I love it when people identify as pro-tRump. It basically screams: "Stay the fuck away, I'm stupid, delusional and dangerous." I appreciate that the same way I appreciate a rattlesnake in tall grass, catching a glimpse of the white stripe on a skunk or any of the myriad of ways that nature tells us "Do Not Touch." It's extraordinarily helpful.

What's tragic is the impact this mass (and I use the word mass carefully, because although they fluff up to seem like they're bigger and yowl aggressively, Dickhead supporters are in no WAY the majority) stupidity has on people who just want to get along, and by get along I mean the people who don't care enough, who are disgusted enough or are just intimidated enough to tolerate and go along with the frothing, screaming howler monkeys.

Case in point: the "protest" against/for free speech that was also a Dickhead rally in DC this weekend. Delusional fuckers, assholes and shitbags who have NOT spent a moment of their time assessing the facts are on parade to demonstrate what they feel is white repression: how DARE anyone else claim victimhood, whites ARE the power, they are the ones that "built" America, they are the ones in DANGER of losing their majority, kick/kill/murder anyone who says otherwise... and that is the free speech they want to defend.

IF, for some bizarre reason, they were to actually READ the bills being passed, or (gosh) THINK for themselves about the potential consequences of what Dickhead Donald was doing, suddenly the misnomer might reveal itself and reveal that the only FAKERY involved wasn't the news being reported but how Dickhead deliberately lies and mislabels events and his actions. In reality the source of "fake news" is none other than Dickhead himself.

Why else would he be working so hard to hide and obscure information was made public by a prior administration? Why? Because he has THAT much to hide.

Trump still refuses to divest from his real estate and hotel empire or release virtually any of his tax returns. His administration is vigorously pursuing whistleblowers. Among scores of vacant senior jobs in the government is an inspector general for the Department of Energy - led by Secretary Rick Perry, former governor of Texas - as it helps drive the region's recovery from Hurricane Harvey.[..]

"This is an administration that wants to do things their own way and a president that wants to do things his own way," said Rick Blum, director of News Media for Open Government, of which The Associated Press is a member. "(Trump) is frustrated by the institutions our founders established. And he's going to have to learn that the public deserves a free and independent press." (AP)

It's unlikely that tRump supporters will ever realize how badly they're being taken advantage of. It's equally unlikely that they'll ever admit fault, or agree that they were taken in. These are not people who can look back or ponder prior actions. These are pithed-frog people who respond only when poked, people with a total incapacity for self-analysis or awareness. Delusional. Embracing ignorance as a blanket. Putting fingers in their ears and slapping on the blinders because it's the only way they can hold on to hope that the never ending disappointment and disasters of tRump "leadership" is only the dark before the storm.

Of course this self-inflicted blindness also means that smaller governmental structures are ALSO having a field day, taking advantage of the chaos to make local government less transparent as well.

Lawmakers across the country introduced and debated dozens of bills during this year's legislative sessions that would close or limit public access to a wide range of government records and meetings, according to a review by The Associated Press and numerous state press associations.

Most of those proposals did not become law, but freedom-of-information advocates in some states said they were struck by the number of bills they believed would harm the public interest, and they are bracing for more fights next year. (AP)

The US is dividing rapidly into those who drank the Koolaid, with citizens who are happy to embrace ANY schlock so long as it's labelled "patriotic" and "tRump approved" and those who loathe and despise the "Dickhead in chief". The parallels are there between states with more educated, more "liberal" populations versus the less educated, poorer citizenry who are enabling trends against "open government". Those seeking the "quick" solution, those willing to place blind belief in someone who they "feel in their heart" will do the best for them will continue to fail, fail to grasp that hating and hurting is NOT "free speech", fail to recognize that restricting public access to information is NOT a tool to "fight terrorism", fail to act in their own best interests and the interests of their progeny.

I have to give it to Dickhead, he's found the biggest audience for his snakeoil, and there are people who not only love the taste of something that will kill them and their future but will actually clamor for it. Every tRump supporter who is stupid enough to embrace the fantasy and ignore the facts is one more problem that the rest of us have to deal with. Fuck Jonestown, it was small beans. There's a new Jim Jones in charge, and this time he's got the whole US in his sights... and his name is donald tRump.


and... what?

The clowns say they are simply super-fans of hardcore hip-hop duo Clown Posse and the classification has resulted in people being "subjected to various forms of discrimination, harassment, and profiling simply for identifying as a Juggalo". (BBC)

Given the recent release of the movie "It" one rather has to question their sense of timing... or just shrug and assume it all makes sense. Somehow?


"Good" Indeed

Sorry Chelsea, you're not all that.

Ex-acting CIA director Michael Morell has resigned from his post at Harvard over its hiring of Chelsea Manning.[..] On her Twitter page, Ms Manning responded to Mr Morell's departure by writing "good", and said the debate around her appointment was "nothing to do with trans rights". (BBC)

The sad thing is that if her appointment actually HAD to do with trans rights then she'd actually have something to talk about. Truth be told she's got nothing else worth sharing that's of any value. Something that an institution like Harvard would probably realize, eventually.

Harvard University reversed its decision to name Chelsea Manning a visiting fellow early Friday, a day after CIA Director Mike Pompeo scrapped a planned appearance over the title for the soldier who was convicted of leaking classified information.[..]

"We invited Chelsea Manning to spend a day at the Kennedy School," he wrote. "On that basis, we also named Chelsea Manning a Visiting Fellow. We did not intend to honor her in any way or to endorse any of her words or deeds, as we do not honor or endorse any Fellow." (AP)

And lo, they did...

Thing is Chelsea doesn't HAVE anything to add when it comes to cyber security or the role of American foreign policy in sensitive international arenas. She was just a worker bee, nothing more nothing less. That she had access to classified documents doesn't make her special. That she chose to STEAL those classified documents and GIVE them to an enemy, well, that doesn't make her special either, it just makes her a traitor. Lots of people COULD do those things, the vast, vast majority choose not to because they're not assholes and they care about their country, themselves, their families and their fellow citizens.

Chelsea didn't. But whatever, why she chose to fuck over her nation and many, many people is her own business, none of which is lecture worthy. (Here's why I became a traitor... nah, no care, go away.)

Harvard didn't make a mistake in inviting someone who might generate some interesting discussion and points of view, BUT they did make a mistake in awarding her a title, which most anyone would see as an endorsement of some kind. In the process they lost access to a highly capable and credible member of their community, someone who had proven themselves and who certainly wasn't just an ordinary schmuck with classified access. In this Harvard failed.

As for Chelsea, she can go gloat or complain, neither of which really matters. She's a free woman and she can cry if she wants to. Only thing is, it's not Harvard that's throwing the party any more...


Dickhead Donald has a LOT more apologizing to do than ESPN does. In fact nothing ESPN said was actually a lie.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Donald Trump is calling on ESPN to apologize days after one of the sports network's anchors called him a "white supremacist" and "bigot."

ESPN said Thursday it had accepted the apology of its "SportsCenter" host Jemele Hill for her tweets about Trump Monday. Hill said Thursday she was sorry for causing her employer trouble.

ESPN has repeatedly said Hill's comments don't reflect the view of the network. But that apparently hasn't satisfied Trump. He demanded on Twitter early Friday that ESPN "Apologize for untruth!"

Dickhead seems to think that whatever he chooses to say is the "truth". The sky is fuschia or water is dry, no matter how outrageous since he's the president it must be fact.

Dickhead is also one of the most delusional people in Washington, which given the number of politicians in residence, is an outstanding accomplishment.

So hey, Dickhead, message to you buddy: before you demand apologies from anyone, why not take a mea culpa moment for yourself eh? Before the list gets so long that you run out of time...


Aung San Suu Kyi has forgotten what it was like to be a minority, her life is plush and comfortable, and in this manner the military has taken their biggest enemy and turned her into their biggest ally. After all, who doesn't like good food and a soft bed?

COX'S BAZAR, Bangladesh (AP) -- With Myanmar drawing condemnation for violence that has driven nearly 380,000 Rohingya Muslims to flee the country, the government said Wednesday its leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, will skip this month's U.N. General Assembly meetings. [..]

Suu Kyi's appearance at last year's General Assembly was a landmark: her first since her party won elections in 2015 and replaced a military-dominated government. Even then, however, she faced criticism over Myanmar's treatment of Rohingya Muslims, whose name she did not utter. [..]

Rohingya have faced decades of discrimination and persecution in Myanmar, where they are denied citizenship despite centuries-old roots in the country.

Suu Kyi is a tragedy, a tragedy of tolerance, a tragedy of honor and she brings shame on both herself and her nation, not for a lack of action but for the lack of the very acknowledgement of what is happening in her country. The Nobel Laureate has demonstrated that her award is just a cheap trophy for someone who, herself, could be bought for the price of a comfortable life and a modicum of power.

Now Suu Kyi is the enemy of peace and humanity. She has lost her credibility and value. Now she's no better than the generals or the soldiers who are persecuting civilians, burning their homes, forcing them from their own nation.

You are a tragedy Suu Kyi. And how quickly history will wash over your legacy and make it disappear. So have some more good food, and get some rest. It's all you have left.


Dickhead believes he's "king" of the US. He's firmly convinced that what he wants, what be believes IS the law and everything else is just a waste of time.

Sept. 11 (UPI) -- Despite public and legal opposition to President Trump's pardoning of Joe Arpaio, former sheriff of Maricopa County, Ariz., the Department of Justice has formally endorsed the move.

On Monday, the DOJ filed court papers requesting the criminal conviction against Arpaio be negated and the case dismissed.

Here, in a nutshell, is Dickhead being very much himself. Fuck the American people. Fuck the laws. Do just as he pleases any way, any how because by the time someone decides it's wrong, illegal or just fucked up the level of effort to do anything about it is beyond comprehension. When you have a "president" who believes himself above the law it takes the full weight of the US Government, acting unanimously, to remedy the situation.

Chances are the GOP will continue to waiver and self-destruct, with some tea-party anarchists more than delighted to see the White House burn and the government fail, meaning that Dickhead can continue his reign of Dicktatership unimpeded. Further, the delusional zombies who voted for Dickhead are equally overjoyed to see the leadership crumble and congress pushed to the breaking point because they have no sense of self preservation, nor care for the consequences of their actions.

A recent poll by NBC News found most Americans and a majority of Arizonians oppose the president's pardoning of Arpaio.

And none of that means anything to the dickhead who would be king.


Scott Pruitt is a total disgrace. Unable and unqualified for the position he holds, he only manages to embarrass himself and the nation with his total stupidity. Which, of course is why his boss LOVES him.

Pope Francis has warned history will judge world leaders who do not act as he blasted climate change sceptics in the wake of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey.

The pontiff said the recent storms meant the effects of climate change could be seen "with your own eyes". There have been four major Atlantic hurricanes in less than three weeks.

But US Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt said it was an inappropriate time to discuss what role climate change may have played.

Mr Pruitt - who has previously said he "would not agree" carbon dioxide is a primary contributor to global warming - told CNN current speculation "on the cause and effect of the storm... is misplaced".

Instead, Mr Pruitt said the conversation should be focused on the clean up effort.

Scott you're an imbecile. Global warming is real. It's man-made, but there's no amount of reality that will ever convince someone like you, because YOU DON'T CARE about america, it's people, or the future of the planet because it's inconvenient. You want money. You want businesses to make money. You want votes.

But what you don't want is the reality of the results.

To you disasters like Texas and Florida aren't tragedies, they're opportunities to make more money. So what if people suffer, are homeless, need government support? None of that matters because you're not inconvenienced, nor are the people who pay you to rape the planet of resources or pollute whatever remains.

In simple terms you're evil. In more complex ones, well, you're also evil because pretty much anyone who takes a job to deliberately fuck up the agency they work for and fuck over the people he's sworn to support is just simply evil.

It's a farce that you're in charge of "Environmental Protection" when your main goal is "Environmental Pillage".

I hate you Scott Pruitt and I'm not alone in my disgust. Shitbag.


The news is happy to interview people who feel obliged to share their rationale as to why they're choosing not to evacuate. Most of it is illogical and delusional. News presenters shake their heads and shrug, but it reinforces for other like-minded people that their decision to stay is valid.

There's two sides to that: sure, if you're stupid enough to stay then you deserve what you're going to get vs. the risk you're placing on emergency responders to save your sorry ass.

While the second is truly a tragedy, the first falls into the category of "just desserts" which I'm fine with. If you're the kind of person who believes that god provides for morons who deliberately put themselves in the path of danger, well bully for you, go on test that faith. Also please stand outside with your mouth open as it rains and drown where it'll be easy to find the body. We don't need fools like you voting in the any election.

And to all the first responders who wind up saving damn fools who could have left, I'm sorry. I know this is what you trained for, but saving stupid people is far less romantic than it seems. It's also problematic since they'll be alive to keep making bad decisions that affect the rest of us.


Take your pick.

Hurricane Irma is lashing Cuba with strong winds and heavy rain after devastating several Caribbean islands.

The hurricane made landfall on the Camaguey Archipelago, in Cuba's north-east, as a category five storm. [..]

In Florida, 5.6 million people, or 25% of the US state's population, have been told to leave as the storm approaches. At least 20 people are known to have died so far across the Caribbean. (BBC)

The irony of climate denial is real. And for those who were convinced that tRump was right, that it was a myth propagated by science and liberals to take jobs aware from poor, conservative, white people. Instead they waved their hands, preferring to think that either god was in control of everything (and that god also, cared about them) and that it was just random circumstances if it did happen. There was no trend. That attempts to reduce man-made impact on the environment was unnecessary in their lifetime. That the need to make money now was and is far more important than the health, safety and survival of the future.

Now they have a new choice to make: either paying for or digging out states that are devastated by the weather that WAS predicted or just keep believing that god has a message for them (hint: these are actually the same thing.) The icing on the cake is that those who ARE impacted in those heavily red states are also the ones who complain bitterly about immigration. Immigrants who will fuel the labor engine, immigrants who are absolutely critical to cleaning and rebuilding their homes.

So, now that we're in this, which looks better now? A president who puts business first and human life last? Or one who would have used the nation's resources to take care of everyone regardless of wealth, race and religion?


Bitchy Betsy doesn't think that rapists are getting a fair shake. They're being "unfairly accused" for "just speaking their mind." Basically in her mind all women who go to (non-Christian) colleges are sluts anyway, just getting what they deserve.

The US education department is planning to rewrite Obama-era rules on sexual assault on university campuses, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos says.

She said any new guidance on sexual assault must take into account both the rights of victims and the accused. [..]

She said the definition of sexual assault was too broad and that too many cases involved "students and faculty who have faced investigation and punishment simply for speaking their minds or teaching their classes". (BBC)

The competition for the most horrible person seems to be heating up... for second place that is, Dickhead has the winner's spot all locked up. But Betsy really ratcheted up the ladder with this one. After decades of suffering, rape victims are being pre-shamed by the Secretary of Education who is on a god-sent mission to reduce the number of americans aspiring to education. It's special to watch as she takes aim at public schools by diverting funding to private (read: christian) schools, but it's extra, extra special to see her get out the rusty spikes and two-by-fours to crucify women aspiring to college degrees. She's not far from sharia laws which absolve rapists if they marry their victims.

Betsy knows she's a cunt. Her mission is to deny, deter and reduce the number of un-rich getting education. And she's going to do her damnedest to target the weakest, most vulnerable, most insecure because... well, they're easy targets and cunts like her have no conscience.


The quote below is incomplete.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Trump says he has 'great love' for young immigrants covered by DACA, says he hopes Congress will act.

President Horribad is still at it, this time taking aim at the most vulnerable target he can: young immigrants. It's amazing how he cries crocodile tears, effectively killing their hopes for a future while passing the buck to congress. He's sooo very sorry, and he cares sooo deeply for them that he's eliminating their path ahead and "hoping" that the congress that has done so little lately for so few will "fix" the problem.

He loves them all right. More specifically he'd love them to leave and never come back.

Kind of the same way we love him.


Ken Paxton didn't get swept away. He should have. Because he's filth.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who led a group of Republican states in a threat to challenge Daca, applauded the president's decision.

"Had former President Obama’s unilateral order on Daca been left intact, it would have set a dangerous precedent, " Mr Paxton said in a statement. (BBC)

I'm unclear what the "dangerous precedent" is that Ken-tard is referring to. These are children and future contributors to the nation of immigrants called America. I'm equally unclear as to why it's a "good thing" to throw 800,000 young children out of the only home they know.

What IS clear is the hypocrisy when it comes to using children as a political tool, without any thought or honorable intention in mind: outlawing abortion is ok even though it produces unwanted babies who will be a burden on the state, damning living children to a life of poverty and hell in a land where they can't even speak the language is A-OK!

The GOP seems to love evil, probably because they love themselves and they love themselves some guns and money more than they love anything else. Their lack of civility, lack of compassion, lack of humanity is cloaked under religious and political rhetoric, justifying hatred and suffering by saying "god, law and the public approves."

Well fuckers god is a myth, law is what you make it and the public DOES NOT FUCKING APPROVE.

Horribad president continues to be horribad. And Ken-tard? When you wonder why your state doesn't have the manpower to clean up and repair over the years to come, I hope you remember the day celebrated today. I also hope the next hurricane drops a ten ton block of mud on your house.



And he's about had it with her shit, too.

In comments carried by Russian news agencies, Putin said Trump is “not my bride, and I’m not his groom.”

Asked how Russia would feel if Trump were impeached, Putin said it would be “absolutely wrong” for Russia to discuss domestic U.S. politics. (WaPo)

I love how tRump is the "bride" because you KNOW who wears the pants in this relationship. So, now maybe the hints about blackmail are coming clear? The blackmail wasn't about Dickhead photographed with whores, rather it was about him...


American women have the right to abortion by law. But not in Kentucky.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) -- Its survival on the line, Kentucky's last abortion clinic is bracing for a pivotal legal showdown with health regulators and the state's anti-abortion governor that could determine whether Kentucky becomes the first state in the nation without an abortion clinic.

The licensing fight, set to play out in a Louisville federal courtroom starting Wednesday, revolves around a state law requiring that EMW Women's Surgical Center have agreements with a hospital and an ambulance service in the event of medical emergencies involving patients.

State regulators defend those conditions as "important safeguards" to protect women's health. The clinic in downtown Louisville counters that the requirements lack any "medical justification" and amount to an unconstitutional barrier to abortion.

Matt Bevin is the governor of the shitbag state of Kentucky. In the traditional tRump-equian manner women are being "protected" by deliberately denying them access to a service they are entitled to have.

As usual, to the pro-fuckhead crowd, the traditional WoS disclaimer: IF YOU DON'T LIKE ABORTION DON'T HAVE ONE, OTHERWISE MIND YOUR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS.

Any medical procedure can have complications, but you don't see dentists having to set up agreements with hospitals in case a patient has a negative reaction to anesthetic. I'm willing to bet that you can get a boob job, or hair implants easier in Kentucky than you can an abortion.

I'm fucking sick of bullshit religious, dogmatic, hate-fests that GOP legislatures use to crucify women with. In the event that a woman gets pregnant and doesn't want to be, the state has decided (and by state I mean the male-dominated legislators selected by a religious-voting electorate) that she must endure a forced pregnancy. And while you MIGHT think that a woman who wants an abortion would be lauded for saving the state money in taxes and services, instead she's punished because there MIGHT be complications.

Because being pregnant never has complications and neither does childbirth. It's just a fucking walk in the park.

So Matt, you fucking piece of shit scumbag, fuck you. And while I'm at it, fuck your whole misogynistic state. I hope you all choke on horse turds.


It's been a while since I posted and back then I said I was only going to post about happy and fun things. Truth is, those things seem to be rare in my life and when they happen, I let them wash over me in the moment. I like to keep hold of every bit of it and selfishly don't share that feeling with anyone, include all you dear readers (with few exceptions).

But today I'm going to pause; I'm going break my rule about only posting happy things. Just for today. Something over the last few days has been eating away at me and I want to let it go.

Hurricane Harvey. Let's talk about it. I listen to the crazies on the radio on my way into work (Fox News). I read news from all over. One thing is clear. There is a lot of love for Texas and people sure are coming together to help other people. The world is going crazy, Fox News, limited government, “take away health care from poor people," "Poor people should pay medical expenses instead of getting that new iPhone they 'need' so badly" bastards are calling for "the full force of the federal government" to "mobilize relief funds." What the fuckity fuck is happening? Libertarian, free market fanatics who think that the fact we have income tax is against the constitution are spewing hate and calling for extremely aggressive action against people price gauging. It's called the free market assholes, if you love it, fucking love all of it. There's so much of this. People from all over are flooding into Texas to help other people and Fox News is repeatedly focusing on stories of "diversity," "everyone is helping everyone," "THIS IS AMERICA, NOT CHARLETTESVILLE." You know, fuck all of you. The idiots out there may fall for it but I won't.

Here's the brain nugget eating at me. While I applaud the outcome (people helping people is great; whether it's individuals or news agencies calling for the Federal gov't to stand up and provide relief), I deeply question their motives. I think these people feel guilty and ashamed of where they stand right now. I think they hate they've aligned themselves with the KKK and white nationalists. I think they hate they backed republicans. I think they hate themselves for being pro-trump. I think most of them are so ashamed or so full of pride to admit they were wrong. But THIS, this they can do. They feel like they can wash away the self-hatred by helping now. Make themselves clean and pure again. I swear to their fucking god if I hear one more prayer for the people of Texas… But now is when they make up for Charlottesville. Now is when they try to pivot away from the fucked up shit in this country to align themselves with something positive. Now is when they can keep their pride and feel better about themselves, without having to admit they were wrong. “See, we trump asshats are good people!” #NoYouAin’tBitch

People are selfish, even in their altruism. Don't fool yourself. As someone who has been one, even first responders are acting selfishly. You train for these moments, you prepare for them, and you like being in the thick of it. Helping people in need feels good and a lot of us chase that. Fuck, I’m still chasing it today. But even though that type of helping hand is still selfish, I claim it's good.

This type of help we're seeing, I can't but help feel it's dirty and wrong, even though the help is greatly needed. The selfishness behind it is perverse. The same folks a few weeks ago who yelled "Don't you dare tear down my historical statues" are the same motherfuckers running the "Cajun Navy." Just remember assholes, karma isn't a thing, neither is your god who you think will weigh your deeds on a scale of justice. Good actions don't cancel out hateful one.

I'm glad you’re helping but I still think you are terrible for being on the side you are on. Republicans on the hill, fuck you, you fought providing release to the Northeast and Gulf in past storms and you want it for Texas. Yeah, Texas should get it but fuck you. You pro-coal, anti-environment, global warming deniers are just now realizing storms are bad and have massive effects on our country? Fuck you, you are making it worse. Pro-Trump people, he's still horrible and you are still garbage. Being decent when everyone expects you to be does not prove anything. Being decent when it's hard is what matters. That sure is shit isn't now and you fucks failed that "Bigly."

So fuck them, fuck them all to death.

I have so much hate for these people it bubbled over today. They really are a bunch of deplorables, but not just some of them, all of them mother fuckers. I don't care what good things they do for this. I will never tell people not to help, because helping those in need is an end worth pursuing for the sake of the end. But at the end of the day, fuck you buddy.

Good job, keep it up, but fuck you asshole.


A restaurant owner banning kids is in NO WAY comparable to a racist you silly bint. Because kids aren't a FUCKING RACE. They're a bloody nuisance... ESPECIALLY when one is trying to have a quiet meal between adults.

The owner of a cafe with a no children under 12 policy has hit back at critics calling for a boycott of his shop.

The Chart Room, in Brixham, Devon is an ocean-liner themed coffee lounge which also houses antiques and collectables.

Bob Higginson said it was designed for people to experience the "opulence and splendour of early steamship travel without distraction".

But resident Wendy Moore said she would be boycotting the cafe, and calling on others to do so. More on this story and other Devon and Cornwall news

"Can anyone tell me just what kind of town we're living in when dogs are allowed into an establishment and children are not?" she wrote.

"Who on earth does this Bob Higginson think he is? Would he ban disabled people from entering his premises? Or people of a particular race or colour or religion? I'll bet my bottom dollar he wouldn't; he'd be frightened to death to do so." (BBC)

So let's see, children or a colored disabled druid? Right, I totally see the equivalence... NOT AT ALL. Gods but you're a blithering imbecile aren't you Wendy? People will pay extra to stay purchase seats away from children on a plane but a proprietor declaring noisy, ill mannered, hard to control, snot-nosed, sticky fingered rug rats because it's packed with expensive breakables hurts your feelings?


Dogs are fine BECAUSE they stay on the floor on a lead. If, by the same token, you'd be willing to keep the children (who are generally less behaved than the typical dog) on a collar beneath the table maybe we could agree. But NOT EVERYONE WANTS TO BE AROUND YOUR SNIVELING, CRYING, GRABBING whelp.

I think Bog Higginson THINKS he's a shop owner with a point of view that ALL adults can empathize with... except bitter battleaxes who think that every shop is a playground and every restaurant needs to serve a child's menu without dressing and with a side of chips.

Fuck off Wendy. Go hold up in a McDonalds if you need your fill of misbehaved tykes smearing their food and germs all over. Enjoy.


Jean you fucktard, I despise you.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (AP) -- A lesbian couple are receiving a public apology and $10,000 in damages from a county clerk's office in West Virginia where they were disparaged when applying for a marriage license last year, the couple's attorneys said Wednesday.

Amanda Abramovich and Samantha Brookover sued Gilmer County Deputy Clerk Debbie Allen and Clerk Jean Butcher, saying Allen told the couple while processing their application that they were an "abomination," what they were doing was wrong and that God would "deal" with them.

As part of the settlement, the clerk's office has agreed to issue a public apology in a news release that also will announce the monetary settlement and include a promise to refrain from such treatment in the future

Listen Cunt, your job is to fucking SERVE the public that is paying you. It's not your place to do anything else. You're not special. No one died and appointed you Queen Fuckwad, not even for a day. Further, the only "abomination" is the fact that you got to keep sucking your paycheck from the public teat. Because of your pathetic, schoolyard bully behaviour your county had to pay up $10k AND issue an apology and promise never to have you utter another hateful word out of your filthy fucking cakehole.

Tell me, bitch, do you eat Jesus's asshole with that mouth? Because if you do, you're not doing it right because he's punishing your sorry ass for being both stupid AND horrible.