Introducing, once again, Texas, one of the shittiest, stupidest, most ignorant hate-state in the union.

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) -- State-funded adoption agencies backing Texas legislation that would sanction the rejection of prospective parents on religious grounds freely admit they already routinely deny non-Christian, gay, and unmarried applicants because they are wary of their beliefs or lifestyle.

Texas currently discriminates against potential adoptive parents who aren't white or christian or straight enough with total impunity. What they're afraid of is that the federal government will prevent their state-sponsored hate by insisting on the application of federal laws. So Texas wants to enshrine it's hate in law, under the guise of "protecting children" by denying them loving homes or parents that won't shove christianity and heterosexuality down kids throats.

Texas. The Shit Bag state. Yay!

Can we give it back to Mexico yet? Would they even take it?


What Loyalty?

After handing tRump the election Comey gets his just desserts. With both barrels.

The White House shocked Washington by announcing that James Comey "has been terminated and removed from office". (BBC)

Wonder how that's going to inspire the rest of the team eh?


Ok, Stupid Slut DeVos needs to go.

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- Education Secretary Betsy DeVos reiterated her push for school choice during an annual education technology conference in Utah Tuesday, comparing the issue to being able to switch between phone service providers.

She said there are many great cell phone companies, but people have the option to pick which one they want to use.

Because your kid's future is EXACTLY the same thing as your cell phone bill. Gods what a stupid twat. There's really no explaining to a billionaire bitch why we need public education. So why bother? It's going to be more asinine drivel for another 3+ years. Next!

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) -- Texas lawmakers are advancing a proposal to license family immigrant detention centers as child care providers.

The state Senate voted 20-11 Tuesday to give preliminary approval to a bill that would allow Texas to license two family lockdowns, despite a past state court ruling that such facilities do not meet minimum requirements to care for kids. The measure would enable detention facilities to hold families for prolonged stays, which advocates say could physically and psychologically harm children.

Yes, Texas found another way to help their prisons earn money! By incarcerating whole families and then claiming credits as child care. Imagine, what a great way for kids to learn and grow, behind bars in a cement box.

America the loathesome. It's not a great time or place to be a kid.


Apparently in Tennessee "equality" is only natural when it pertains to heterosexual couples. Even if the law states differently.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Four married lesbian couples expecting children through artificial insemination are suing over a new Tennessee law that requires using the "natural and ordinary meaning" of words in state law.

I have no idea what the fuck "natural and ordinary" means. Basically it sounds like it could mean anything a person wanted it to. Not really a good, clear and fair way to implement laws. One person's "natural and ordinary" can mean something quite different than someone else's. In my world "spouse" doesn't have gender context, in trump-merca it means a neat loophole to discriminate.

Making shit up isn't really legal, but it won't stop the GOP from wasting taxpayer time and money on rhetorical arguments for the sake of getting re-elected.


You know that moment when you realize that you can't argue with the other person because their fundamental premise is bogus? Well that's this moment right here...

Rep. Raul Labrador of Idaho drew sharp criticism and booing at a town hall Friday for his response to an attendee who expressed worry that the House bill would hurt Medicaid recipients.

The woman in Lewiston said: "You are mandating people on Medicaid to accept dying."

Labrador, who is a member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, responded: "That line is so indefensible. Nobody dies because they don't have access to health care." (AP)

Yes that's right, in the GOP mindset EVERYONE has healthcare, mainly because it's something that those representatives never, ever had to do without. Thus the notion of people dying without healthcare is lost to them, they literally have no idea what it means at all.

But hey, they voted for him right? Caveat, motherfucking, Emptor folks, caveat fucking emptor. Next be more choosy with your vote maybe?


WASHINGTON (AP) -- FBI Director says he thought concealing discovery of new Clinton emails before election would have been 'catastrophic'

The rest of the sentence reads as follows: "... for securing his place in history."

Comey saw a chance to become a kingmaker. So he did. It had nothing to do with right or wrong or anything else. It was just ego and opportunity. I sincerely doubt he'll ever regret what he did, mainly because it keeps people talking about him. Kind of like a bastard-baby tRump.


President Money Bags

That's HIS money, not yours thank you. Who the fuck cares if YOU were the one that earned it?

president Donald Trump has stated repeatedly that he wants to cut the federal budget. But that might not apply to his travel budget, which continues to grow as he treks between the White House and his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Fla., nearly every weekend.

So far, Trump’s travel to his private Florida club has cost taxpayers an estimated $20 million in his first 80 days in the White House, putting the new president on a trajectory in his first year in office to surpass former President Barack Obama’s total travel expenses over eight years, CNN reported.

Like that? Dickhead Donald is draining the swamp, right into his own pocket. Each trip costs US $1.2 million a pop. And he's not afraid to spend, spend, spend!

So, how's that populist president working out for ya 'eh? Feeling rich yet?


You know there actually IS an upside to the whole GOP killing off their constituents by denying them health care. Dead people can't FUCKING VOTE.

To anyone who is going to be "surprised" by how hard, how costly, how uninsurable their life becomes that voted for repealing the ACA? I can only laugh.

I think that's like the entire state of Mississippi right?


The ACA, otherwise known as the AFFORDABLE Care Act is the actual title for Obamacare. Trumpcare on the other hand is the American Health Care Act.

Hmmm, they both cover care but something is suspiciously missing from the AHCA isn't it. Like, say affordability? Yes, that's right folks, in the desperate drive to "repeal" the ACA, tRump and his GOP flunkies are trying to ensure that the losers lose hard. Who are the losers?

  • The poor
  • The elderly
  • The sick

Yes, in the GOP world, health care is only for people who want to pay premiums, but not for those who might actually need benefits. In essence it's a winning bet for making money. Which is the GOP strategy all along. So if you're NOT rich, if you're NOT young and you're in great health then bully for you.

The rest of you? Can fuck off and die...


Asked how the president would define a "good shutdown," Mulvaney suggested "it would be one that fixes this town." (AP)

Since it's not the explosion that kills you, it's the radiation afterwards...


45 says he's the NRA's friend. I don't think the NRA needs any more friends.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) -- Police say a 14-year-old girl was fatally shot on the front lawn of a church near her middle school in Alabama.

SAN DIEGO (AP) -- A gunman distraught over a recent breakup calmly reclined in a pool chair as he shot strangers at a birthday party and phoned his ex-girlfriend so she could hear the gunfire and screams of terror, San Diego police said Monday.

Of course guns don't kill it's criminals who kill. Only it wasn't a criminal who was shooting up the pool party or the 14 year old girl. These are people who weren't criminals...yet. But they still managed to kill, didn't they? I wish america would get over the stupid slogans and war of words over something that's too accessible and too easy to use.

No one needs a gun. And 14 year old girls don't need to die either.


He's pretty open with his objectives, am I right?

May 1 (UPI) -- The U.S. Agriculture Department plans to roll back nutrition standards for federally subsidized school meals because some food is "ending up in the trash."
The changes will reverse parts of former first lady Michelle Obama's healthy eating initiative. The Trump administration also is ending her "Let Girls Learn" program that offers educational opportunities for adolescent girls in developing countries

Why do kids need nutrition? Why should girls get education? This is all money WASTED because it's not making him richer.

Wow, it's hard to believe that anyone can put a positive spin on this. I guess 45 really IS the anti-christ. Who the fuck would actually take AWAY standards to ensure kids eat healthy at a young age? I guess the same fuckwad who thinks girls are only for grabbing and molesting.

HEY tRUMP. YOU'RE A FUCKING ASSHOLE. I mean, in case you didn't notice, everyone hates you.


Only in the US can someone totally fucking ignorant of US history not only become president but be totally cavalier about it.

President Trump has caused controversy with a revisionist riff on Civil War history, telling journalist Salena Zito in an interview that Andrew Jackson could have prevented the war and that Jackson was "angry" as he watched it unfold. Jackson, a slave-owner and strongman, was elected president in 1829. He died 16 years before the war began. (BBC)

Amazing right? And yet this is the person conservatives see as "god sent". Yes, a totally fucking ignorant, arrogant cocktard.

You know if he was even a fraction as intelligent as his supporters grace him with he would at least get on Wikipedia to check facts before spewing them on the internet.

Fuck you 45. Please, resign before you embarrass yourself and us any more.


Yeah, whipping it out and taking a slash into the punchbowl at a party can be considered "profound change" too. Only most people have the intelligence and decency not to.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Donald Trump on Saturday marked his 100th day in office by saying he had brought "profound change" to Washington and reaffirming that "my only allegiance" is to those he governs.

Yeah that wasn't quite right, unless you see it from Dickhead Donald's perspective; he only governs "people" and in his world only the 1% have that designation. Everyone else is beneath his notice and interest.

Fuck you "45". Fuck you.


Because killing non-conservatives is an actual thing now.

"A guy came in, banged something, a hatchet or an ax, on the table and said 'the day of reckoning has come,'" Reynolds said. "He asked somebody what their political affiliation was, they said 'Republican' and the guy said 'you are safe.' And then I realized what was going on and started getting people out." (AP)

Yes a man walks into a university coffee shop with weapons and demands to know the political affiliation of everyone in the store. Anyone who said they were not conservative was attacked.

Honestly I'm not too surprised, after all, tRump campaigned on a platform of hate, death and slander. This is the America we live in now.

I wonder what will happen when non-conservatives start defending themselves?


He's at it again.

"The eight-year assault on your Second Amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end."

- Dickhead Donald

What eight year assault? I dare you to show me ANYthing that the federal government did to impinge on the second amendment rights for sane, legal, honest gun owners. ANYthing.

You can't can you? Because Obama didn't actually DO anything to limit access and ownership to guns. Even when a school full of elementary school kids died because a Mom wanted to "bond" with her insane son by buying his attention with automatic weapons NOTHING FUCKING CHANGED.

Yeah, making america safe, better, greater, whatever the fuck you want to call it. Dickhead Donald is all right on top of that. Like a fly on shit.


Really there's no one stupider than this fucktard.

ATLANTA (AP) -- President Donald Trump revived one of his favorite - and most provocative - taunts against Elizabeth Warren on Friday, derisively calling the Massachusetts senator "Pocahontas."

Wow, sick burn there Dickhead. Is that the best you could come up with or did you get help for that? Pocahontas AND Warren for that matter have bigger balls than you do.

Grow up moron. You're president, not in elementary school.