It's been a while since I posted and back then I said I was only going to post about happy and fun things. Truth is, those things seem to be rare in my life and when they happen, I let them wash over me in the moment. I like to keep hold of every bit of it and selfishly don't share that feeling with anyone, include all you dear readers (with few exceptions).

But today I'm going to pause; I'm going break my rule about only posting happy things. Just for today. Something over the last few days has been eating away at me and I want to let it go.

Hurricane Harvey. Let's talk about it. I listen to the crazies on the radio on my way into work (Fox News). I read news from all over. One thing is clear. There is a lot of love for Texas and people sure are coming together to help other people. The world is going crazy, Fox News, limited government, “take away health care from poor people," "Poor people should pay medical expenses instead of getting that new iPhone they 'need' so badly" bastards are calling for "the full force of the federal government" to "mobilize relief funds." What the fuckity fuck is happening? Libertarian, free market fanatics who think that the fact we have income tax is against the constitution are spewing hate and calling for extremely aggressive action against people price gauging. It's called the free market assholes, if you love it, fucking love all of it. There's so much of this. People from all over are flooding into Texas to help other people and Fox News is repeatedly focusing on stories of "diversity," "everyone is helping everyone," "THIS IS AMERICA, NOT CHARLETTESVILLE." You know, fuck all of you. The idiots out there may fall for it but I won't.

Here's the brain nugget eating at me. While I applaud the outcome (people helping people is great; whether it's individuals or news agencies calling for the Federal gov't to stand up and provide relief), I deeply question their motives. I think these people feel guilty and ashamed of where they stand right now. I think they hate they've aligned themselves with the KKK and white nationalists. I think they hate they backed republicans. I think they hate themselves for being pro-trump. I think most of them are so ashamed or so full of pride to admit they were wrong. But THIS, this they can do. They feel like they can wash away the self-hatred by helping now. Make themselves clean and pure again. I swear to their fucking god if I hear one more prayer for the people of Texas… But now is when they make up for Charlottesville. Now is when they try to pivot away from the fucked up shit in this country to align themselves with something positive. Now is when they can keep their pride and feel better about themselves, without having to admit they were wrong. “See, we trump asshats are good people!” #NoYouAin’tBitch

People are selfish, even in their altruism. Don't fool yourself. As someone who has been one, even first responders are acting selfishly. You train for these moments, you prepare for them, and you like being in the thick of it. Helping people in need feels good and a lot of us chase that. Fuck, I’m still chasing it today. But even though that type of helping hand is still selfish, I claim it's good.

This type of help we're seeing, I can't but help feel it's dirty and wrong, even though the help is greatly needed. The selfishness behind it is perverse. The same folks a few weeks ago who yelled "Don't you dare tear down my historical statues" are the same motherfuckers running the "Cajun Navy." Just remember assholes, karma isn't a thing, neither is your god who you think will weigh your deeds on a scale of justice. Good actions don't cancel out hateful one.

I'm glad you’re helping but I still think you are terrible for being on the side you are on. Republicans on the hill, fuck you, you fought providing release to the Northeast and Gulf in past storms and you want it for Texas. Yeah, Texas should get it but fuck you. You pro-coal, anti-environment, global warming deniers are just now realizing storms are bad and have massive effects on our country? Fuck you, you are making it worse. Pro-Trump people, he's still horrible and you are still garbage. Being decent when everyone expects you to be does not prove anything. Being decent when it's hard is what matters. That sure is shit isn't now and you fucks failed that "Bigly."

So fuck them, fuck them all to death.

I have so much hate for these people it bubbled over today. They really are a bunch of deplorables, but not just some of them, all of them mother fuckers. I don't care what good things they do for this. I will never tell people not to help, because helping those in need is an end worth pursuing for the sake of the end. But at the end of the day, fuck you buddy.

Good job, keep it up, but fuck you asshole.


A restaurant owner banning kids is in NO WAY comparable to a racist you silly bint. Because kids aren't a FUCKING RACE. They're a bloody nuisance... ESPECIALLY when one is trying to have a quiet meal between adults.

The owner of a cafe with a no children under 12 policy has hit back at critics calling for a boycott of his shop.

The Chart Room, in Brixham, Devon is an ocean-liner themed coffee lounge which also houses antiques and collectables.

Bob Higginson said it was designed for people to experience the "opulence and splendour of early steamship travel without distraction".

But resident Wendy Moore said she would be boycotting the cafe, and calling on others to do so. More on this story and other Devon and Cornwall news

"Can anyone tell me just what kind of town we're living in when dogs are allowed into an establishment and children are not?" she wrote.

"Who on earth does this Bob Higginson think he is? Would he ban disabled people from entering his premises? Or people of a particular race or colour or religion? I'll bet my bottom dollar he wouldn't; he'd be frightened to death to do so." (BBC)

So let's see, children or a colored disabled druid? Right, I totally see the equivalence... NOT AT ALL. Gods but you're a blithering imbecile aren't you Wendy? People will pay extra to stay purchase seats away from children on a plane but a proprietor declaring noisy, ill mannered, hard to control, snot-nosed, sticky fingered rug rats because it's packed with expensive breakables hurts your feelings?


Dogs are fine BECAUSE they stay on the floor on a lead. If, by the same token, you'd be willing to keep the children (who are generally less behaved than the typical dog) on a collar beneath the table maybe we could agree. But NOT EVERYONE WANTS TO BE AROUND YOUR SNIVELING, CRYING, GRABBING whelp.

I think Bog Higginson THINKS he's a shop owner with a point of view that ALL adults can empathize with... except bitter battleaxes who think that every shop is a playground and every restaurant needs to serve a child's menu without dressing and with a side of chips.

Fuck off Wendy. Go hold up in a McDonalds if you need your fill of misbehaved tykes smearing their food and germs all over. Enjoy.


Jean you fucktard, I despise you.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (AP) -- A lesbian couple are receiving a public apology and $10,000 in damages from a county clerk's office in West Virginia where they were disparaged when applying for a marriage license last year, the couple's attorneys said Wednesday.

Amanda Abramovich and Samantha Brookover sued Gilmer County Deputy Clerk Debbie Allen and Clerk Jean Butcher, saying Allen told the couple while processing their application that they were an "abomination," what they were doing was wrong and that God would "deal" with them.

As part of the settlement, the clerk's office has agreed to issue a public apology in a news release that also will announce the monetary settlement and include a promise to refrain from such treatment in the future

Listen Cunt, your job is to fucking SERVE the public that is paying you. It's not your place to do anything else. You're not special. No one died and appointed you Queen Fuckwad, not even for a day. Further, the only "abomination" is the fact that you got to keep sucking your paycheck from the public teat. Because of your pathetic, schoolyard bully behaviour your county had to pay up $10k AND issue an apology and promise never to have you utter another hateful word out of your filthy fucking cakehole.

Tell me, bitch, do you eat Jesus's asshole with that mouth? Because if you do, you're not doing it right because he's punishing your sorry ass for being both stupid AND horrible.


If you don't get the title, don't worry, it'll wash over you eventually.

HOUSTON (AP) -- Houston's system of bayous and reservoirs was built to drain a tabletop-flat city prone to heavy rains. But its Depression-era design is no match for the stresses brought by explosive development and ever-wetter storms.

Nearly any city would be overwhelmed by the more than 4 feet of rain that Hurricane Harvey has dumped since Friday, but Houston is unique in its regular massive floods and inability to cope with them. This is the third 100-year-or-more type of flood in three years.

Experts blame too many people, too much concrete, insufficient upstream storage, not enough green space for water drainage and, especially, too little regulation.

Ostensibly one should feel bad for the pain and suffering of our fellow humans. Until you realize that those same humans mocked Hurricane Sandy victims for attracting God's Wrath by supporting gays/climate change/democrats/health care/gun control/religious tolerance/immigrants.

Well, I guess the wrath is now on the other foot eh? Maybe God is punishing Texas for being shitbag haters and demanding a curriculum that enshrines ignorance. Actually the list is WAY longer, but at the very least they're guilty of misogyny/homophobia/religious intolerance/racism/gun worship/pollution/gerrymandering/abusing the poor and attacking immigrants. Again, the list goes on, but I don't have all day.

Regardless, Texas is a highly religious state. You have to wonder how they'll rationalize this "act of God" since it pretty much Sodom and Gomorrah'd a good part of their state out of existence. It'll also be interesting to see how Texas politicians feel about asking for federal aid, the same aid they categorically denied other states which were suffering. I'm guessing they'll feel a little differently about it.

As for Dickhead, it's just another photo opportunity with the added bonus that he'll see his own reflection in the flood waters. Maybe, like Narcissus, it'll have a happy ending.


Literally, figuratively, visually, mentally. Arpaio is actually an insult to real pigs who are far smarter and less evil than he is.

PHOENIX (AP) -- Fresh off his presidential pardon, an emboldened Joe Arpaio on Monday lashed out at his critics and the judge who found him guilty of a crime as his attorneys went to court to throw the court decision that was the basis for his conviction.

The former Arizona sheriff struck a defiant tone in insisting he "didn't do anything wrong" and questioning whether his judge was fair. His comments came as President Donald Trump took a similar posture in defending his Friday pardon of the former lawman, blaming the Obama administration for Arpaio's troubles and calling him a "patriot" who fought against illegal immigration

Caligulump decided that HIS authority was greater than law. By pardoning this scumbag the "presidont" has made a mockery of our court system, proving that he is drunk with power and incapable of distinguishing right from wrong. I guess most people would argue he never knew the difference to begin with.

Dickhead Donald LITERALLY thinks "L'Etats C'est Moi" failing to recognize that he didn't earn the right to overrule our courts, he was GIVEN the privilege by the people to pardon in extreme circumstances. Now he's busy abusing every capability endowed on the office he's in to corrupt, bypass and enrich himself and his buddies to the greatest degree possible. It also means that anyone and everyone who is aligned with Dickhead has a free pass to do whatever they please, legal or illegal.

Luckily, abuse of power IS an impeachable offence. I wonder if Dickhead will write out his own pardon before hand. He probably will, because, you know, just in case...


Grow some beards wouldja? Because you're basically just terrorists.

But the NRA has begun a campaign not against pending legislation but what it sees as liberal forces bent on undoing the progress it's made - and the political powerhouse is resorting to language that some believe could incite violence.

Using the hashtags #counterresistance and #clenchedfistoftruth, the NRA has put out a series of videos that announce a "shot across the bow," and say the gun-rights group is "coming for you" and that "elites ... threaten our very survival," terms that suggest opponents are enemy combatants. (AP)

The NRA has gone off-message. Instead of being satisfied with the GOP firmly tucked into their pockets, they're dispensing with any myth of self-defense, or civility and revealed themselves Sith-style: Kill everyone who doesn't own a gun.

That's the message. If you want gun control then you need to die. If your kids were massacred by a suck fuck with an automatic then you need to die. If you decide that you personally don't want to be around guns then you need to die. Basically the NRA has shifted from "we want to coexist with non-gun owners" to "kill them all let the gods sort them out" rhetoric.

Also the KKK and the Nazis have presidential backing, which means expect more murder at the next white-right rally.

Dickhead donald tRump is evil and he's breeding evil with such vehemence that it's flowing out of the toilet, onto the floor and down the street. The NRA has decided that it wants to be the biggest turd in the bowl. Well, good for you guys, at least you don't have to pretend any more.


While there are plenty of parallels, from being an ego maniac to a narcissistic bombast, from changing an embarrassing last name to forcing idiotic decisions on smarter subordinates, from designing a personal cult of fawning, sycophantic supporters to random and meaningless railings at those he can't control... this list could go on forever.

tRump likes to think he's fucking brilliant. He keeps saying "Well I'm president and you're not" like a pre-k kid with a bag of sour-patch kids in his lunch, like it automatically makes him special. What he fails to realize is that it's not the OFFICE but the OPPORTUNITY that makes him important. Thus far he's failed at making anything of the opportunity, other than to prove to anyone who might have given him a chance that he's a freak with no self control, at times angry and the next day condescendingly, sickeningly friendly. Inconsistent. Erratic. Quick to take offence. Slow (or incapable) of listening to sage advice.

Hitler was, at the very least, capable of putting together a stable and loyal staff who stuck with him until and even past the bitter end. These were people who he didn't hire and fire at whim, but were capable delegates whom he actually listened to. Instead of blaming the media for every personal mistake, his delegated his staff to create and manipulate the media, letting them focus on forming a consistent and as flattering a fiction as possible.

Dickhead Donald isn't all that. In fact he isn't even half that. He's got the megalomaniac part down ok, but he got ahead of himself by adopting that full-on-fucktarded-self-contradicting attitude BEFORE he had any successes. See, the thing is, Hitler at least managed to take Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, France, and Poland more or less on his own BEFORE becoming a total freakshow. Dickhead just skipped that part and went right to the end, presuming somehow, that all the things he promised, all the WORK he had to do would somehow get done in spite of the fact that he wasn't doing any.

Basically he's doing it wrong.

When it comes to historical comparisons Dickhead is much closer to Caligula than Hitler in terms of capability.

it is known that during his brief reign, Caligula worked to increase the unconstrained personal power of the emperor, as opposed to countervailing powers within the principate. He directed much of his attention to ambitious construction projects and luxurious dwellings for himself (Wikipedia)

Also Caligula wound up assassinated, and Claudius (Pence) wound up on the throne.

I know I'm not alone in my opinion that tRump makes a pretty poor comparison to Hitler, even with the trappings of the KKK and the open embrace of Nazism. Unable to plan, unable to execute, unable to even form and convey a coherent sentence, Dickhead is just a sad excuse of figurehead filled with sawdust and lard.

"Trump's nothing like Hitler. There's no way he could write a book" - Frankie Boyle



Because why not? They're white and they vote. And also they're white!

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan said he will not support a resolution to censure President Donald Trump over his comments following a white supremacist rally in Virginia, but said Trump "messed up" by saying "both sides" were to blame for violence and that there were "very fine people" among those marching to protect Confederate statues.[..]

Ryan said censuring Trump would be "counterproductive."

"If we descend this issue into some partisan hack-fest, into some bickering against each other and demean it down into some political food fight, what good does that do to unify this country?" Ryan said, adding that it would be the "worst thing we could do."

Yes, calling a spade a spade would be "counterproductive". Instead, let the record of implicit approval show that when it came time to say that Nazis and the KKK are bad the GOP shied away because they were afraid of losing those votes.

Let me say that again: the GOP will NOT condemn Trump because they WANT THE SUPPORT OF THE FASCIST-RIGHT-EXTREMISTS. They WANT people screaming "Kill Hillary", they WANT people begging for a wall, they WANT and NEED the frothing, frenzied, white-jihadi storm troopers putting bullet decals and wanted posters on Democrats. This is the support that "won" them the presidency, and they can't see a future without it.

So Rocket Ryan, glad to know that you're willing to get into bed with David Duke and the Young Hitler-wannabes. History has shown that those marriages typically don't last too long or end too well. Perhaps you'd better get out while you still can, because even after WWII, those that DID survive were tried, found guilty and hanged in Nuremberg.

History has a lesson for you dude: it repeats itself.


History, Culture And Lies

History is "written" by winners. Not bitter losers.

CHULAFINNEE, Ala. (AP) -- Many white Southerners are upset that neo-Nazis, white nationalists and the Ku Klux Klan have become a face of the fight over Confederate monuments.

The head of a leading Southern heritage group, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, says such groups are "hijacking" a long-running debate. Others say they want no part of hate groups.

Culture. Hijacking. Monuments. Denial. Lies, lying to themselves and others that they're NOT racists, NOT fascists, NOT Nazis. Right.

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) -- The University of Texas quickly removed statues of Robert E. Lee and other prominent Confederate figures overnight from the main area of the Austin campus early Monday, just hours after the school's president ordered they be taken down.

University President Greg Fenves abruptly announced late Sunday that the statues would be removed, saying such monuments have become "symbols of modern white supremacy and neo-Nazism." Crews worked through the night amid a heavy police presence.[..]

Among them was Mark Peterson, who identified himself as a University of Houston student. He was seething at the removal of the statues.

"I hate the erasure of history and my people's history ... people of European descent who built this country," the 22-year-old said. "It burns me to my core."

Mark Peterson you're a fucktard. Ignorant. Moronic. Blind. Delusional. Your history? Your WHITE ancestors MADE the US? Orly. Erasure. Of history. More like erasure of HOSTILITY because ignorant, arrogant, self-righteous, delusional, blind, racist fuckwads like yourself feel that YOU more than anyone else in this nation aren't getting your due.

And it "burns" you to the core. Right. Nice one shitstain. Nice one.

Hey assholes, know WHY confederate, southern monuments are taking on the taint of racism and hate? BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THEY ALWAYS STOOD FOR. Y'all were just too fucking privileged to notice. And at a certain point the slaves you hired, the poor immigrants you allowed to work on your farms, they were so many that they reproduced until you were no longer the masters, no longer the majority, no longer the ones with the guns. That's where you went wrong. You didn't kill the slaves and the poor after you were done using them.

Props to trying to take care of that with healthcare, but that's too little and too late.

So no, it's not us wiping out your history. Your greed and arrogance put you on that trajectory long, long ago.


What's Not A Winner?

What's Not A Winner?

This guy.

As Nancy Cook and Josh Dawsey write in Politico, Mr Trump's behaviour can be boiled down to a collection of anger triggers.

"White House officials and informal advisers say the triggers for his temper are if he thinks someone is lying to him, if he's caught by surprise, if someone criticises him, or if someone stops him from trying to do something or seeks to control him," they write.

To sum up: he's a baby. Not an adult. Not a president. Just a big, spoiled brat. In other words: loser.


Bully Bashing In Boston

When you're used to dealing with subzero temperatures, nor'easters and up to (and sometimes over) 100" of snow per year you're not about to take any stupid shit from stupid people.

BOSTON (AP) -- Thousands of demonstrators chanting anti-Nazi slogans converged Saturday on downtown Boston in a boisterous repudiation of white nationalism, dwarfing a small group of conservatives who cut short their planned "free speech rally" a week after a gathering of hate groups led to bloodshed in Virginia.

Counterprotesters marched through the city to historic Boston Common, where many gathered near a bandstand abandoned early by conservatives who had planned to deliver a series of speeches.

Assholes have deliberately mislabeled hate as "free speech" but Massachusetts natives recognize bullshit when they smell it. You can call Nazism something like "happy, happy fun-time" but that doesn't change what it is. It just enables driveling idiots to say shit like "whaaa, how can you be against happy, happy fun-time?"

Fuck that.

And that's precisely what made the right-wing fascists turn tail and run. A few THOUSAND Americans saying "Sure you're welcome, bring your happy, happy fun-time faces over here, Mr. Fist has a counter argument for you."

I'm not sure when and where "liberal" became equated with "peace loving" and "being a doormat" but I think it's a delusion that the right wants to keep propagating because otherwise they'd be afraid. Sometimes a little fear, or in this case respect, can be a good thing. Clearly the fuckers who ran away today will live to plan another gathering, but some of them may think twice about how it feels when you're NOT in the majority and it turns against you.

Boston strong motherfuckers. Take your "happy, happy fun-time, bullshit, hate-speech" rhetoric and keep it where it belongs, in the "heartland" of tRumpmerica. Because Boston doesn't have time or patience for your bullshit.


Oh soooo scared of you.

Donald Trump's former chief strategist has vowed to go to war against the president's opponents, after being fired from his job at the White House.

teve Bannon, who has returned as head of ultra-conservative website Breitbart News, said he would fight for the agenda that won Mr Trump the election.

"I've got my hands back on my weapons," he said. "It's Bannon the Barbarian." (BBC)

I guess you were too barbaric for the Whitehouse eh? What, did they fire you for pissing in the plants? No, they fired you because you're confused and ineffective. Your message may have rallied a freakshow, clown-parade of piss-poor voters but it's not doing much to run this country.

Guess you didn't have what it takes eh?

So sure, go back and bitch on your website. I'm sure they'll be de-fucking-lighted to have you return. Wanna know the BEST thing about Breitbart? It's a honeypot for fucktards like you. So the rest of us don't have to read about your bullshit on legitimate ("Fake news to you") sites.

So here's the glove motherfucker: Dickhead Donald tRump is my opponent. Let's see what you got. Bring it Mr. Populist-Loser. Bring it.



This really needs nothing else, it stands alone.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Donald Trump's racially fraught comments about a deadly neo-Nazi rally have thrust into the open some Republicans' deeply held doubts about his competency and temperament, in an extraordinary public airing of worries and grievances about a sitting president by his own party.[..] Chip Lake, a Georgia-based GOP operative who did not vote for Trump in the general election, raised the prospect of the president leaving office before his term is up.

"It's impossible to see a scenario under which this is sustainable under a four-year period," Lake said. (AP:)

Incompetent. Incapable. Ignorant. The list goes on ad nauseum. And that's just for the letter "I".


Joe Love is a fucking dick-brained asshole. The kind of asshole who flies a Nazi flag in front of his home in North Carolina. Why? Because in his words "this is Nazi fucking America."

Oh really? Well I have news for you Joe. It FUCKING ISN'T. And I would love, love, LOVE to see you take that Nazi flag and head right over to Arlington Cemetery and walk around with it. I DARE you to take that Nazi flag and stand on the side of a Veterans parade. I CHALLENGE you, fuck-face, to walk the streets of Manhattan on Hanukkah with that flag, in Times Square or Rockefeller Center with that flag.

I also suggest you pay up on your Obamacare because you're going to need medical help getting that flag out of your colon.

So listen Joe Ironically-Misnamed-Love: flying a Nazi flag means you're a fucking Nazi. You're a racist. You're a proponent of evil, hate and as un-American as Al Qaeda. It means you're terrorist. And you should be treated like one.

Good luck pin head. Because you're going to need one fucking hell of a lot of it in the future. Congratulations on your fame. It's going to haunt you. Probably forever.


Alt right

Ah, the alt right is out in force. They want to be called that because calling them by their true name sounds bad. There is no good way to be a racist. Sorry. Doesn't matter if your a Klansman against blacks and jews. Or a Nazi against blacks and jews. Or a white supremacist again blacks, Muslims and Mexicans. Now they want to be called the alt-right. But they're the same people.

And they helped elect a orange gibbon. It's been building up for years. They've sat in the echo chambers of the internet and become more and more isolated from society. They built this mantra between themselves that it wasn't just them. Others must believe it too. Because they were insulated from people who would tell them that they're racists, they assumed it must be getting more common.

They stood up and started being more visible. And they blended in with the tea party. It was an American Taliban, and they loved it. They fit in! They helped elect other racists. The party of Strom Thurman was getting even more bent into their image. Fast forward to the current presidential campaign. He's given them hints that he supports them. The whole party saw them and just tried to pretend they weren't there. But they're there. Right in his rallies. Committing violence in front of him and the orange gibbon's egging them on. The entire voice of republican voters saw it. And they tried to ignore it.

Fast forward again, he's elected and these fuck heads have his silent support. Now they have a protest. More accurately, they planned and coordinated a race riot. They came armed with AR-15s and flak jackets. They came with swastika flags and Klan hood. They stood up with one voice and they said they were the alt-right, and they had political power. Then they killed someone.

I say them. One person drove the car. the rest of them were party to it because they supported the crazy mindset that fucked this kid up. They own part of this. From my previous post, I hold the gibbon responsible for it as well. But this time I go further.

You conservatives that voted for him. I lay a dead person at your feet. This is on you too.

You saw what he was.

You saw who else supported him.

You voted for him.

You voted for THEM. They killed someone. You helped.

Fuck you.


Orange Gibbon

It's not hard. Facing a crisis, sometimes it's difficult to say the right thing. You want to be cautious and make sure what you say is appropriate.

Not the Giant Orange Gibbon. He says exactly the wrong thing. Well, that's not true. He spoke from the heart. He said what he meant. He didn't think hard about it. He blamed everyone else for killing a girl. He didn't call out the hate groups that were involved, and clearly so. He didn't speak up and show courage and demand that we, as a people, reject white nationalism. He didn't says nazi's were bad, or that the Klan doesn't represent the views of the people. He didn't call it domestic terrorism, despite the obviousness of the facts. He didn't say that the federal government would start an investigation and track down and additional parties involved. Or that the government would be cracking down on hate groups that promote violence, and that radicalize the youth.

He said none of that. And those fucks heard EVERY SINGLE UNSPOKEN WORD. It was fucking music to their ears. The Leader of the Free World endorsed them. It's not the first time the subject has come up. And every time, the orange gibbon does his best to duck the subject. He won't speak out against them voluntarily. And as John Oliver said last night, it's almost impossible to screw up. Don't be on the side of nazi's. As we've come to expect, the gibbon is weak. He's cowardly. He has no ethical or moral values. He does what's good for him. And he knows how Nazi's vote.

He knows that the positions and statements he's given them since the beginning of the campaign have lead them to the position that he supports their racist views. Build a wall to keep darkies out. Defang affirmative action. Break down voting rights protections. Bannon being allowed anywhere near him. One thing after another. They heard it and supported. They voted for him en masse. Did they make the difference? Doubtful, but it's hard to be sure. The problem is that not every Klansman shows his face. Not every Nazi has a swastika on his forehead. Not every racist wears a shirt that says 'Die Niggers'. But, we can say pretty confidently that virtually none of them voted for Hillary.

He feed them. They ate. This is the result.

Now sure, he had a much harsher statement today. Less equivocal. But everyone in the world knows it wasn't something he wanted to do. It wasn't scheduled until moments beforehand in a world where every minute of the President's day is detailed. He didn't do it yesterday, or Friday night when the issue began to blow up. The entire worlds press called him out on his bullshit before he opened his mouth to speak. Even during his speech, he was so obviously reading a prepared statement that he didn't want to read that the nazi's know it's political theater and are ignoring it.

We called him weak and he showed up to try to prove he's not. But all it did is demonstrate conclusively that he has no spine or convictions. No sense of right and wrong. It just goes to show that his tiny hands match his tiny dick, which both match his tiny moral fortitude. He walked out there today to try to show that he's against white supremacist *nudge nudge wink wink*. Maybe he's a closet racist. Maybe he's not, but he's acting like one.

The orange gibbon is deplorable. He's won the support of the KKK, neo nazis and every other group of white power mental deficits. He earned their support. It's time for the rest of us to call it like is is. He who feeds them, owns responsibility for them. The trail from that woman's corpse runs straight to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Fuck him. He's an accessory to murder.



The events of the past weekend, culminated with the death of a person who's sole purpose that day was to stand up against the hateful ideas and goals of nazis. In the 1940s, it was the goal of the country. In the 2010's it's something we honestly have to do again.

I could go on and on about the events in Charlottesville but let's step back a minute and look at what happened.

City renames park away from Civil War General. City plans to remove statue of individual. Both events are a movement toward political correctness that has been going on for a long time. Those values are legitimately debatable. I have a position, but it's not germane. What is germane is that the cities plans drew a response from a cultural group that has been feeling increasingly maligned by the rest of society. They feel that their values are under attack. That society doesn't want them around, and disrespects them.

They're right. I don't feel bad about it. Nazis (neo or otherwise), Klan members, white supremacists, armed vigilantes and a boiling soup of other 'deplorable' people showed up to protest. I support their right to protest. Their values and culture can go fuck themselves. Every single person who showed up to join that crowd of people needs to be cast out of society post haste. Anyone that can walk up to a crowd of people with swastikas and Klan hoods and says to themselves 'yeah, let me chant with them' can go fuck off. The moment you joined the crowd, you supported the worst of the worst. Literally Hitler. You walked beside Hitler supporters. I'm done with you. It's the ultimate Godwin. Your argument is invalid, you sided with Hitler. We're done here.

How the hell any of them have the nerve to wave a swastika next to a American flag baffles me. And I also don't know where to start on the person wearing a 101st Airborne badge on his jacket. From dropping on Normandy to kill Nazis to standing side by side with them. One assumes the wearer has nothing to do with the unit and is just so mind blowing stupid as not realize the number of former member who would kick his ass if they saw him.

There are a sub group of this giant fuck fest who claim they're not with 'those' guys. They claim they were just there to help 'unite the right'. Two things... First, you were with them. Right in the fucking pictures you douche bags. You were right NEXT to them. You were with them. You are them. Second, you united the right alright. Those on the left have been saying it for years. The right is made up of racists. They're bigots. They're Nazi's. They're Klan. All of them? No. But enough of them are that they could do this. And the people that showed up this past weekend are just the ones brave enough to crawl out from under a rock.

Fuck them. All of them.