When The Boomers Die

If there's one thing in common with all the fucked up shit happening in the world it's that the Boomers are still influencing things. They're responsible for Brexit, Trump, and a host of other problems stemming from their withering brains. The sooner they croak the better, honestly. They sure enjoyed the fuck out of themselves in the 60's, 70's and even 80's but now that they're old it's "fuck everyone else", give me small government and all the Medicare the nation can't afford.

When the Boomers die off, say in about 10 - 20 years the world will be in a much, much better place.


The funny thing, the most typical line I heard from Trump voters were "Oh, he's not really like that." Well let's see, in the few minutes of news I've heard so far:

* tRump doesn't want to live in the White House because it doesn't have gold bathroom fixtures
* he's appointed all his kids as "consultants" which enables them to set policies AND profit from them
* he's anointed a card-carrying racist to his cabinet

So what part of "not really like that" is he really? Seems like he really IS as shitty as he proposed to be.

Oh, and best part? He's already backing down on all the promises he made during the election, from leaving NATO, to building a wall, to eliminating Obamacare, to incarcerating Hillary.

Tell me now... what's not to like?


The KKK Took My Baby Away

Wonder if Trump will deport Mrs. Trump when it turns out her citizen papers are forged. Unless she's "service industry", I guess...


I never forget. It's a thing, maybe remarkable in some ways. Some people say "time heals all wounds" and maybe that's true for them, but it's not for me. The people that I hated in high school I still hate today. Friends that betrayed me, I still avoid. For whatever reason I don't have the "forgive and forget" capacity and perhaps more importantly, I don't feel the need for it. In a nutshell, if you piss me off you'd best believe that I will stay that way. I will be civil, if the circumstances demand such, for example people at work who have wronged me. But don't think for a second that such civility means that I won't be looking for an opportunity to give you that slight nudge down a flight of stairs.

In total honestly I also believe that everyone else in the world ALSO will treat me the same, so why the fuck would I be naive enough to give someone an opportunity to hurt me? In the same vein, why the fuck would I overlook an opportunity to get even?

So word up folks, those of you that voted for Trump and, while we're at it, America in general, I will use my skills and abilities to make your lives "better". By better, I mean more transparent. To our government. If I had a way to enforce TSA rectal scans for every air traveller, I certainly would. If I can find a way to eliminate the notion of "personal privacy" I will. Anything you want to hide? I want to make sure our government finds it.

Yes, it's the dawning of a new era of hell. And by all the gods I'm going to help it along in every way I can.


Did You Vote For Trump?

If yes, then: I hate you.

Did you forget to vote at all?

If yes, then: I also hate you.

Did you vote for a third party?

If yes, then: I don't outright hate you, but I respect that you voted and I wish you'd considered what your vote really meant.


Hi Shay!

I'll bet you're wondering why I feel this way about you. Ha, ha! Kidding! Actually, I know you're not because of your severely diminished capacity to think. Daddy fucked you so hard you were brain damaged right?

Well good news! There's a cure for that. It's called stepping in front of a bus. Do they have those in Wisconsin? Probably. Please, go ahead. At your convenience.

Love ya! Bye!


Quote of the day

Trump's policy shop was a quintessential trumpsterfuck.

Trumpsterfuck [truhmp-stur-fuhk]
1. Several clusterfucks fucking each other.


Dear America

Fuck you.



First off, there's going to be some changes here. But fuck you, you don't need to know what they are. You'll find out when I'm ready to share them.

Second, I'd like to share this warm and wonderful message with everyone who voted for Der Trumpher. Ahem.

I hate you all.

Ha, ha, such a kidder.

Actually no. Not kidding. Not kidding at all. In fact let me break that down one more level for you:

To all the women who voted for Trump (pardon, let me start that over) To all the cunts that voted from Trump I have this message: Don't you fucking dare complain when you get passed over for promotion, demand an equal wage or get knocked up by rape, daddy or some molester. You bitches are getting what you deserve.

To all the spics that voted for Trump: GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE US. Clocks ticking wet backs, don't let the barbed wire jab you in the ass.

To all the niggers that voted for Trump: Don't get shot! Just kidding, no one cares, go ahead and get shot. It's open season now.

To all the white men who voted for Trump: Don't be whining about paying taxes because you're NOT PRESIDENT TRUMP. Pay up fools, you bought the product and now you're gonna pay.

Yes I meant it when I said that I hate you all. But don't complain, because your great leader taught me that hate wins. Not that it matters because you can't complain ANYWAY.

Gave a great day!


Very Few Words Left

I usually like to include some type of media in posts to make it more interesting. Tonight, I will shamelessly post a video that hit me hard.

u235, you were/are right. I'm done with this. No more talking about it. I'm done with politics until I'm 65. If I even make it that far.


Well it may be a long time until I bother writing again. I've seen, felt and tasted the hate and intolerance this country has to offer during this election. I can say unequivocally that America is not a country I can be proud of. This will be a new season of intolerance, greed, and suffering for the poor and needy. It will be carte blanche for the worst of the worst, marginalization of women, blacks, minorities and immigrants.

Welcome to Hitler's America. I hope you enjoy your new hell.


I know it's not my money and I shouldn't judge, but nothing pisses me off more than seeing an inept driver behind the wheel of a $150k super sports car. This was the case the other day when I saw someone (well not really saw, she barely could see over the steering wheel) at the helm of one of the most expensive Mercedes around.

Supercharged, AMG, ultra-extra-everything and the woman, a rather elderly asian woman, was driving it at 15mph backing everyone the fuck up. This car was clearly bought for her by someone with more money than they knew what to do with. It was also clear that she was in no way equipped to drive it.

Don't get me wrong, I don't *want* her car, I just want to see her in something that makes more sense. Like in a minivan, big, slow and up high where she can see. The lower-than-the-zipper-on-Paris-Hilton's-jeans roof height meant that this DWO couldn't see, couldn't steer and couldn't get out of her way WHILE mystifying everyone was to what the hold up was.

So yeah, it's not about what I want, it's what should be best for everyone on the road. If someone is going to be behind the wheel of a car, they should be able to handle it, not just for themselves but for the health, safety and sanity of everyone else.


So I've been avoiding the news. It was hard at first. My initial "time to fuck off" moments lead me to auto-clicking on my favorite news sources: AP, BBC and UPI (in that order). But I've been good and even after I caught myself clicking in a semi-daze I immediately closed the window, most times before it even opened. That made me feel good.

So I've been drying out from my news-junkie habits. It hasn't been a bad thing. I've found alternative points to focus on. Like just how much crud has accumulated in my keyboard and how annoying I find genuine, work-related email. Turns out the distraction of the news was a good thing. Reading about the crises of others made me far more tolerant to the day to day grind of my life.

Of course the possibility exists that I might just be a complete asshole, but I'm thinking that I'm not alone here. At least at the threshold of intolerance I use to achieve "asshole" status.

Anyway, as the title says, I'm I'm a roll here. I don't want to comment on the news, but the only way to achieve that is not to read the news at all. And since I'm pretty sure that can't last forever there will be a point where I fall off the wagon and start screaming about the various idiocies of my fellow earth denizens.

Until then, however, enjoy your drivel. Toodles!


Yep. Just fuck it. I'm going to go drink. Peace out bitches.


Is Tech Support Getting Better?

I'm used to tech support not being any help. Turn it off and turn in on again. No shit, don't treat me like I'm an idiot.

I was pleasantly surprised when u235 posted about a positive result from tech support recently. Now I can contribute my own success story. Are things actually getting better or am I getting older to the point where now I'm "that idiot" and I don't even realize it?

Anyway. My story. Downloaded game. Installed game. The game is WildStar. WildStar runs through a launcher. Launcher loads. 30 minutes of patching later because, idk, why NOT include the latest patch in install? Whatever. Everything is finally downloaded and there is a shiny "Play" button on the launcher. I click it. The launcher disappears. Nothing happens.

I tried everything. You name it. Run as Admin. Manually adding ports and firewall rules. Compatibility mode. Single monitor with vanilla resolution. Uninstall/reinstall. Verifying files. Blah blah blah. In case you can't get into my head space on this one, it is tremendously frustrating to click "Play" and then have nothing at all happen. No error, no screen flicker, fucking nothing. It was infuriating.

So I contact WildStar support. They responded quickly and reasonably. I shipped them some log files, no big deal. They asked me to try a few things and it actually worked. Stopping all non-Window's services, disabled all startup programs, Winsock reset, and some others. After it was working I slowly started turning things on until I found the thing that was stopping my game. Fucking NVIDIA. Apparently, if you like NVIDIA enough to give them lots of money, they shower you with extras like the NVIDIA Capture Server Proxy. Whatever this thing actually is, if it's on your machine I recommend taking it off. Once I killed that asshole everything worked fine.

Sigh, so what now, now I can play the game.


Today was fucking awesome.

Stage 1: House to major artery. School buses now have to stop every 15 feet because children can't clump together. The little darlings get to stand at the end of their driveways, regardless of the sidewalk, grass or driveways that adjoin them. This means that the bus goes about 3 car lengths and stop again. The bus will also WAIT for the freeking kid to appear from inside the house. This is going to sound old, tired and cliche but FUCKING KIDS THESE DAYS HAVE IT SO EASY.

Stage 2: Major artery via side road to second major artery. THE FUCKING POLICE ARE MORONS IN MY AREA. So the side road connects two major arteries. People trek down it regularly. This morning, however, the police parked across the road, blocking it off WHILE EVERYONE DROVE DOWN THEN HAD TO TURN AROUND AND WAIT IN A MULTI-MILE LONG LINE TO DRIVE BACK OUT. Detour? No. Close the road so people don't mistakenly head down it and WASTE 25 FUCKING MINUTES OF THEIR LIFE? Fuck no. DO NOTHING AND JUST BLOCK THE ROAD WITH ONE COP CAR WHILE THE WORLD PILES UP AROUND THEM FOR HOURS? Yes! Clearly!

Stage 3: Major artery to highway. Gridlock. Kthnks. Backed up onto the ramp. Happy day.

Stage 4: Highway to road to work. This is part major artery, part a wide pipeline right into the offices. I get behind the "NICE GUY" who needs to stop for fucking everyone else EXCEPT THE MILLION MILE HORDE OF CARS BACKED UP BEHIND HIM. Gotta love these folks, they make themselves feel so good about holding up everyone in back of them as they wave across this person or that. Also there's this awesome bike route that stops all traffic, wasting about 100x the amount of gas while stopping 75 cars for 2 rollerbladers. Kinda awesome that.

Stage 5: Parking. I got a spot. Not guaranteed because hell, why should the people who do the work actually be able to get to where they need to do the work? Not clear on that one.

Yeah, it's awesome. And while today was a bit worse than usual, the drive to work generally pretty sucky. Thus the rant.


It used to be that there was only one thing I really protested at first thing in the morning and that was chest hair. Ok, getting out of bed, bathroom, shower sure. But once dressed and in the kitchen, chest hair is a no-no with tea and biscuits. I make this known.

Then the other morning while driving to work I discovered that chest hair is not thing I'm against being exposed to. On the highway, stuck in traffic, some thing had been reduced to gibbets. With bits of fur attached. Yeah, no. No gibs please, not before tea and biscuits. Blarf.