Only in the US can someone totally fucking ignorant of US history not only become president but be totally cavalier about it.

President Trump has caused controversy with a revisionist riff on Civil War history, telling journalist Salena Zito in an interview that Andrew Jackson could have prevented the war and that Jackson was "angry" as he watched it unfold. Jackson, a slave-owner and strongman, was elected president in 1829. He died 16 years before the war began. (BBC)

Amazing right? And yet this is the person conservatives see as "god sent". Yes, a totally fucking ignorant, arrogant cocktard.

You know if he was even a fraction as intelligent as his supporters grace him with he would at least get on Wikipedia to check facts before spewing them on the internet.

Fuck you 45. Please, resign before you embarrass yourself and us any more.


Yeah, whipping it out and taking a slash into the punchbowl at a party can be considered "profound change" too. Only most people have the intelligence and decency not to.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Donald Trump on Saturday marked his 100th day in office by saying he had brought "profound change" to Washington and reaffirming that "my only allegiance" is to those he governs.

Yeah that wasn't quite right, unless you see it from Dickhead Donald's perspective; he only governs "people" and in his world only the 1% have that designation. Everyone else is beneath his notice and interest.

Fuck you "45". Fuck you.


Because killing non-conservatives is an actual thing now.

"A guy came in, banged something, a hatchet or an ax, on the table and said 'the day of reckoning has come,'" Reynolds said. "He asked somebody what their political affiliation was, they said 'Republican' and the guy said 'you are safe.' And then I realized what was going on and started getting people out." (AP)

Yes a man walks into a university coffee shop with weapons and demands to know the political affiliation of everyone in the store. Anyone who said they were not conservative was attacked.

Honestly I'm not too surprised, after all, tRump campaigned on a platform of hate, death and slander. This is the America we live in now.

I wonder what will happen when non-conservatives start defending themselves?


He's at it again.

"The eight-year assault on your Second Amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end."

- Dickhead Donald

What eight year assault? I dare you to show me ANYthing that the federal government did to impinge on the second amendment rights for sane, legal, honest gun owners. ANYthing.

You can't can you? Because Obama didn't actually DO anything to limit access and ownership to guns. Even when a school full of elementary school kids died because a Mom wanted to "bond" with her insane son by buying his attention with automatic weapons NOTHING FUCKING CHANGED.

Yeah, making america safe, better, greater, whatever the fuck you want to call it. Dickhead Donald is all right on top of that. Like a fly on shit.


Really there's no one stupider than this fucktard.

ATLANTA (AP) -- President Donald Trump revived one of his favorite - and most provocative - taunts against Elizabeth Warren on Friday, derisively calling the Massachusetts senator "Pocahontas."

Wow, sick burn there Dickhead. Is that the best you could come up with or did you get help for that? Pocahontas AND Warren for that matter have bigger balls than you do.

Grow up moron. You're president, not in elementary school.


Evil Incarnate: Charmaine Yoest

Charmaine Yoest is a fucking whorebag, cunt rag, fuckbucket, shitstain, fetus-fucking shitslut. I wish her the worst.

NEW YORK (AP) -- The White House says President Donald Trump is appointing the former president of a leading anti-abortion organization to a senior position at the Department of Health and Human Services.

Charmaine Yoest, who actively supported Trump in his campaign, will serve as assistant secretary of public affairs at HHS. From 2008 until February 2016, she was president of Americans United for Life, which campaigned at the federal and state level for tough restrictions on abortion.

There's really not enough hate I can level at this vile scum of a human. From her padded, plush place in life she can sneer down at all the suffering and endangerment women can endure because she THINKS that women should have no rights to their own body. Rape pregnancy is her racket and she's bound and determined to ensure that suffering and poverty is the only future for women who are pregnant against their will.

Bitch I hate you like I hate almost no one else.

And that's a VERY special place in the hierarchy.

You have NO business taking your uneducated, inhumane, unthinking, unfeeling views and FORCING them on other women. If you don't want a fucking abortion THEN DON'T GODDAMN HAVE ONE. And while you're at it, LEAVE OTHER WOMEN ALONE. No one wants your fucking viewpoint, no one needs your shit. Please, go choke on your own vomit.


Well, bwawwwwwhhhh, Dickhead Donald is having a sad. Again. He thought being Supreme Ruler of the United States meant raping the US to make all the monies he never made because he's not rich enough already.

"This is more work than in my previous life," he said. "I thought it would be easier."

Mr Trump's comments on being president have been ridiculed on social media, with many quick to share their surprise at his, well, surprise.

Well Dicky, howsabout you go back to your day job of fucking off and stop fucking the US into a total catastrophe? I know it would certainly make the MAJORITY of citizen voters pretty goddamn happy.

Imagine that, being President is actually WORK. And this coming from the guy who's playing MORE golf and spending MORE time at his personal resort than any President ever dared.

tRump, president of the United States of tRUmp. Everyone else? Can go to hell.


Go on tRump Voter tell me why you think this is awesome...

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Donald Trump "has no intention" of releasing his tax returns to the public, says Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, asserting Americans have "plenty of information" about the president's financial matters.

For decades, presidents have released their tax returns. But Trump has so far refused, saying that he would share the tax documents only after the Internal Revenue Service completes an "audit" of them. He's never disclosed proof of an audit and tax lawyers say there's nothing preventing him from releasing his returns if he's under one.

Trump said before he launched his campaign that he'd release them if he ever ran for office.

"If I decide to run for office, I'll produce my tax returns, absolutely," he told an Irish television station in 2014. "And I would love to do that."

Yep taxes. Funny how Dickhead Donald can totally reverse position on EVERYTHING he campaigned on and yet Hillary is still the liar. Funnier still how everyone who hated Hillary has yet to justify how they not only accept but approve of far worse behavior from their savior Dickhead Donald.

Y'all are fucking stupid right? Yeah, I knew that.

Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie.... Sing it with me now!


So when you TAKE something away from the public and GIVE it to an individual to make money off of, somehow that's fixing things.

In December, shortly before leaving office, President Barack Obama infuriated Utah Republicans by creating the Bears Ears National Monument on more than 1 million acres of land that's sacred to Native Americans and home to tens of thousands of archaeological sites, including ancient cliff dwellings.
Republicans in the state asked Trump to take the unusual step of reversing Obama's decision. They said the designation will stymie growth by closing the area to new commercial and energy development. The Antiquities Act does not give the president explicit power to undo a designation and no president has ever taken such a step. (AP)

Yes the GOP in Utah were upset. Land that held the heritage for American Natives, historical monuments and national beauty were being preserved and saved for the public and future generations. But that's not how the GOP rolls. It's money NOW and fuck the consequences later. So naturally they have a big friend in office, one who's not at all afraid of taking away public property and gifting it to the few, the wealthy, the powerful. We're already pretty clear on what tRump thinks about the environment and the future, so opening parkland to energy companies to tear up and drill down isn't even a second thought.

President Greedhead is in office and the policy is "make all the money you can, fuck everyone and everything else".


So here's the thing: if it sounds stupid and it makes no sense then it probably IS stupid and makes no sense. Frankly trying to find the "reason" beneath it all is a damned waste of time.

Trump's trademark talk is full of rambling, aside-filled bursts of simple but definitive words, laden with self-congratulatory bravado and claims that have fact-checkers working overtime, all dispatched from mind to lips in such record time it seemingly bypasses any internal filter.
It has been a source of curiosity for language scholars and laymen alike, sparked anew by a recent Associated Press interview with Trump that has brought newfound opportunity for parsing a brand of presidential oratory not previously recorded.
"This kind of pushes the limits of linguistic analysis," said historian Kristen Kobes Du Mez. (AP)

First with the easy one: fact checking. Trump doesn't care about facts, he just makes shit up and goes on.

Next ego-boo. It's all about him. That's all it ever is. He's never been about anyone else, it's his world, we just have to pay to live in it.

Finally the rambling. Well duh. The man is an idiot-savant without the savant part. He blurts out whatever he feels at the moment and leaves his staff to clean up the mess. Like how his inauguration crowd was bigger, how Obama tapped his phones, how he was going to dump NATO. It's all random, like the synapses in his brain and the drivel that comes out the other end.

Yes the president is an idiot. And voters elected him. I guess because he's just like them.


U.S.-born workers have little interest at laboring in the dirt and the cold at the crack of dawn.
As 18 Guatemalans in hoodies and rubber boots toiled in such conditions recently in Oregon's Willamette Valley, their boss expressed admiration for their willingness to do the back-breaking work he said native-born Americans won't do.
"Homeless people are camped in the fir forest over there," the farmer said, pointing to a stand of trees. "And they're not looking for work." (AP)

While Dickhead Donald didn't "win" Oregon per se, he did garner a very large number of votes from that state. These are the people who could have thought through the potential impact of an "immigrant-free" policy on the agricultural industry in their state. But why think? I mean if it SOUNDS good it must be good right? And if thinking might open the door a crack to humanizing the source of all our problems, well, that just won't stand.

Until your business fails because you just don't have the labor. Or until you realize that the whole notion of kicking out immigrants as a solution to the unemployed is bogus.

a 2013 study by an economist at the Center for Global Development looked at farms in North Carolina and found that immigrant manual laborers had "almost zero" effect on the job prospects of native-born U.S. workers.
"It appears that almost all U.S. workers prefer almost any labor-market outcome - including long periods of unemployment - to carrying out manual harvest and planting labor," Michael Clemens wrote. (AP)

Yes that's right. Americans would much rather live under bridges or on a subway grate than actually do hard, manual labor. Maybe it's because we don't beat them enough? Take away their social services? Or charities that feed them on Thanksgiving and Xmas? Maybe we need to start imprisoning the homeless again, like we used to back in days of yore. Where going to the "poor house" was literally a thing. I mean if there ARE jobs to be hand and we eliminate people who are willing to do them then perhaps the answer is to FORCE unemployed Americans to work at gunpoint.

Sounds pretty stupid right? That is what happens when you start breaking down the whole anti-immigrant thing. But most tRump voters don't want to do that.

President Donald Trump's hard line against immigrants in the U.S. illegally has sent a chill through the nation's agricultural industry, which fears a crackdown will deprive it of the labor it needs to plant, grow and pick the crops that feed the country. (AP)

Yep what will happen then? Without workers who's going to farm? And without productive farms what will happen to the cost of produce? I guess if you believe in tRump you also believe god will provide. Well god doesn't provide for idiots who don't think...


Especially when that practice might benefit the poor and disenfranchised! The very NERVE that people WITHOUT money can actually find a lawyer to represent their interests! WTF right? The law is for the RICH. Exclusively!

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) -- A center founded at the University of North Carolina by a civil rights attorney to help the poor and disenfranchised is the latest institution to come under fire from conservatives as they work to leave their mark on the state's higher education system.
African-American attorney Julius Chambers, who endured firebomb attacks in the 1960s and 1970s as he fought segregation, founded the UNC Center for Civil Rights in 2001, serving as its first director. Now conservatives on the state Board of Governors, which sets policy for the 16-campus system, want to strip the center of its ability to file lawsuits, removing its biggest weapon.[..]
Those developments followed a conservative political takeover of North Carolina, launched in 2010 when Republicans took their first state House and Senate majorities since the late 1800s.
Board member Steve Long said the center must refocus on its education mission, and "one of the things you say no to is public interest law firms." He added, "free enterprise, civil rights, protection of children's rights - whatever the cause it doesn't matter. Are you going to stay on mission as an educational institution or not?"

Ya think Steve Long sleeps well at night? I mean what person with a reasonable conscience say "fuck children's rights"? A good conservative can, apparently. Funny how the moment conservatives get into power they go after institutions which play a noble and necessary cause. That's because it irks them. In their mind the law exists to JUSTIFY their views, and that justification is firmly grounded on affordability. By eliminating an agency that they can't control one that, mind you, isn't PAID for by the school but by outside grants and donations, fucking-shitbag-rightwing-assholes will ensure that those without money never get a chance to be heard.

All in the name of "preserving a mission of education."

Because really, what better way to learn than by hands-on? No. Not if it means success for someone who couldn't pay for it otherwise.

Fuck you Steve Long. Fuck you.


It was printed on a sign at a rally. The rally was in defense of having a conservative hate-speecher present. It said "Hate speech is free speech." It took a while, but eventually I've come around to that position myself.

You're chuckling right now I'm willing to bet. However there's a corollary there, if one CHOOSES to use hate speech, then one must be prepared for the incivility that results. Put more succinctly: if I'm going to use words that will trigger an unthinking anger, then I must be prepared for my opponent not just to do the same, but to do worse. And that RIGHT there means that I'm the one responsible for the degeneration of communication. This is precisely where I choose to spit on the relationship and stomp it to death. This is also precisely why I cannot claim, at any point in the future, the moral high ground NOR feign outrage when my opponents stop listening and do the same.

After a decade of listening to conservatives malign, threaten and abuse non-conservatives, it's simply astounding that they are now crying about how horrible it is when they're on the receiving end.


Dickhead Donald went out of his way to hate on women, non-whites, and anything that does not align with making money (environment, health, education, international cooperation, the list goes on.) Now suddenly all the tRumpanzees who embraced the hate, who screamed at non-whites, who assaulted Hillary are upset and outraged that this frenzy of anger has continued unabated. Somehow it was all just going to go away. Right? Please?

Oh no. The effectiveness of "please" died when you decided that someone who can degrade, defile, and disrespect with venomous vitriol another human is worthy of representing our nation. tRump ran under a banner of hate, so why so surprised when it becomes the standard?

So to all those out there "surprised" that the loving liberal is now the hating liberal. To those who thought that the effective use of hate as a motivational tool, as a tool to intimidate and annoy opponents belonged to the right, well, maybe now you're going to realize the damage that YOU did in embracing it.

The use of hate does not belong exclusively to the right, rather, as the sign pointed out, it IS a right. And it belongs to everyone. And THAT is the conservative legacy.


We're A Happy Family

We're a happy family, we're a happy family, we're a happy family... me, mom GUNS and daddy... (the Ramones)

Because what better way to celebrate the close, familial bond than to shoot the fuck out of someone in your family. Right?

SANFORD, Fla. (AP) -- A 71-year-old Florida man has been charged with attempted murder in the shooting of his step-son. [..]
According to the records, Lathrop's wife, Juanita, told police her son went to sit on the front porch about 9:30 a.m. when Thomas Lathrop said, "Don't you see me sitting here."
Fort replied he sat there every morning before work. Lathrop then got up and fired a single round at Fort's legs.
While Fort was running away, Lathrop fired two more shots, shattering Fort's pelvis. That bullet lodged in Fort's stomach, causing life-threatening injuries.

Guns! The best way to never have to say you're sorry for losing your temper...


Poor Fucks

For every tRump voter making under several million a year I have this to offer... Happy yet?

April 21 (UPI) -- President Donald Trump took aim at more Obama-era federal regulations on Friday, signing three orders to re-examine government restrictions and safeguards that were put in place after the financial crisis.[..] Trump's contention for scrapping the oversight is that it stifles corporate growth and, by extension, weakens the economy.

You should be because you got what you voted for: someone who couldn't give a FUCK about you. Every action Dickhead Donald is taking is ensuring that the rich can more easily, more seamlessly, and more legally take everything you have.

Yes, Donald's face was printed on that tube of lube you happily slathered on. I hope you don't get a cramp from holding that position though. There's a few more years to go...


And what's more, women aren't PAID to be fucking scumbags either.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) -- A defense lawyer is being criticized for telling a Tennessee jury that women are "especially good" at lying "because they're the weaker sex."[..]
Farese told the newspaper that his job "is not to care if anybody gets offended" and "smart people will see it for what it is."

Yes, "women" are good at lying. They're born to it. They're not trained, or use it as part of their chosen profession.

Steve you're a total fucktard. I hope the "lying" women in your life help you understand where you went wrong, or, preferably, disown your misogynistic ass.


Go on, pat yourselves on the back, you helped deport yet another EVIL immigrant. Maybe even TWO!

Maribel Trujillo, a mother of four American children from Fairfield, Ohio, who has never committed any crime in the 15 years she has lived in the US, has been deported to Mexico in the latest sign that the Trump administration is indiscriminately targeting undocumented immigrants. (The Guardian)

April 19 (UPI) -- In a reversal of its prior stance, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security said Wednesday the first-known "Dreamer" deported under President Donald Trump's administration did indeed have valid protective immigration status.

Wow a mom of four American kids who never harmed a soul and a student. Yeah! Boohyah! Boy we just made America SO MUCH FUCKING SAFER.

Go on trumper, give yourself a gold fucking star. You did great.