Sorry dipshit, but a unilateral declaration from a lunatic does NOT provide legal, moral or political impetus. But I'm guessing you're too desperate and crazy yourself to know.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu says he expects European countries to follow the US in recognising Jerusalem as his country's capital.[..]

But the EU's foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini says the bloc's stance on the matter is unchanged. (BBC)

You want what you can't have and don't deserve. You believe that might makes right. You believe that past suffering justifies current atrocities. You are evil and you use religion to justify your evil. Fuck you Netanyahu and if your nation continues to support you, then fuck them as well.


Every person injured, every person killed, every person angered or diminished by Dickhead Donald's statement that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel their blood, pain and suffering is on his hands.

Israel was established in 1947. That is how old the nation is. There is no more historical claim from one group than other that in "biblical times" that it belonged to them. Prior to 1947 Palestinians "owned" the land. The only path forward when something it taken from one group and given to another is to share. But sharing is not what the martial state of Israel has in mind. What it has in mind is the total annihilation of the former residents. Justification isn't needed if those who protest are all dead.

It didn't have to be this way, but Dickhead KNOWS no other way. He's having the most fun of his life, fucking with everything and everyone. Those who elected him basically elected a modern Caligula, as maniacally self interested as possible and unconcerned with the fate of those around him. I honestly think that Dickhead believes himself to be chosen by god, able to do or say whatever because none of it matters. Not to him.

Netanyahu, really there's nothing to add, other than the evil glee with which he's gloating on the turn of events. Now he can kill more openly, helping him realize the tragedies he'd intended to inflict all along. Netanyahu is and always was evil, similarly cloaked and abetted by the same religion that supports Dickhead.

I know it's foolish to hope that circumstances will just up and sweep these shitbags and their legacy away. Because that's not going to happen. Instead we have to wait for the Boomers to die off, and the pendulum to swing back to sanity. Hopefully not before everything is too far gone.


Daryl has a problem: he was touched on the sleeve by a fellow house member. Then Daryl had a freakout. "I'm a heterosexual man, I have a wife and I love my wife, I don't like men the way YOU might, so just don't touch me."

OMG really?

Looks like there's a new homophobe-in-chief in Pennsylvania, and it's Daryl Metcalfe.

Daryl, you need some counseling dude. The way you expressed yourself was both sad and pathetic. Your hate for gay (and no one is actually sure that the fellow state rep who was speaking at the time WAS gay) is pretty damn clear. What was also pretty damn clear was that you're a fucking bigot asshole.

Frankly I'd tell you to grow a dick, but I'm guessing it's too late for that. Good thing you're married already.


Arrest Paul Nehlen

Paul Nehlen needs to be in jail. No one is safe from a guy who tells people to "eat a bullet".

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- House Speaker Paul Ryan's Republican primary challenger told a columnist for the New York Post in a Twitter message to "Eat a bullet."

Paul Nehlen sent the tweet on Wednesday night. It came after a back and forth with Post columnist John Podhoretz that stemmed from a tweet Nehlen sent about a bill passed by the House that would make it easier for gun owners to legally carry concealed weapons across state lines.

Podhoretz tweeted to Nehlen: "Maybe you should eat something. Your brain needs nourishment. It's the size of a pea."

Nehlen tweeted in response: "Do us all a favor, Podhoretz. Eat a bullet."

It went from "joking" to "deadly serious" in the space of a tweet. I don't doubt that this asshole would have shot the columnist in that moment, if he had the chance. Nor do I doubt that he would try that some time in the future.

I think the police need to have a serious talk with this GOP representative. And explain that threatening ANYONE with a bullet is wrong. Fuckwipe.


I think having a total ignoramus for a president has helped clear up the swamp: it made people realize how much WORSE it could be when you elect an imbecile.

US President Donald Trump's decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital has been met with a wave of disapproval. (BBC)

Again the spoiled child analogy holds. From kicking over other kids toys to running out into traffic, Dickhead has no concern about the impact his actions have on the nation or the world. All he cares is finding more and more incendiary actions so he can keep making headlines.

Of course this is only year one. Imagine what will be left for him to do by the time this bullshit winds to a close.


This comes as a surprise to no one. Birds of a feather y'all.

Buoyed by the taste of his own success in Congress as the Republican tax bill inches closer to passage, Trump telephoned Moore to offer encouragement as well as support and also argued in a pair of tweets that Moore's vote was badly needed to push the president's policies forward.

In addition, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who was initially among several national Republicans to urge Moore to drop out of the race, said Sunday it was up to Alabama voters to decide whether the former state Supreme Court chief justice should be elected. (AP)

So this is less of a test of the GOP leadership, since that right there is a contradiction in terms, and more a test of Alabama and the Red State Nation as a whole. Which is more important to the "good people" of the south? Electing a pervert who will "represent" them? Or Electing a democrat to represent them?

All in all I have very little faith that Alabama will embrace any biblical principles here. I mean hell, they helped elect the fucking Antichrist, might as well elect Baal to go with him.


President Lying Fuckface is back at it again.

Mr Trump's Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, said earlier that the president's aim in reversing the park's federally protected status was "about giving rural America a voice".

He added that "public land is for the public to use and not special interests". (BBC)

And how, exactly, was the public land NOT usable when it was a public monument? Or maybe we have different meanings to the word: "use". Use means enjoying, driving, hiking, camping and not mining, grazing, destroying, logging, scarring and depleting the resources from the ground. See when Dickhead says "use" he means "make money from". And when he says "public" he doesn't mean the average person, he means corporations.

Dickhead, you're a lying, fascist pig. You and yours are very busy raping the nation and its people of resources so you can get richer. And somehow idiots don't see this and think that Dickhead is a god given gift to support them. Well I guess the people of Jonestown thought the same thing too.


Well there you go, so much for any pretense of fiscal conservatism. The "tax cuts" (for the rich) just added an extra trillion to the deficit. Strange, I thought the GOP campaigned on the promise of reducing, not increasing the overwhelming, massive, towering, future-crushing debt?

The plan sees a sharp cut in corporation tax, but a Senate committee finding has warned it would add $1tn (£742bn) to the budget deficit. (BBC)

The GOP has paid tribute to what it dearly loves most: rich people. In this case corporations will get wealthier, the rich, including Dickhead, will make a fat pile and everyone else? We can go fuck ourselves.



Mmmm yes. This WILL prove to be an interesting 2018.

On Friday it was Michael Flynn's turn "in the barrel", to borrow a line from Trump confidant Roger Stone. The former national security adviser pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about December 2016 conversations he had with Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak and pledged to "fully co-operate" with Mr Mueller's ongoing investigations.

Mr Flynn has admitted he misled the FBI about his discussions regarding new sanctions imposed on Russia by the Obama administration following evidence of alleged meddling in the 2016 election. (BBC)

And so it begins very seriously. Flynn has already testified that he was instructed, not willfully going out on his own, to contact Russia before Dickhead took office. And with those instructions come a fascinating host of possibilities. There's a good chance that at least one tRump will find themselves on the dock for lying. We just have to hope the biggest bullshitter will get caught up in the net and go down with his brand.

Now that's a wish for 2018.


Yes. Yes he is.

It was wrong for US President Donald Trump to retweet videos posted by far-right group Britain First, Downing Street has said. Mr Trump shared three posts by the group's deputy leader, including unverified footage purporting to show Muslims committing crimes. Theresa May's spokesman said Britain First used "hateful narratives which peddle lies and stoke tensions". (BBC)

Dickhead just can't help himself. Every time, every fucking time there's a problem that involves ACTUAL work (in this case, working on a new tax bill) Dickhead dodges responsibility by distracting and dissembling. In this case analysis has proved that the tax bill is garbage and mostly help the ultra-rich GOP donors. It won't help the middle class. It will actually hurt the poor. Asshole already insulted democrats who WERE going to sit down and discuss but... he insulted them and then demanded they apologize for being insulted.

So now this. Throwing yet ANOTHER tantrum to try and avoid the issues and challenges at hand.

Inept. Incapable. Ignorant. And yet, somehow, president. Anyone really can be president. If they're rich enough.


After all they're both pretty fucking shitty to women.

An American has been charged by Canadian police for shouting a sexually explicit phrase at a female journalist.

Fawaz Abudhamad, 23, was charged with causing a public disturbance in Hamilton, Ontario.

The Maryland native shouted the obscenity as he drove by Britt Dixon, who was interviewing police outside of their local headquarters on Friday.

The reporter asked him why he did it, to which he responded: "Because everyone in the States does it". [..]

The reporter, who works for a local television station, said she did not wish to press charges, but the police did because they saw it happen.[..]

The man shouted "I want to [expletive] you right in the [expletive]" as a he drove by - a vulgar phrase that has gained popularity online in recent years. (BBC)

There you go. That's pure tRumpism at work. "Because I can yell this at women in the states" is the excuse. Why? Because there's an asshole elected president who repeats those sentiments LITERALLY all the time. What's more demeaning, belittling and mocking women CAN get you elected. That's a proven fact.

It's also a proven fact that such behavior is wrong and will eventually have consequences. Even if they're a long time in coming, there WILL be consequences. Just as Fucked Up Fawaz found out. Way to go cocktard. Oh and by they way? Try yelling that at a woman in the Northeast and see how far you get too. I triple dare you.


Every year. Every fucking year around this time the highway home is a disaster. For some reason assholes MUST clog the goddamned roads to DRIVE to a fucking store probably to not find what they want and buy some other schlock that the gift-getter will hate but have to pretend to love.

ENOUGH. FUCKING STOP IT. EVERY goddamned person, even 90 year olds have phones, computers, tablets or laptops. You ALL have goddamned facebook and email. YOU CAN BUY YOUR SHIT ONLINE AND GET IT DELIVERED TO YOUR FUCKING DOOR. CHEAPER. FASTER.

AND! Bonus. You won't clog up my fucking commute home.

Thank you. This has been a public service announcement.


Your boss can stoop that low (well, he really isn't stooping, he's just that inept) but YOU can't you dumb twat.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- CNN says it is boycotting this year's White House media Christmas party.

The news network says in a statement that "In light of the President's continued attacks on freedom of the press and CNN, we do not feel it is appropriate to celebrate with him as his invited guests."

The network adds that it will be sending a "reporting team" to Friday's event to cover any news that develops from it.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is responding on Twitter, saying: "Christmas comes early! Finally, good news from @CNN."

You're not REALLY that stupid, are you Sarah? We all know that the only "fake news" is the spew that comes from your boss. CNN actually has accountability, which Dickhead apparently doesn't, not even to the people he supposedly represents. The fact that a major news outlet isn't going to your party should be a wakeup call.

You're wrong. And if you can't realize you're wrong in your response you're one stupid twat.


Deal Faker

Because NO ONE could really be this stupid and claim to be a successful negotiator.

Democratic congressional leaders have cancelled a meeting with President Donald Trump after he attacked them on Twitter.

The Republican president said he did not think he could reach a deal with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer on funding the government.

The Democrats said they would negotiate with Republican lawmakers instead. (BBC)

Imagine telling your wife she was fat and ugly and her cooking sucks. Then you ask her to make you breakfast. How do you think that will go?

Yeah it's that obvious. Dickhead is not only incompetent but he's incapable of realizing how incompetent he really is. The GOP knows, however. And they're stuck with a never-ending stream of failures as a result.

Well he's YOUR president after all. Good luck with that.


Dickhead just CAN'T resist a good troll. Thing is, he's just so bad at it.

Trump welcomed three Navajo code talkers from World War II to the Oval Office. He called them "incredible" and "very special people."

During remarks praising their service, Trump said: "We have a representative in Congress who they say was here a long time ago. They call her Pocahontas. But you know what, I like you."

The Republican president has repeatedly mocked the Massachusetts senator for claims she has made about being part Native American.

Native American leaders have called Trump's past attacks on Warren offensive and distasteful. Some Democrats have called the remark racist. (AP)

There is usually a point every parent reaches with their kids (and visa versa) where screaming "STOP EMBARRASSING ME!!!" is a thing. Well it's a thing. It has been a thing. It continues to be a thing. It used to be I just apologized to other nations for the dipshit antics of Orange The Clown. Now I have to start fucking apologizing to our OWN people.




Not united, not the free, certainly not the home of the brave with fuckwads like Dickhead Donald who bypassed the draft in charge. Nope, none of the above. It's America Land of Money, Intolerance and Hate.

But that's ok. Because the bible says it's ok.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) -- President Donald Trump said Sunday that electing a Democrat as Alabama's next senator "would be a disaster," making clear the success of his legislative agenda outweighs widespread GOP repulsion at the prospect of seating Republican Roy Moore, who is dogged by allegations of sexual misconduct.

The allegations, including claims that the 70-year-old Moore sexually assaulted or molested two teenage girls while he was in his 30s, have made the Dec. 12 election a referendum on "the character of the country" that transcends partisan politics, said GOP Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, as the party establishment cringed at Trump's latest intervention in the closely contested race.

It's not too surprising to see Dickhead Donald dragging the nation into the gutter, I mean Dickhead is ALL about the gutter, that's what he loves most. The only thing he loves more is smearing shit on anyone who MIGHT not be as rank and filthy as him. In this case he's saying that partisan politics (because, of course, there is no compromise) is MUCH more important than a socially and morally repugnant shit stain like Roy.

And all the bible waving tolls line up to say 'amen'.

I kind of feel for those in the GOP who actually go have morals, a sense of ethics, and a desire NOT to fuck over the people they represent. Because they are well and truly screwed. They have a "leader" who makes Kim Jong look like Hubert Humphrey and a following that resembles the Walking Dead on a good day (with bouffant hair and bibles included).

Sorry GOP, maybe things will get better. But probably not before they get much, much worse.


Someone mentioned to me that there was a bit of tension during their Thanksgiving because of the NFL. The "macho" types didn't want to watch because their delicate sensibilities might be offended during the National Anthem. The person mentioning this to me was lamenting how dreadful it was that things like sports had become politicized and uncomfortable.

I reminded them that sometimes it's necessary to be uncomfortable because it reminds people that change is needed. Like drawing attention to segregation. Like drawing attention to women's suffrage. Without mass and public discomfort the US would STILL be run exclusively by greedy, rich, self-centered white men.

I'm not saying we don't have a long way to go, but it's better than it was. We just need to remind those who falter, that we can't give up. The future is at stake.

So to anyone who complains about how uncomfortable the tension makes them in watching the national anthem at a football game, just remember, this nation was founded on protest, from the first colonies until today. Discomfort is good, it builds character and forces change, even if that change is just turning off the TV.