to believe that even though people in general are idiots, the individual is good and intelligent. Perhaps this belief makes me the person happily eating the garbage life is selling me. And most days I thank it for it. But not today.


Physical objects have temporal permanence in that the object continues to exist over time. Time changes but the object remains, it doesn't pop out of existence.

Physical objects do not have spatial permanence in that if you move an object it does not remain where it was. You "move" it, it pops out of where it was and pops into where you put it.

Imagine the chaos if physical objects had both. I would be a long snake like object filling space wherever I have been. The world would be one really complex multiplayer version of snake in 3-D. We'd climb to the sky or borrow deep. We'd have a lot less tolerance for waste. Small mistakes cost dearly. The implications are fun to the think about. But my guess is few will find this entertaining. It entertained me all day.

Source: JLBN

A fitting simile is always a good way to try and explain somthing when your words are all the fail.

Weather is a short term phenonemon such as local temperature, humidy, preciptiation, cloudiness, visibililty, wind and the like. Localized, fleeting, temporary.

Climate describes a long term pattern in weather on a much larger scale. Macro, trends, stable (well, until recently).

If happiness is like weather and something else is like the climate, it's a way to express that happiness is only transient and we cannot judge our complete disposition based on happiness alone, it requires a more global perspective of who we are.

So instead of run, I say settle on down, we're in for a good ride (which is something I think most of us can agree is worth pursing).



So, the Supreme Court decided to remove a long standing precedent preventing corporations from contributing to election funding. That?s one problem. Another is the huge rise in attack ads financed by organizations not required to disclose their funding sources. It turns out a small number of individuals are providing a majority of the funding for these negative ad campaigns: The New Republic: How Secret Money Buys Elections. In many cases, the beneficiaries of these campaigns don?t even know where the money is coming from, but they?re happy with the results (see Art Robinson?s campaign in Oregon). Individuals on one side of the country are influencing a congressional race on the other side of the country.

This leads us to the next distressing piece of news from NPR, that this year?s campaign ads aren?t just spinning the facts, they?re lying outright. Including a claim from a doctor that he lost his insurance due to ?Obamacare?, when the company had actually stopped offering those policies years ago, and another that claims the Democrats "spent more money than this country has spent in the past 200 years combined."

Unfortunately, the depressing picture doesn?t end there. It turns out, that it doesn?t matter whether the ads are true or not, because people will believe what they want to believe. Even presented with hard core facts, they won?t change their mind. In fact, research shows, that when people are confronted with facts that contradict their beliefs, they dig their heels in more.

What?s happened to our Democracy?

2016 Edit: Every election provides us a new reason to raise this question...


So, my soon-to-be 76 year old father just bought a new car.  It's a grandpa car:  a honkin' big Buick with every bell and whistle imaginable to get him to and from his bridge games.  When I asked why he bought it?  He wanted an 8 cylinder engine, because the 6 cylinder wasn't responsive enough.

Gotta love it.  He's bought a more powerful car to compensate for the delay between his brain and his foot.  He already drives with one foot on the gas and the other on the break, and the whole concept just scares me.

Damn it Billy!


test this as well

Is it friday yet?

Oh who could tell. Not me anyways.,