And that's putting it nicely.

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) -- The NCAA's decision to pull seven championships out of North Carolina ratchets up the pressure on this college sports-crazy state to repeal its law on bathroom use by transgender people.[..]

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, a Christian conservative and strong defender of the law, called the NCAA's decision "shameful extortion."[..]

"Everybody should be concerned about lost revenue, but I don't put a price tag on our women and girls of any kind," Forest said. He added: "It's just unbelievable to me to think that these entities would think that it's OK to invade the privacy or security of a woman or a girl in a shower or a locker room."

So here it is: SHOW ME THE PROOF THAT YOUR LAW PROTECTS ANYONE DIPSHIT DAN. Because we both know you don't have any proof. Your bullshit fearmongering is a fabrication of your congealed brain. Transgender people are NOT a threat and the fact that your troglodyte mentality holds sway in your tiny world doesn't mean that anyone else will buy your syphilitic rhetoric. I'm genuinely sorry that you're afraid of change, that you can't respect the rights and self-determination of others but you're free (since you were elected) to run your state into the ground through your ignorance and hate.

Enjoy yourself fucktard, but history isn't going to be kind to ignorant assholes like you, and neither am I.


A fitting simileĀ is always a good way to try and explain somthing when your words are all the fail.

Weather is a short term phenonemon such as local temperature, humidy, preciptiation, cloudiness, visibililty, wind and the like. Localized, fleeting, temporary.

Climate describes a long term pattern in weather on a much larger scale. Macro, trends, stable (well, until recently).

If happiness is like weather and something else is like the climate, it's a way to express that happiness is only transient and we cannot judge our complete disposition based on happiness alone, it requires a more global perspective of who we are.

So instead of run, I say settle on down, we're in for a good ride (which is something I think most of us can agree is worth pursing).



Warning Signs

How to know when a discussion is going south; when it starts with "It's like the difference between Weather and Climate."

My advice? Run. And don't look back.



It's good for people to grieve. When someone you loves dies, you need to mourn them. Grieve for a while. Then move on with your life. When something reminds you of the lost ones, you stop, think of them fondly, and remember what they meant to you. It's a healthy process.

As a nation, we've moved well past healthy. Two thousand, nine hundred seventy seven people died. That's a lot of friends and family that had to grieve. As a country, we banded together and grieved with them. We took up their grief and wore it like a badge of pride. Every year, the anniversary of the event comes around again and we wrap ourselves in patriotism and declare with one voice that we will never forget.

Except... maybe we should. If not forget, at least tone down the rhetoric and jingoism. 15 years is a really long time to hold onto a loss. If a person went to these lengths to remember someone that died, most people would tell them to seek therapy. You need to let it go in order to move forward. That doesn't mean forgetting it entirely, or pretending it didn't happen. It means moving forward.

The scar of 9/11 is part of the national psyche now. It will likely go down with 'Remember the Alamo' and 'Remember Pearl Harbor'. Those patriotic cries faded after the war they were attached to ended. The events remembered, but the sting of them removed.

This year, in November, newly minted voters will go to the polls and not be able to remember 9/11. But the conflict associated with it is on-going. They have spent their entire memorable life with people on TV dying in a 'war'. Every year on 9/11, the country pulls out all the stops to remind them why they're fighting.

Maybe we should all look forward. It's fine to remember your loved ones. But this national pastime needs to stop.


Lil Miquela



No really, why?

For Anna Taylor, the founder and CEO of Dene Adams LLC [..] the road to creating a line of concealed carry clothing began at around the time she became a single mom and the safety of the family rested on her shoulders. When she got her first concealed carry permit in 2013, she went through seven different holsters.[..]

Her first design involved a mousepad and a post-partem corset to create a soft holster. She was able to carry the kids around, nurse, give the kids baths - even jump on the trampoline - "and I could forget that it was there."

Yeah, of course EVERY single mom needs a gun and what better to do than care for your children with it tucked right where you can get it. Nursing the baby? Might need to shoot that guy coming in unexpected. Having a birthday party? Might need to shoot the party-crashing sex offender driving by. Jumping on a trampoline? Might just need to shoot your way out when you get tangled in the net.

Sorry, just too WTF stupid to go on.


Stupidity does. The next question is: how do you unlink the two?

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) -- Police say a Florida man asking if a bulletproof vest "still worked" was fatally shot by his cousin.

A Tampa Police report says 23-year-old Joaquin Mendez put on the vest late Saturday and "wondered aloud whether it still worked."

Police say his cousin, 24-year-old Alexandro Garibaldi, pulled out a gun and responded, "Let's see."

I know, I know, it wasn't the gun's fault. But when is someone going to invent a gun that retracts the trigger when the idiot holding it isn't smart enough? Kind of like the better mouse trap, it'll make someone a fortune when they do. Unless of course the NRA gets involved.


Comcast Drops

I have several friends who have the loathsome pleasure of being slaved to Comcast. For whatever reason they have no other choice of provider, which is a pity because we all know how monopolies operate: like shitbags. The similar thread I hear in their complaints is that their service will suddenly and inexplicably cut out. And then reconnect, but after just long enough to tank whatever they were doing; playing a game, watching a movie, doing work over VPN.

My theory is that this is SOP for Comcast and that its done on purpose to try and reduce usage. By making it hard to identify Comcast makes it nearly impossible for customers to point the finger. Further, by interrupting streams and connections they can reduce any connections that are not being actively used, assuming of course that the person at the other end CARES. Of course that's shitty, because it shouldn't matter if someone is at their computer or not, if they are paying for reliable service they should be entitled to use it how they like. But I suspect that Comcast does this on purpose to free up bandwidth from "high usage" customers to provide more for everyone else.

I have nothing good to say about Comcast. My experiences with the company ranged between terrible to downright evil incarnate. So, yeah, I wouldn't put it past them to sporadically chop connections as they please. About the only way to prove this is to run connection monitoring software like Wireshark and collect the data. Chances are though, even if presented with the evidence Comcast will claim that it's just a problem with some router they can't find, or the modem, or the computer. Because they have the monopoly, so why should they care?


How do police in India get a free meal? By claiming they're "checking" for violations.

Police in the north-western Indian state of Hariyana will check dishes of mutton biryani to ensure they do not contain beef, a senior official has told the BBC. (BBC)

Next they'll be checking Samosas, bottle of Fanta and Gelabi's for beef too. Probably chewing gum and mints just after, just to be sure.


Now that Phyllis Schlafly's dead, were they actually able to take that huge stick out of her ass or did they have to bury her with it.

On second thought, it probably was the only thing keeping the embalmed old bag on her feet.

Later twat.


The FUCK. Guy's not even dead yet and he's being glorified in a movie? The chinless fucktard is and was only in it for himself. He couldn't give a rats ass about privacy, his (former) country or the citizens in it. Let's not even go into all the government workers who, just like he USED to be, now have to go through extra hassle just to do their jobs.

Fuck Snowden. I hope he rots in Russia. He's lying, posing, traitor. Not just to his nation, but to all the people he left behind. He doesn't deserve a movie, he deserves to be forgotten. Asshole.

Oh yeah, and fuck you Oliver Stone. Hope the film makes an epic loss.


Dogshit Rodrigo Duterte

Hey fuckface, yeah you, dicktard, let me show you how it's done.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has called Barack Obama a "son of a whore", warning the US leader not to raise human rights concerns with him.

Mr Duterte was asked by a reporter how he intends to respond should Mr Obama ask about his war on the drug trade.

Hundreds of people have died in anti-drug operations since Mr Duterte won election despite international alarm.

He and Mr Obama are due to meet on Tuesday in Laos on the sidelines of an Asean conference. (BBC)

While Obama might not stoop to reverse name calling, *I* view this as a healthy opportunity to demonstrate American gold-medal prowess in the fine art of derogation. Ridicule is a delicate thing, and "son of a whore" is so very outdated, a fine demonstration that the name caller is either a soup-dribbling inbred shitspray or a smegma-lapping limp dicked pissbrain.

Of course, were I truly wishing to cast aspersions and go for the gusto, I might have said Roddy Du-merde (that's French y'all) is a cum-guzzling* dickless cuntbucket douche-waffling knuckle dragger.

But it's not nice to take advantage of a mentally limited cockcrammer like that. Sorry Roddy. However, should Mr.O need a few good one-liners he might give these a consider:

Top 5 Best Come-backs On Roddy Duerte

1.Your birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory.
2.I bet your brain feels as good as new, seeing that you never use it.
3.If laughter is the best medicine, your face must be curing the world.
4.Your family tree must be a cactus because everybody on it is a prick.
5.You'll never be the man your mother is.

*Credit where it's due.


That ain't no saint.

"Standing firm against planned parenthood, modernisation of equipment, and a myriad of other solution-based initiatives, Mother Teresa was not a friend of the poor but rather a promoter of poverty" (Hemley Gonzalez)

The church is pretty desperate these days for some popular PR. So desperate in fact that THEY'RE the ones willing to believe just about anything to mint a new saint. The sad, bullshit "miracle" of a photograph curing a woman of cancer? AFTER SHE TOOK MODERN MEDICINES TO CURE HER. Wow, whoa, amazing. If that's the standard then how about sainting all the doctors that are actually the ones treating and curing cancer? Nah, that would lower the bar. The second example is even weaker: a man cured of brain cancer because his wife claimed to pray to Mother Teresa. Uh yeah. And I have a bridge to sell you.

Mother Teresa may have been a sad nun and she may have worked hard, but she's no saint. She deliberately avoided helping people in the best way FOR THEM. She was selfish in imposing her views without regard for others. That makes her just human, and a not all that great one at that.


As most non-allergy parents suspected, the freakout-food-fascists are the ones behind their kids problems to begin with. Maybe if they let little Tommy and little Suzy get dirty and sick through exposure to the world they wouldn't have so many problems as they grow. Put more simply: OVER PROTECTIVE PARENTS ARE A HARM TO THEIR CHILDREN.

COLUMBIA, S.C., Sept. 1 (UPI) -- The rise in food allergies may be caused by children being treated with antibiotics too early in their lives, according to a new study.

Children given antibiotics before their first birthday are at higher risk for developing food allergies and the risk increases with each course of treatment, report researchers at the University of South Carolina in the journal Allergy, Asthma and Clinical Immunology.

So there you have it: the overprotective parent, the same one that demands that their infant receive anti-biotics as an infant, are a primary factor in food allergies. This also aligns with the same mentality won't let their baby even try peanuts because OMG THEY MIGHT HAVE AN ALLERGY. Funny thing? That was debunked too.

So here's the best parenting advice, probably the same one provided by all the pediatricians to those overbearing and overprotective parents: "Stop freaking out, kids get sick then they get better, let your kids get dirty and eat dirt, let them put things in their mouths, let them play with other kids and have fun." Because really, that's what's best for them.


Really, if it were up to her she would never have THOUGHT of making a profit off your misery. Because she's a nice person, really and truly.

"Capitalising on a horrible situation, that's what tugged at my heart," says Kim O'Connor, about the moral dilemma she faced over whether to make money out of the phone camera footage which has become one of the most-viewed viral videos of this year.

In May she was visiting the Cincinnati Zoo with her family, when a three-year-old boy clambered over a fence, and fell into the gorilla enclosure occupied by Harambe, a 440lb silverback.[..]

A slew of news organisations sought Kim's permission to use the footage, many of them offering money for an exclusive deal. She signed a contract with one of them, a company called ViralHog. That agreement meant that Kim was no longer deluged with direct requests for the footage - ViralHog took on the job of fielding them. It also earned Kim "tens of thousands" of dollars, she says (BBC)

So here's the thing, she says she was "trying to help" by telling people to remain calm and comforting the mom but... at the same time she was doing all this through the lens of her camera. So the question is, how interested was she really in helping, rather than seeing an opportunity?

I think the answer is pretty clear. Kim saw a chance to grab something special. In the article she defends her profit as "well my friends told me to", or "Viral Hog told me to". She does everything except take responsibility for being a vulture looking to make a quick buck. Ok sure, people told you it was ok to be a greedy fuck, sure, that's fine, clearly they had your best interests at heart. But then Kim gets all sanctimonious with "God told me it was ok". Really Bitch?

"I prayed about it, and Ryan [at Viralhog] answered all the questions I had. So I just thought the whole thing was meant to be. It was fate. It was God's hand."

Let's see so you PRAYED about it and the SHITBAG MONEY-MAKER answered your questions. Gee Kim, doesn't seem like it was god that answered you at all, rather your greed answering you. Of course I have no problem when people own up to their human side. If she'd just been honest and said "yeah I saw a newsworthy event first hand and captured it" all would be fine. But being a lying sack of shit and saying "god told me to sell the clip for money"? Bitch please. That's just admitting you're a schadenfreude shithead.


Gotta love how legislators "know" what's best for women. And not their doctors.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- Ohio's restrictions on the so-called abortion pill led to a higher rate of side effects, more doctor visits and additional medical treatment for patients, according to a new study.[..]

Once implemented, Ohio's law initially required physicians administering mifepristone to follow outdated protocols for the abortion drug, originally known as RU-486. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration's guidelines at the time contained a higher, more expensive dosage of the drug. It's prescribed along with a second drug, misoprostol.

Basic message: by wrapping medical treatment with additional layers of rules in a futile attempt to restrict access, politicians did more harm than good. Actually that goes for all science, from global warming to disease, politicians know DICK about how the technical issues they are empowered to affect. Must be awesome to get elected, probably should just give themselves PhD's in All The Things just to make it more official. It's especially more awesome when those decisions can cause pain and death, because it was done under the label "things that were well intended."

So once again, if you don't like abortions then don't fucking have one. Otherwise just mind your own damn business about other what others choose to do.


What A Bitch

Consider this a humor tribute.

CORMORANT, Minn., Aug. 24 (UPI) -- Duke easily won his third term as mayor of the town of Cormorant, Minn., over the weekend, locals said.

Duke, a 9-year-old Great Pyrenees, has one of the highest approval rates in the country as he ended his second term as mayor, locals said.

"I don't know who would run against him because he's done such great things for the community," Cormorant resident Karen Nelson told Detroit Lakes Online.[..]

This election was a cinch. "Everybody voted for Duke, except for one vote for his girlfriend, Lassie," Rick said.

Really? Only a total bitch would run against her boyfriend in an election. Sheesh.