Taco Bell, to be precise...

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) -- A deaf New Jersey woman who primarily communicates in sign language is suing Taco Bell, saying she found it difficult, if not impossible, to order two tacos at the fast-food chain's drive-thru window.

Gina Cirrincione, of Atlantic City, said in her federal lawsuit that on Jan. 11, she wrote her order on a slip of paper and handed it to an employee at the drive-thru pickup window at a Taco Bell in Pleasantville.

Her video of the exchange, provided to The Associated Press by her lawyer, showed an employee trying to explain that orders are placed at the start of the drive-thru.

"I will do it this one time," he then said. "I want you to understand me, one time. After that, no more. After that, no more. Come inside. OK, is that fair?"

Ok, so Gina is going to lose her lawsuit because of the simple fact that DRIVE THROUGH IS NOT A RIGHT. There are a lot of people who can't use a drive through, mainly because they don't have cars. We don't see those people standing at the drive through trying to order. In fact the few people who have tried to sue over the use of their disabled-scooter order have gotten slapped down because they are willfully endangering themselves and others.

There's also the fundamental point that a drive through works on the principle of ORDERING and then PICKING UP. Placing your order at the drive through because you're too fucking lazy to go in (which is basically the point of a drive through, speed and laziness) is not about being disabled, it's about being fucking courteous.

Gina, sorry but you're wrong. You're not entitled to drive through service. And it's not Taco Bell who is at fault, it's EVERY drive through from every company that has one. Gonna sue 'em all?

I feel for the Taco Bell folks, they were put on the spot and it's not their fault. They have to serve as fast as they can and when Gina decides to put her order through at the window she's only thinking of herself and not everyone else who gets stuck behind her OR the employees who will get penalized by their company AND the other customers.

Get over yourself Gina. You're not the only deaf person in the world and no one else feels entitled to a drive-through taco. Sorry.


Brian doesn't start with and 'h', doesn't even have an 'h' in it, but Brian is all about the 'h'.

The trend alarms Brian Camenker, executive director of MassResistance, a Waltham, Massacusetts-based group that fights the establishment of gay-friendly student organizations in public schools. He said LGBT centers prey on troubled kids, and pride parades are hyper-sexualized demonstrations by disturbed individuals.

"You'll see all kinds of abnormal and destructive behavior celebrated," Camenker said.(AP)

Know who I saw preying on troubled kids when I was growing up? The born-agains. They went after everyone and anyone they could. Even if you DIDN'T want anything to do with them, they'd barge into your space and harangue you with their bullshit.

In the half-century I've been around I've never seen a gay person corner and harangue a kid. Not once. Not ever.

So Brian McHatefuck doesn't have a leg to stand on. Gay-friendly student organizations have the same right to exist as religious ones, more so since LBGT kids are usually the victims, not the perps. As for "abnormal and destructive" behavior, what do you call someone who slaps that label on people he doesn't know merely because of whom they choose to love?

I call it a fucking asshole. Fuck you Brian.


Woman-Hate, GOP Style

You'd think at some point the GOP would grow up and get tired of putting their hands up women's privates. But then that would demonstrate both maturity and intelligence.

WASHINGTON, July 14 (UPI) -- The House passed a controversial bill Wednesday that supporters say will protect the rights of health care workers and others who oppose abortion.

The Conscience Protection Act, passed along party lines 245-182, would shield those who refuse to perform, assist or fund abortions. The bill's chief sponsor, Rep. Diane Black, R-Tenn., said it would bar state and local governments from penalizing the objectors by making it clear they have a "right of conscience." The bill was drafted in response to a recent California mandate that requires all insurance in the state to cover elective abortions.

"I think we can all agree that in this country, no one should be forced to perform an abortion," House Speaker Paul Ryan, a Wisconsin Republican, said in support of the bill.

The article is accompanied by a smug looking Ryan, smiling in that "yeah Bitches, how do you like me now" kinda way. I know I've remarked many times about how conservatives are all for "less government intervention" and "privacy" EXCEPT when it comes to decisions made by women. And decisions about as private as they come.

Imagine a world where people can just opt out of work that offends them. Wouldn't that be grand? Starbucks baristas who can just refuse to serve you because of your ethnicity, or police who don't respond to calls where the person's name is hispanic. Yeah, that's TOTALLY the world we want to live in.

Of course, last I checked, no one has ever been FORCED to assist or perform an abortion. Generally people smart enough to go into the medical profession are smart enough to respect the rights and decisions of others. Politicians, who are clearly NOT AS SMART as doctors, on the other hand don't mind a bit making decisions that they have no idea about.


Good day.


Introducing... Boris Johnson!

ewspapers and politicians around the world have been reacting to Boris Johnson's appointment as UK foreign secretary.

Many were surprised, citing his history of faux pas including insulting the president of Turkey and commenting on the US president's ancestry.[..] (BBC)

Just two months ago, a poem he concocted about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan having sexual congress with a goat won the first-place prize in a contest sponsored by Spectator magazine.[..]

In the past, Johnson has had to apologize for referring to Africans as "piccaninnies" with "watermelon smiles." He even once suggested Africa would be better off if it were still administered by the former colonial powers.[..]

In a 2007 Daily Telegraph column that he wrote about Hillary Clinton's first presidential election bid, he described the potential future American leader this way: "She's got dyed blonde hair and pouty lips, and a steely blue stare, like a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital."[..]

Johnson claimed the "part-Kenyan president" harbored an "ancestral dislike of the British empire ? of which Churchill had been such a fervent defender." (WP)

Oh the list goes on and on and on. The new boss in town, one Ms. May, pulled a brilliant and calculated move by making this jester the UK's representative to the world. Now, imagine if Hillary did the same with Trump...


Answer to the first question: Less than nothing.

Pakistani social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch has been killed by her brother [Waseem Azeem] in an apparent 'honour killing' in the province of Punjab, police say.

Ms Baloch, 26, recently caused controversy by posting controversial pictures of herself on social media, including one alongside a Muslim cleric.

Police say she was strangled to death.

Cases of women being killed for 'dishonouring' their family are commonplace in Pakistan. (BBC)

Of course it's not just Pakistan, but Pakistani's like to pride themselves on "being educated", and "being different". Truth is, they are no different.

If Islam wants to change then it needs to start by treating ALL people equally, regardless of money, caste and gender. And the only way for that to happen is for Islam to eliminate all existing Imams and replace them with ones who actually ARE educated.

I have no problem tolerating Islam, but I have an insurmountable issue with institutionalized discrimination, hate, murder, and oppression, none of which can or should be tolerated INCLUDING symbols of these things.

Fuck Pakistan. Please, just keep blowing yourself up.

Qandeel Baloch killed by her brother.
Over the family's honor.
I'm sure the family's honor is now saved by having a murderer in the house. (Twitter)


Yes. No.


* If you're black and legally carry a gun you're more likely to be shot by police
* If you're a woman you're going to make less, on average, than a guy doing the same job
* If you're asian people are going to think you're better at math than your peers
* If you're a white guy in a pickup truck most people are going to think you're a redneck
* If you're pregnant everyone thinks you're public property, including the most private areas of your body
* If you're anyone (including RBG) you're going to know that Trump doesn't have opinions, he just says whatever comes to mind at the time which makes him a big faker
* If you're rich you're gonna get richer at the expense of everyone else and you probably don't care


None of this is ok, and should never be ok. These are things that need to be fought. And if you agree with that but you're ok with the status quo then you're part of the problem. Injustice isn't just something you read about in the news, it's real life and you can make a difference by expressing yourself. I'd much rather have people disagree with me than say nothing at all.

The world sucks, but we can make it suck less. A little at a time.


Pity the coup didn't work out. Now Stalin-Jr. is going to go on a rampage and kill everyone and anyone he likes. Probably set himself as dictator-for-life while he's at it.

Now Turkey is just another miserable Islamic state run by a lunatic.

UPDATE: The entire thing was staged by that asshole Erdo-fuck just to cement his grip on the country. Now he has everything and the people who elected him will have him for life. Just when you get rid of one Saddam Hussein the mid-east produces another.




A lorry has struck a crowd after Bastille Day celebrations in the southern French city of Nice, killing at least 80 people and injuring dozens, officials say.

There is no why. There is no reason. There is no logic. There is only hate. And the only way to win is to drop the guise of civility and demonstrate what happens when civility is threatened.

Nothing, other than their death, will end these attacks, because as long as support remains - as long as civility enables and allows the expression of hate under "free speech", enables and allows primitive values under the guise of "tolerance", this shit will continue.

There is no other cheek to turn any more.


Get it? Gonna (be) One Polite Convention? C'mon, that was clever.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- Demonstrators at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland next week can't have lasers, squirt guns or sledgehammers - but they can have firearms.

That's because Ohio is an open-carry state. People who are legally allowed to carry guns can do so without a permit.

Open carry at the convention. So, guess the anti-Trumpers are going to have to mind their manners and their trigger fingers. It's not wise to lose your temper when there's so many bullets around.

Think of it this way: either there's going to be nothing to report, or it's gonna be a doozy.


Greedy, grubbing, thoughtless, selfish, bully are the words that come to mind these days when someone says China. Not "world leader". Nope.

BEIJING (AP) -- China blamed the Philippines for stirring up trouble and issued a policy paper Wednesday calling the islands in the South China Sea its "inherent territory," a day after an international tribunal said China had no legal basis for its expansive claims.

"It is the Philippines that has created and stirred up the trouble," Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin said in introducing the paper.

In the time honored tradition of rape-victim blaming, China is shaking it's stick at Philippines for stirring up trouble. However, one look at a map, at ANY map and it's plain that Big Fat Pig China is just trying to steal what belongs to others. Worse yet, knowing full well that they will get pushed back, they are destroying the wealth that should be shared by ripping up the sea floor and overfishing.

China, you're disgusting. No one respects you and rattling your little guns won't get you the respect you need. My advice is go snuggle with the fat little dictator in North Korea, maybe the two of you can suck each other's dicks while you cry about how unfair the rest of the world is.


Pokemon No!

Ok really, REALLY?

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and Arlington National Cemetery have requested that smartphone users refrain from "catching" Pokemon when they are visiting.

So my guess is that the Pokemon Go devs just did a crawl of major and minor landmarks with (giving them the benefit of the doubt) some filtering. Arlington might come across as both a park and a cemetery, but you'd have to know it was both AND double check that you caught all the errors. Which, when you have so many of them, would be a little tough to do (this, of course, is where beta testers come in.)

That doesn't forgive in the least all the fucking morons who KNEW that Arlington was a sacred space and NOT for playing goddamn video games in.

There's common sense folks, fucking USE it ok?


Yes, this post is about guns.

PARIS, Texas (AP) -- Gun-rights activists, some of them wearing camouflage and military-style gear and openly toting rifles and handguns, marched alongside the hundreds of people who flocked to downtown Dallas last week to protest police shootings of blacks.

Their presence was part of the new legal landscape in Texas, which earlier this year allowed people to openly carry firearms in public.

Moments later, when a sniper gunned down officers patrolling the peaceful march, killing five, the attack ignited panic and confusion. Who was shooting? Were the people with weapons friend or foe?

DALLAS (AP) -- An Army veteran killed by Dallas police after he fatally shot five officers amassed a personal arsenal at his suburban home, including bomb-making materials, bulletproof vests, rifles, ammunition and a journal of combat tactics, authorities said Friday.

So here's the thing, sure you can carry a gun, but what is the potential impact on you and others around you?

Imagine you're in your car and you have a right to carry. When you notify the officer you have the gun and the permit what prevents him from deciding that your next move is threatening or not? It could be race, it could be time of day, it could be that the officer thinks you look like someone who just committed a crime. But any way you slice it the moment you say "yes I have a gun on me" all bets are off. It's at the discretion of the officer if he's going to shoot you or not.

Imagine you're on the street at a crowded rally carrying a huge-ass gun. In Texas that's also your right. Now imagine that the guy next to you who is doing the same has decided to put his military training to good use. Are you really safer with that gun? Are the people around you safer? That is what the NRA would have you believe, but when it came down to it none of those gun toting folks saved the day and several people died.

I dispute, as I have always disputed, that a gun makes you or the people around you safer. Before I used to say "unless you're an officer", now I'd close even that loophole. Guns don't make you safer, and they only upset people who don't want the threat of accidental (or deliberate) gun-related death to happen to them.

Guns aren't going to go away any time soon. And neither are gun-related deaths. Let's see which statistic goes up faster.


Too bad she has plenty of her own words to share...

WHITE SETTLEMENT, Texas, July 6 (UPI) -- A Texas city council that voted to evict the local library's beloved cat reversed the decision weeks later, with one councilman blaming Facebook for the controversy.[..]

Councilman Elzie Clements, who initially led the effort to evict Browser, introduced the motion to overturn the decision Friday. Clements blamed Facebook and social media for turning a local issue into an international controversy.

"If we would just get people out here in this city to stay off of this media, this wouldn't have been this way," Clements said at the meeting.[..]

"Things happen inside a city that shouldn't be publicized outside," Clements said. "There's no need to jump on Facebook. I think Facebook and the social media [are] a bad thing. I sure do."

Personally I'm thinking that Elzie is too fucking stupid and too fucking full of herself to even listen to her own words. What she said implies that the people who elected her, the people whom she is in a position to affect, should just agree with every idiotic decision she makes and like it.

I think she's confused herself with Mugabe.

Sorry Elzie but you're clearly unfit for your job. People complained AND IT'S THEIR RIGHT TO DO SO online because you decided to take an unpopular position to remove a cat because a buddy of yours wasn't allowed to bring their puppy to work. (Let's look at this for a second, cat: independent, catches mice, stays out of the way, minds it's own business vs. puppy: needy, loud, has to be walked, chews on stuff, isn't obedient yet and wants to play with people - huh, wonder WHY a cat is better in a professional setting?)

Of course once the news of this discrimination and petty tit-for-tat came out the world came down like a ton of bricks on Queen Elzie and the vote was reversed. Now Ms. Pickle Puss Elzie is all sad that her constituents dared challenge her decision in the court of public opinion. Well guess what Elzie? It's worse than that. Because I'm going to label you a stupid, selfish twat with no business making decisions that affect others. Dumb cunt. Enjoy!


You know, if it really wasn't a big deal to leave Islam then Muslims would just shrug off this hashtag. Instead it makes them very, very angry.

Ex-Muslims are using a hashtag, #ExMuslimBecause, to tell why they have left the faith.

The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain started the tag, saying it wanted to defend people's right to leave Islam and criticise it without fear or intimidation.

But many Muslims are taking issue, saying that the hashtag is "hateful," and being used as an excuse for Muslim-bashing at a time of increasing fear of Islamophobia. (BBC)

Ok, let me put out the trite argument just to get it out of the way: "If Islam wasn't being used as justification for murder then we wouldn't have Islamophobia."

There, done, out of the way. The whole notion that "real" muslims should take back their religion and kick out people who are using it as a banner (literally) to commit crimes so horrible that defining them as being against humanity doesn't even come close, has been stated. Let's just put that aside and concentrate on WHY it's important to be able to speak out, and be proud of, leaving a religion.

Religion isn't genetic. It's nurture, not nature, and when done correctly religion does play a part of nurturing a person, providing a community and family of like-minded folks. The crux comes when that person decides that the community isn't for them. In civilized religions their community doesn't ostracize them or, worse, jail or kill them. Anyone being murdered for their belief is clearly a victim of a cult rather than a religion because that's how you define a cult. Cults exist for the benefit of the few at the top, using fear and intimidation against anyone who chooses to leave. Cults don't follow the laws of any nation. And if Islam wants to be a religion, rather than a cult, it needs to enforce a level of civility that it currently isn't demonstrating to the public.

Imho, the value of #ExMuslimBecause is that it's exposing the cult mentality of Islam. Every human has the right to decide who they want to be and what they want to believe in. If your religion doesn't provide that, then it's not a religion. If you feel that someone else's free speech offends you, so much that you need to silence them, then really you're a lost cause, you're already a sad, brainwashed peon who exists for the greater good of your leaders and not yourself. You don't actually have free will, sorry.

Haters only hate because that's all they have. Understanding is for civilized people who realize that words are only words, and no one should die because of them.


Some might call it a theme park, I call it willful ignorance.

A theme park in the US state of Kentucky has unveiled a 510-foot-long (155 metre-long) wooden replica of Noah's Ark.

The replica was built by Christians who said they believe the biblical story was an historical event.

Critics have said the attraction should not have received tax incentives as it contradicts science education.[..]

"Basically, this boat is a church raising scientifically illiterate children and lying to them about science," said Jim Helton, who lives about a half-hour from the ark. (BBC)

Yes, that's more or less the point. The bigger the spectacle, the less you have to try and substantiate the stupid. Inoculating kids against the facts is part and parcel of the conservative thought because facts are scary, independent thought is scary and anything to do with self-direction is to be obliterated. Conservative religions can only succeed by preventing their flock from questioning, and that can only be successful by starting early, beating down any spark of independence or creativity.

I'm not entirely clear why an organization that discriminates against non-Christians managed to win tax exempt status, but I suspect it wouldn't stand up to further scrutiny.

Fun park? not really. More like Ignorance Park. For idiots.


Actually that's paraphrasing - but that's the "reasoning" point behind keeping women segregated in 2016.

NEW YORK (AP) -- Women-only swimming hours will continue at two city pools, accommodating mostly Orthodox Jewish women.

Normally such gender discrimination would be banned under New York Human Rights Laws. However, the New York City Commission on Human Rights has the power to grant exceptions to that rule based on gender or age. Two exceptions were granted Wednesday after a months' long review of the legality of the special swimming sessions. An anonymous tip of possible human rights violations earlier this year prompted the initial review.[..]

New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind was a strong advocate for the conservation of the special swim sessions.

"This is a great victory of human rights, especially for women. I couldn't be prouder to be a New Yorker than today," he said, stressing that this was not an issue of religion but rather about the special needs of women.

Special needs. Yes women have SPECIAL needs. They need to be isolated. Kept away from men. Limited in their public exposure.

Dov is a fucking misogynist pig. In the name of religion.

Women should NOT need special hours, just as men don't. Arcane religions have no place in the US, nor in the rest of the world, although we can't dictate what goes on there. Conservative ANY religion is for poor slobs who choose ignorance over first world values and it makes me irate to see those values lauded as something to be protected. Religions that impose stupid rules on women: shave your head, hide your hair, don't associate with the other gender, don't get an education, just reproduce until your privates fall out... there's no difference. Wrong is wrong.

Dov, you're still a pig and Women don't need your fucking help. Asshole.


"Look everyone, I gotta woman on the ticket too!"

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is spending part of his July 4th with Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst amid speculation about his vice presidential pick.

Trump tweets, "I look forward to meeting @joniernst today in New Jersey." He says, "She has done a great job as senator of Iowa!"

Ernst is a first-term senator, combat veteran and the first woman elected to Congress from Iowa.

She ran on a platform of cutting wasteful spending, with the slogan "Make 'em squeal."[..]

Trump also spent time over the weekend with Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. (AP)

Huh, well knowing how Der Donald makes his choices, he's gonna pick Joni over Pence for the single reason that Trump/Ernst sounds more appealing than Trump/Pence. I mean double-p aside, it conjures notions of pennies and British currency, neither of which is very appealing right now. Plus there's the fact that she's a vet AND a woman (ooooo, double cred there.)

Yep, I think I see slogans and stickers on the horizon. Too bad Ernst is only a vowel away from the honesty Trump really needs these days.

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) -- Striking Atlantic City casino workers are using the Fourth of July holiday to highlight their struggle against billionaire Carl Icahn, who owns the Trump Taj Mahal casino.[..]

The main issue in the strike is the termination of union members' health insurance and pension benefits by previous owners. Icahn had offered to restore health care, but not to a level the union deemed sufficient, prompting the strike.