America wished for change. Well here it comes. Just remember the old adage: be careful of what you wish for.

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- A transgender candidate defeated an incumbent Virginia lawmaker who sponsored a bill that would have restricted which bathrooms she could use.

Democrat Danica Roem, a former journalist, is set to make history as the first openly transgender person elected and seated in a state legislature in the United States. She unseated Republican Del. Bob Marshall, one of the state's longest serving and most socially conservative lawmakers. The race was one of the year's most high profile, drawing international attention and big money to the northern Virginia House of Delegates district outside the nation's capital.

Bob wasn't a nice guy. During the campaign he and his team repeatedly called Danica by the wrong gender, as a means of marginalizing, mocking and disrespect. Bob also claimed the title of "homophobe in chief" and backed it up by trying to legislate marriage and who can use a bathroom.

Bob was a waste of time and the voters told him so. They'd had enough of his stupid shit. But Bob is small fry. There's a worse, more hateful, more divisive target which, based on history, won't take any lessons from the voters putting a boot in Bob's ass. Nor will any of the tRumpanzees who believe that the majority of america is with them. But they're not alone, everyone has something to learn from this. For those who feel despondent that a delusional fuckwad is president, for those who feel afraid of their fellow citizens, for women who learned that their "rights" can be suppressed, for immigrants who expect to be hated because of where they were born, there's a message here.

The message is: fight back.

Dickhead likes to quote other Dick-taters who say shit like "hit me and I'll hit back harder", well, we've been hit and we're still getting hit, but we'll hit back smarter.

I guess it's true, what doesn't kill you will make you stronger. Maybe not more organized, maybe not permanantly, and there will always be selfish stupidity to stamp out, but Dickhead's elections have made the message clear: Don't wait for change, make it happen.

Congratulations Ms. Roem. You won. And hate lost.


So the premise here is: the solution to bullets is more bullets. It's like saying the solution to death is more death.

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) -- President Donald Trump says tougher gun laws would not have prevented a mass shooting at a south Texas church, arguing that more restrictions might have led to more casualties.

Trump spoke at a news conference in South Korea Tuesday where he was asked about "extreme vetting" for gun purchases. Trump said: "If you did what you're suggesting, there would have been no difference three days ago and you might not have had that very brave person who happens to have a gun or a rifle in his trunk."

Dickhead Donald is pretty damn quiet when it comes to white people with guns committing mass murder. As opposed to say non-white (well, tan) people running over people with a truck.

Naturally the numbers don't compare.

But already the "outrage" over murder-enhancers like Bump Stocks has waned. With the exception of Massachusetts (and already the gun-nut-howler-monkeys are screaming about how they're being oppressed) no action has been taken to close what is obviously an exploit. Yep, Dickhead is real fucking quiet suddenly, not screaming at Governors, not demanding the round up and branding of every immigrant, nah, this is white-on-white murder so any solutions sure the fuck ain't coming from him. Hell, his pea brain can't even see the problem. Instead he's lauding, celebrating how great guns were in killing someone who used a gun to kill a whole lot more.

Yes, that's sure great that one guy with a gun managed to kill another guy with a gun... AFTER of course he shot the shit out of a church. Let's just neglect that first part shall we? Because if that first guy didn't have a gun we wouldn't have as many deaths in the first place. Chances are he just would have showed up at his Mother-in-law's place and yelled at her, not shot up her church.

But hey, guns are great aren't they? They solve so many problems, ones you can't talk through. Killing someone is ALWAYS a great way to win an argument. Works every fucking time.


Dear Akima. You are all shitbags. And I hope you get ROASTED alive by the social media platforms that you used to crucify Juli.

A woman pictured raising her middle finger toward US President Donald Trump's motorcade has reportedly been fired from her job over the photograph. [..]

Juli Briskman, who was identified as the cyclist in the image, alleges she was fired by employers Akima LLC after she posted it to her online profiles [..]

Ms Briskman said she had emphasised to management that she had not been in working hours when the photograph was taken and had not mentioned her employers on the social media pages. (BBC)

So where's this free speech that Dickhead Donald likes to applaud Nazi, fascist fucktards over? Judi was NOT working when the picture was taken, she posted it on her PERSONAL social media, she did NOT mention her employer nor anyone she works with and quite frankly no one would ever have known or cared who Akima was if she hadn't been fired for a picture she didn't even take.

So here's the thing Akima, when you EMPLOY someone they're not your fucking SLAVE. They are entitled to post their opinions, political or otherwise, wear t-shirts that say FUCK TRUMP and attend all the anti-KKK rallies they want ON THEIR OWN TIME, as a private person unassociated with their employee. Because you PAY them doesn't mean you get to dictate their voice.

The fact that you believe that Judi damaged your image is not only short-sighted but FUCKING CLUELESS because in firing her you brought the entire internet down on your sorry, ignorant, fuck-brained asses.

I'd tell you to go fuck yourself but you already did a pretty damn great job all by yourself. Congrats.


Bump stock owners can cry me a fucking river. And drown in it.

OSTON (AP) -- Massachusetts on Friday became the first state to impose a ban on bump stocks since the deadly shooting at a Las Vegas music festival.

An appropriations bill that included a prohibition on the devices, which are designed to make semi-automatic rifles mimic the firing action of fully automatic weapons, was signed into law Friday by Republican Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito. The Democratic-controlled Legislature gave final approval to the measure on Thursday.[..]

The Gun Owners Action League of Massachusetts, an affiliate of the National Rifle Association, had sent an alert to its members earlier Friday urging them to contact Baker's office and demand that he use his line-item veto [..] The legislation, which would also ban most trigger cranks, provides no "pathway to legal ownership," for the devices and no ability for current owners to sell them, said the gun owners group.

Ok so Gollum, sorry GOALOM, is having a big sad because all devices which enable someone to inaccurately shoot a bajillion bullets faster than pulling the trigger is now illegal in MA. And if they've spent their money on these devices, they're now breaking the law and need to dispose of them.

Boo fucking hoo.

There's no logical purpose to a "trigger crank" other than to bypass the rules on automatic weaponry. The fact that the state has chosen to close this loophole means that more people will be safe from terrorists, not less. If that's REALLY a fucking problem for you, move one state north. You won't even need a gun license there.

Fuck you and fuck off. And have a great day!


Is he really that bad to women? Those were just "locker room" jokes. He doesn't hate women. He can't really DO anything to women can he?

Fuck yes he can. He has. And he's not done fucking with women's lives yet.

Under new rules issued Oct. 7 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, employers and universities are allowed to cite religious or moral objections in order to end birth control coverage that was available under President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act.

The South Bend Tribune reported earlier Tuesday that an email sent by Notre Dame to faculty and staff last on Friday showed that coverage would end for employees on Jan. 1. Students under the school's insurance plan, which provides contraceptives at no-cost through Aetna Student Health, would be covered until Aug. 14.[..]

Notre Dame previously offered coverage through third-party administrator Meritain Health and prescription benefit manager OptumRX, which allowed the university to meet the federal health care law's requirement while maintaining its religious opposition to contraceptives. (AP)

And so the evil continues. Attacks on women's health and rights intensifies and once again women become the victim of political-religious bullshittery. The idea that in 2017 a women's pregnancy should be dictated by her employer is outrageous. Effectively the university is saying "if you're a woman, you SHOULD be pregnant, and if you don't want to be, we won't support you. You will have to pay for your freedom. Consider it a penalty for being born a woman."

First, FUCK YOU NOTRE DAME. Second, to all the fucking excuse-mongers who rationalized their vote for this shitbag with "well, it's not like he's REALLY going to do anything to hurt women", here's my I TOLD YOU FUCKING SO. You're selfish. You're delusional. And most of all, you're blind to the pain and suffering of poor and vulnerable women. Which makes you heartless.

But hey, who cares? It probably doesn't affect you, right?


Oh my dear mysterious Twitter employees, thank you for our eleven minutes of respite.

Nov. 3 (UPI) -- President Donald Trump's chief method of public communication was sunk late Thursday -- by a Twitter employee on their final day, the social media giant said.

"[A] customer support employee ... did this on the employee's last day" Twitter said.

Trump's account -- @realDonaldTrump -- was offline for 11 minutes, Twitter said.

Eleven whole minutes of peace.
A joy such that we have not known in sometime.
The constant, agonizing howl of a mindless fool dribbling the inane compositions.
Such offal, unworthy of a million monkeys on their cell phones.
Harkens back to a time with sanity in hand, without an ocher skin tone, provided reassurance that brains, not barking, set our collective direction.

11 minutes of a national holiday. All thanks to a lasting day.


I don't think there's a man who deserves a partner like Colleen.

Like many women, Colleen Krajewski finds first dates a bit awkward but until recently she had the additional pressure of trying to dodge the question of what she does for a living.

"Once you tell a guy you're an abortion doctor, that's usually it," said Dr Krajewski, a gynaecologist in Pennsylvania, US.[..]

Abortion doctors in the US regularly find their names, addresses and phone numbers published on websites by those who oppose their work but Dr Krajewski refuses to be intimidated.

"I'm not going to live in fear. I'm more likely to encounter common violence than something to do with my job," she said. (BBC)

Abortion is a right, and should be a fundamental right for all women. A women should not be FORCED to be pregnant. The church, society, old people with "pro life" plates can all go fuck themselves for judging others.

If you don't like abortion, don't goddamn have one. If you can't get an abortion because you're not capable of getting pregnant then FUCK OFF. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU.

I look forward to a future where women can have total control over their lives, their bodies and their futures. Until then, we will have to rely on pioneering women like Colleen to carry us forward in the face of ignorance, hate and stupidity.

Colleen, I salute you. Carry on the fight and don't let the evil bring you down.


Daughter gets Daddy fired. From Apple. And she's totes not sorry.

Apple has reportedly fired one of its engineers after his daughter posted a video of the iPhone X before the official launch.

The video shows Ms Peterson trying out the iPhone X while eating lunch with her father. This demo also inadvertently revealed some Apple employee only QR codes and a text file of codenames for unreleased Apple devices.

"At the end of the day when you work for Apple, it doesn't matter how good of a person you are, if you break a rule, they just have no tolerance," said Ms Peterson.

Ffs. It's not "no tolerance" you dumb twat, it's their PRODUCT. That means all their hard work, all their investment, all their intellectual property is tied up into this little device that you so casually got your mitts on and took a VIDEO of. I'm guessing that you're not smart enough to know what "proprietary" means. Further, your comments on "just an innocent video" is a steaming pile of BULLSHIT. You wouldn't have taken a video and posted it if you didn't think it would get you hits. Well it did, and your dad, one who clearly coddled your sorry ass, paid the price for your fifteen minutes of fun.

You're not sorry, not even for what happened to your dad, much less Apple. You haven't demonstrated even the FAINTEST understanding of why what you did was wrong.

Gods, I hope you never reproduce.

And stayed out for three days.

Strange, isn't it? How you never hear about terrible atheists abusing their kids for not doing well in school or for believing in god, or really anything for that matter. Almost makes you wonder, why is that?

MIDDLETOWN, Pa. (AP) -- A Pennsylvania woman who beat and tried to strangle her daughter for incorrectly reciting Bible verses has been sentenced to prison.

Forty-one-year-old Rhonda Shoffner was sentenced Wednesday to 2½ to five years in prison after pleading guilty to charges including aggravated assault of her daughter, who was younger than 13.

Police say the girl was forced to kneel on the bathroom floor at Shoffner's Middletown home and repeat Bible verses. They say Shoffner slammed her head into the wall each time she made a mistake. They say Shoffner also told the child she was going to kill her and attempted to strangle her.

Police say the girl fought off Shoffner, who told her to leave and never return. The girl called her father, who drove her to a police station.

It's funny how religious zealots like to equate their intensity of faith with actual "goodness". Of course I define "goodness" not as "killing the infidel/gay/colored person", so maybe that's where I'm going wrong, but rather I like to think of "goodness" as respecting others, letting them live their lives as they choose and not shoving my views in their face (if you're reading this then remember, you CHOSE to click the link and come here, you're also free to leave at any time.)

Organized religion is just a vehicle for abuse, dominance and greed.

Oh and Rhonda? You're going to hell, mmm'kay? Bye.


Not that the article says it, but I sense it on the wind...

The Disney Channel is introducing a gay storyline for the first time in its show Andi Mack.

The channel is to set to make history when its season two premiere airs on Friday in the US.

It will see best friends Andi (Peyton Elizabeth Lee) and Cyrus (Joshua Rush) both admit they are attracted to the same boy.

A Disney spokesperson says the show "sends a powerful message about inclusion and respect for humanity".

You know, YOU KNOW that the christian right (which they're not) is going to go fucking ape shit, boycott-o-rama on Disney. Because Disney is the one "fun" and "safe" thing that religious-oids feel ok letting their kids watch. Of course things have been going south a bit, what with non-white princesses and hero's prancing about. But it was ok because music! and fantasy! and pseudo-religious imagery!

This, of course, runs the whole thing right off the chain. And things will never be the same again. Now little christian-janey and christian-billy will have to go without the Disney channel because... dun.dun.dun.... GAYS. And we all know that gays are the harbinger of the apocalypse, not, say, some fucking asshole with an orange toupee and negative-morals. Nah, not that.

Anyway, here's to Disney, showing that better-late-than-never still counts!


It's pretty hard to imagine how horrible these people have to be, and wonder how they live with themselves.

HOUSTON (AP) -- A 10-year-old girl with cerebral palsy who entered the United States from Mexico without permission is potentially facing deportation after having to cross a Border Patrol checkpoint in South Texas for emergency gallbladder surgery, a family lawyer said Thursday.[..]

Gonzalez said Border Patrol agents allowed the girl and her cousin to pass, but followed the hospital vehicle taking them. At the hospital, agents stood by and refused to let Rosa Maria's relative close the door to their room so they could keep watch over the girl, Gonzalez said. And after the surgery was complete, agents stood ready to escort Rosa Maria to a federal facility for unaccompanied minors in the U.S. illegally, located another 140 miles away (225 kilometers) in San Antonio.

CBP isn't the one making an issue of this, I promise you, it's the local state and federal agencies who want to make an example of a humanitarian case. They want to prove that in tRumpmerica that compassion doesn't exist. That scheming wetbacks can't use their sick child to sneak into the country and as an excuse to stay.

You know what? There's no point in lambasting these evil shitbags. Because it's hard to surpass the level they've already achieved.

Good job guys. I'll bet your moms are real proud of you.


It also means that the girl won't actually GET a trophy because, well, she cheated. By being a girl.

UXBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) -- A female high school student who had the best score at a boys' golf tournament in Massachusetts has been denied the trophy because she's a girl.

Lunenburg High School student Emily Nash's score of 75 at the Central Massachusetts Division 3 boys' golf tournament was better than the runner-up. But Nash wasn't awarded first place and won't advance to next week's state tournament because of a rule set by the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association.

The rule states that girls playing on a fall boys' team can't be entered in the Boys Fall Individual Tournament.

I imagine there's a girls tournament. Maybe. Of not at all. But who cares because no one actually THINKS a girl wants to play sports. I mean why the fuck would she?

Still it's awesome, 2017 and the person who wins the tournament gets disqualified because of their gender. I'm sure the BOY that got the trophy is real fucking proud.


I'm entertained by the love being shown to Russia by the conservatives who USED to bandy the epithet "pinko-commie" around until Dickhead Donald declared them "our dear friends".

It doesn't make them any less evil.

Russia has vetoed a UN Security Council resolution extending the mandate of the only official mission investigating the use of chemical weapons in Syria. [..] Russia has rejected a separate report from UN human rights investigators blaming the Syrian government.

So here it is: Russia will use their political muscle to protect those who commit genocide and use chemical weapons against civilians. This is the "great russia" that Dickhead Donald has elevated to "friendship" status in the US.

Seriously, GOP voters who are celebrating our friendship with the former USSR, do you even HAVE any morals or common decency? Or do you all just suck tRump's dick and agree with whatever he says, blindly and faithfully?

Nope. Never mind. I know the answer to that.

There is no way to defend the use of chemical weapons against ANYone. Yet Russia will do so with no conscience whatsoever because it makes them money. Russia, Evil, tRump. Synonyms. End of story.


Even the GOP is starting to lose their shit with this imbecile.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A pair of senators from President Donald Trump's own Republican Party blistered him with criticism Tuesday in a dramatic day of denunciation that laid bare a GOP at war with itself. Jeff Flake of Arizona declared he would not be "complicit" with Trump and announced his surprise retirement, while Bob Corker of Tennessee declared the president "debases our nation" with constant untruths and name-calling.

Of course Dickhead, like a horribly spoiled child, LOVES the attention, ADORES the opportunity to malign people who have established themselves as veteran politicians with credentials he can't even dream of, is ENTHRALLED with the opportunity to create even more distractions from the problems that are plaguing him.

True, not all GOP feel this way, some are quite happy to dance as tRump fiddles in front of the American conflagration.

Washington (CNN)House Republicans announced a probe into the circumstances surrounding the sale of a uranium mining company to Russia's Atomic Energy Agency, Rosatom, that was approved by the Obama administration in 2010.

The deal had to be approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, a committee that is composed of representatives from several US government agencies, including the State Department, which at the time was led by Secretary Hillary Clinton.

Yes! Distraction! Find something, find ANYTHING. Reopen Hillary's emails! Libya! Whatever you can find!

Yaaaawn. Old.


There IS no minimum age at which it is illegal for a minor to be married. Although some states require parental consent, if a parent is selling that child into sexual slavery, they CAN do so in EVERY state.

Why do third world nations like El Salvador, Malawi and Tanzania have laws setting a minimum age for marriage and the US doesn't?

Because the US is NOT the first world nation it pretends to be. It is emotionally and politically on par with repressive nations like Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia where women are still burdensome property that need to be herded like cattle and bred like them too.


Murder Insurance

The NRA has effectively acknowledged that owning a gun increases the risk of causing death, often the death of an innocent person. In fact the risk is so prevalent they've actually figured out a way to make money off the risk of "accidental" murder. By selling insurance.

ATLANTA (AP) -- The National Rifle Association is offering insurance for people who shoot someone, stirring criticism from gun-control advocates who say it could foster more violence and give gun owners a false sense of security to shoot first and ask questions later.

Some are calling it "murder insurance," and say that rather than promoting personal responsibility and protection, it encourages gun owners to take action and not worry about the consequences. And, they say, it's being marketed in a way that feeds on the nation's racial divisions.

Neat huh? Pay us and we'll keep a lawyer on retainer for you, so shoot, shoot, shoot to kill and don't worry about the consequences because we've got your back (depending, of course, on the quality of your insurance plan.

Carry Guard insurance was launched this past spring by the NRA. Rates range from $13.95 a month for up to $250,000 in civil protection and $50,000 in criminal defense to a "gold plus" policy that costs $49.95 a month and provides up to $1.5 million in civil protection and $250,000 in criminal defense.

So buy all the guns, buy all the bullets. And use them. Kill like you've never killed before. Gosh I can hardly wait for another "lone wolf" massacre, one where the murderer has insurance. Then at least the NRA will be forced to prove they're Emperor Palpatine behind the Sith-gun nuts.