This election year has been quite a circus, and it's only getting circus-ier!

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Donald Trump may or may not have paid federal income taxes for years after losing nearly $916 million. But if he did avoid paying taxes, he's a "genius" at taking advantage of a loophole-ridden law, his supporters said Sunday.

So Der Trump, who thus far has touted his wealth as a sign that he's "smarter than everyone else" is NOW touting his extraordinary losses as ALSO being smarter than everyone else. Kinda nifty how both scenarios make him better than the rest of us, but really that last line is amazing. The GOP is literally saying "having enough wealth to break the law and get away with it IS better than actually doing your part as an American." Amazing right? In case anyone was at ALL confused about what the GOP stands for, this makes is phenomenally clear: being rich means you can do anything to anyone and live the most awesome of lives, laws don't apply to you, not like all the rest of the (stupid) Americans out there.

Yes, vote GOP, so YOUR vote and your money ensure that the rich stay above and beyond the laws.


It's called "a distraction".

MOSCOW (AP) -- Amid the widening U.S.-Russian spat over Syria, the Russian Foreign Ministry on Thursday issued a strongly-worded statement accusing the Pentagon of nurturing an aggressive nuclear strategy threatening Russia.

The ministry cast a recent speech by U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter as a veiled threat to back a hypothetical attack on Russia by its allies in Europe with U.S. nuclear weapons. The angry statement reflects a growing degree of mistrust and tensions between Moscow and Washington after the collapse of a U.S.-Russian cease-fire deal in Syria.

Yes it's time to heat up the "Cold War" again because Russia is in the news for murder. First it was Ukraine, and proof-positive that they blew up a jetliner full of innocents and now it's bombing the ever living shit out of civilians in Syria. People are pissed and the UN is raising the spectre of war crime prosecution against Russia. Since Russia doesn't WANT to stop bombing they need something bright and shiny to distract simpler minds, and what's the brightest, shiniest thing around? Well a nuclear detonation of course!

It's kinda sad to see Russia borrowing a page from Kim-Jong-Fatboy's North Korean playbook, but they are. NUKES! NUKES! NUKES! OMGNUKES! Whose and by whom? Nah, never mind the details. NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUKES!

Hey Russia. Maybe if you just stopped killing the shit out of people you wouldn't need to come up with stupid bullshit as a diversion. But that's probably not sexy enough for Lil'Putie now is it?



Alive today? Easy: Angela Merkel
From all history? Also easy: Maria Theresa

It's not hard. If you have a brain.


Mama-Trump Failed

The first lesson every mother teaches their kid is "don't interrupt". Clearly Mama Trump failed to bring up Baby Donald very well because it's a lesson he clearly didn't learn.

But Trump also did himself few favors. He interrupted Clinton repeatedly during the debate, at times leaning into his microphone to declare "wrong!" as she was talking. And he perplexingly stood by his criticism of Machado the morning after the debate, saying in an interview on Fox News Channel that Machado was one of the "worst we ever had" in the beauty contest he used to own.

"She gained a massive amount of weight," Trump said. "It was a real problem. We had a real problem."(AP)

Rude? Yes. Fat bashing women? Also yes. Pimping your own daughter? Yes again (in fact he basically said he'd fuck her.)

Trump has taken misogyny to a new level. Problem is the people who he's targeting, his fans and voters AGREE with this behavior. Not only don't they see a problem they're actually HAPPY to have someone abuse women verbally the way women used to be abused decades ago. This makes them feel validated.

Trump isn't the problem. The fact that people AGREE with him is. Those are the people you should be afraid of.


My Hanoian Life

Is it possible I'm more of a computer than a human? This is an existential question I pose to myself regularly, triggered by myriad thoughts and observations.

The thought popped into my head last week at a meeting where people in my team present work they are excited about. Everyone should present over time and I'm certainly behind the idea.

The host started the meeting by saying that people needed to sign up. That neurologically speaking, the more people speak in front of a crowd the better they become. I couldn't help but laugh. She was in front of a crowd talking about talking in a front of a crowd.

Of course someone actually saw me chuckle and called me out. So, I explained my thought to everyone. Someone else started laughing and said, "Don't you realize we are now talking about you talking about her talking about talking." I replied "now I'm talking about you talking about me talking about her talking about talking." I'd like to say this is where it ended but if you knew the people I work with you wouldn't be surprised it didn't.

Recursion is a bitch and it derails me as if I were a computer; I'm just not capable of breaking out.

Sometimes it's funny but it is mostly crippling. For example,the way I organize and approach problems is highly susceptible to recursion. I am easy to break. Push things on the stack and I can clear it. If you push more things before I pop everything I'll keep chugging. But, when something way down on the stack needs to be done or else, I have a hard time clearing everything away and deciphering dependencies. I have to recursively shift things in my mind like the Tower of Hanoi problem to keep things straight.




If you're my enemy,you know how to break me.

EDIT! The only cartoon I follow online posted this today. Apparently I'm not the only one.

xkcd rules



No, it's not an epidemic of teenage boys attacking their moms after being nagged to do homework or come home on time, it's an entire CULTURE of juvenile boys attacking women, it's also called Saudi Arabia.

A petition signed by more than 14,000 Saudi women calling for an end to the country's male guardianship system is being handed to the government.

Women must have the consent of a male guardian to travel abroad, and often need permission to work or study.(BBC)

It's a fucked up culture that no one, not even the Saudis themselves can understand. The best analogy I have it one of alcoholics blaming the booze for their lack of self control. Actually it's the ultimate in lack of self control, blaming women for men's inability to control their eyes, hands and egos. With great wealth comes a dearth of responsibility: "I'm filthy rich, why should I take the blame for anything? I can buy anyone or anything into submission." This is pretty much the Saudi way.

So instead of respecting women as capable equals, Saudi males keep their mothers, daughters, sisters and wives in virtual slavery, an attitude they are born into, maintained throughout their lives, enshrined into the national psyche as both "culture" and "faith".

Abuse may be culture, but it sure the fuck ain't any sort of faith. Not for civilized people at any rate.

So good luck to the ladies, hopefully you can break your chains some day. Odds aren't good though, not until the money runs out. Until then you'll have to put up with your infantile males and their fragile egos. Good luck with that.


What I really want is a total media blackout on certain topics.

Super Saturation Topic 1: North Korea

There's nothing to report here. The regime is evil. Kim Jong Fuck is a gluttonous, murderous pig. They use nukes and missiles whenever they want attention. The brainwashed population is being starved, worked and arbitrarily tortured. It's been this way for decades, there is nothing new to report.

Super Saturation Topic 2: Arab Israeli Conflict

Bombings, knifings, shootings, bulldozings, economic deprivation, starvation, apartheid, kidnappings, torture. Done. There that's all to know, that's all there ever is to know. We don't need to hear it.

Super Saturation Topic 3: African Conflicts

They're killing each other, people are displaced, starving, dying. Warlords are rich and richer. No one cares about the civilians.

There are also smaller, mostly domestic, topics that I would like to see either eliminated or just reduced to a once-a-month digest summary: abortion, gun violence, priests and politicians having sex with the wrong people, political polls and opinions.

For all these endless topics it seems as if there are no solutions. I think perhaps if we take some of the spotlight away, reduce volume so that people become less apathetic and regain a sense of attachment for the actual cost in human lives and suffering it would help lessen the tolerance for this bullshit. And maybe something real would actually happen.



Mainly because I'm just relaxed and don't care. Take that how you will.

1. Voting. Not doing that right now.
2. Larping. Probably never actually.
3. Going to a Trump rally. See #2 above.
4. Watching anything by Disney, because "nauseating".
5. TV. I just don't do TV.
6. P90X. Why? Not sure.
7. Hating on Snowden. But check back in about 10 seconds.
8. Drinking whiskey because I'm not all that keen about the taste of hardwood. Yeah yeah shut up.
9. Arguing. But see #7 again.
10. Shopping at Fuckmart. File that under "never" also.

Thank you and have a good night.


So much for caring. (Literally.)

WASHINGTON (AP) -- An effort to raise the smoking age to 21 in the nation's capital may be derailed because it's too expensive.

The District of Columbia's fiscal watchdog said in a memo Wednesday that banning 18-to-20-year-olds from buying tobacco products would cost the city $1.3 million in tax revenue next year and $5 million over four years.

So obviously teens are spending money on ciggs. That's a thing. Take away that money AND pay for changing the rules and enforcing them and suddenly people don't care as much. So what if kids are getting hooked in high school? So what if it will give them cancer? So what if it ruins their hair, teeth and skin. It's ALL ABOUT THE MONEY MAN. The addiction. The control.

And this is why we should ban abortion. So there will be more kids to buy smokes and make more revenue for the state and tobacco companies. Hur, hur, hur.


Because "it's funny".

Immigration officials raided an Indian restaurant during a UK Independence Party conference dinner, sending the chef "running into the night".[..]

No action was taken against the curry house, which had completed pre-employment checks.
UKIP has long campaigned for tougher border controls to cut illegal immigration.

Jay Beecher, a spokesman for Ms Duffy, said: "Watching our chef running away into the night, his apron flapping in the wind, was a surreal moment.

"Politics can sometimes be such a stale and serous affair, so you have to see the funny side of things.

"In this case too, I couldn't help [but] be tickled by the irony." (BBC)

"Oh ha ha, look at the poor Indian run away. Oh hilarity. We should make this into a commercial for our party."

Jay in America we call your breed either a Trump or a fucking asshole. Yeah, it was REAL fucking funny to the poor guy working his balls off to serve your pasty white ass. Turns out he had full rights to be where he was, slaving for your meal but then you got some free entertainment out of it right? Seeing him run in fear past his colonial overlords. I bet that gave you a right good genetic giggle.

I've got a great idea Jay, come on over to the US and head down south. You can get a taste of how one of your ex-colonies treats no-chin, turkey-necks like yourself. I'm sure those nice southerners would be more than happy to arrange an introduction to Mr. Shotgun while you're at it.


Not because they're better, just because HP is fucking greedy-buckets. And also stupid.

HP said that during its last firmware update, settings had been changed so HP printers would communicate with only HP-chipped cartridges.

It also said some devices already had the functionality built-in.

123inkt said it did not believe that a firmware update had been issued since March 2016, suggesting the change had been pre-programmed to roll out this month.

HP said such updates were rolled out "periodically" but did not comment on the timing of the last instalment.

"The purpose of this update is to protect HP's innovations and intellectual property," it said in a statement.

It has angered some of its customers as HP branded cartridges are notably more expensive than unofficial brands. (BBC)

Let's start with the fact that printers are on the decline. People don't need a printer as much any more, not with everything being electronic these days. Resume? Linked in. Letter? Email. Map to your friend's house? Use your cell. View photos? Online. Airline ticket? Phone again. People just don't NEED paper like they used to. Then let's talk about choice, HP certainly isn't a market winner. I've had plenty to bitch about when it comes to HP printers myself, which is why I opted for a Canon for my most recent choice. (Side note, the Canon has been simple, easy, reliable and basically everything I needed for a reasonable price - so no complaints.) HP forces you to install fucking gigs of crap just to print because installing just the drive isn't nearly annoying as their user experience demands. I used to periodically have to go in and reinstall it all then rip out the bits one at a time so it didn't choke my older machines. Worse yet is their software download site, well no, worse yet is dealing with their tech support when your octogenarian mother complains that her mac no longer recognizes the printer you bought her last year. I could go on...

So HP is basically shooting themselves in the face. Shit software plus high price equals more people shifting to alternatives like Canon.

I can't imagine the arrogance that was involved in the decision, but I suspect that someone's term in VP land is coming to a close and they want to grab as much money as they can before the whole thing goes under. Honestly, it can't be too soon, so at least my parents won't have the option of buying another HP shitbox.


I want ten bucks when someone actually types in the words "creepy blue welcome screen" and winds up here. Also I want a pony.

I'm not sure who in Redmond thought it would be "reassuring" to replace the ol' spinny-thing with a creepy-ass, fade in-and-out blue and black screen but I'm sure they're still rolling on the floor and clutching their sides. Really? I MEAN FUCKNG REALLY? It's about as reassuring as 2001 Space Odyssey just before the mainframe that pwns everyone decides all humans must die.

a. An all black screen does not say "Hey, shit's happening right now, don't turn me off"
b. An all blue screen does not say "Hey, it's cool, your CPU hasn't heated to the core temperature of the sun and is currently melting its way through the Earth's crust."
c. Words that fade in and out, IF YOU'RE NOT SITTING AND STARING AT THE SCREEN WITH YOUR WHITE KNUCKLES CLUTCHED TO THE DESK IN SHEER PANIC, isn't a great way to communicate with most people, let's not even start with narcoleptics.

And then there's the "We're updating your system, please don't shut the machine off." Please? PLEASE? Whom are we kidding here? What is SHOULD say is "Go on, shut this motherfucker down and see what happens, we dare you." Truth is, no one (that is not suicidal or just purely and pathologically insane) would even twitch a finger towards a power button. We LIKE our data. We LOVE our data. We NEED out data and MS has us all by the short curlies as the machine upgrades, they can say anything they like. Make us watch infomercials. Donate half our paychecks to charity. ALL TO MAKE SURE THE MACHINE COMES BACK TO LIFE AFTER AN UPGRADE.

Ugh. Please? Ha. More like "Bend over Bitch, you know you want it" to be more accurate.


I know what it means to be a salesman pushing a garbage product. Sure, the product could be ok. Except it's not.

I know how it feels to be a salesman successfully selling a garbage product. People buy what I'm selling and thank me for it. They shouldn't.

I know why I secretly hope someone sees through the facade to realize what I realize; that garbage is garbage. Surely not everyone will swallow garbage if you feed it to them nicely...

Such is life I suppose. Don't cry for me Argentina; blah blah blah.

I like to believe that even though people in general are idiots, the individual is good and intelligent.

Perhaps this belief makes me the person happily eating the garbage life is selling me. And most days I thank it for it. But not today.


Ok so this post is all about Windows 10 updates. Let us begin with part 1.

Part 1 - Where you Think You Want Win 10 But Have Shitty Vista, 7, 8 or Fuckhaveyou

So either you're legitimately suspicious or have the misfortune of buying a new system that doesn't have Win 10 on it. If you have 8 or 9 then file this immediately under "ha ha ha ha fuck you" and move to the link below. Actually, why don't we all do that.


That link right there is for cripples. Yes it will give you Win 10. No you don't have to mail Bill Gates a prosthesis. Since Win 10 is no longer free this is the ONLY way you can get something which was free but will now cost you a smooth $100 clams to get. Enjoy. Just remember to limp as you walk by Redmond.

Part 2 - Where you actually DID upgrade to Win 10 long, long ago but now want the NEWEST version (read: Anniversary Edition) because shit don't work right or whatever. Also note that yes, I didn't bother capitalizing each word because, let's admit this, neither you nor I really care.

Ok this time link up front: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/12387/windows-10-update-history?ocid=update_setting_client

This link, which you MIGHT be able to reach from your settings > updates & security control panel thingy SHOULD show you if you're eligible for the anniversary edition. (Note: to those folks out there who may JUST have installed the cripple edition, you should be good.) When you go ahead and click the link you should NOT expect it to work flawlessly. Rather, it will download, it will verify, it will try and install and then it will vomit a series of errors 9 characters long (probably some variant on 80000000a-z) and freak you the fuck out. Do. Not. Panic. Instead note that there is now a new icon on your desktop for the upgrade (Yes upGRADE not upDATE). Reboot. Then use this icon. Go find yourself a new hobby for the next 90 minutes.

Oh and one more thing: things will be JUST as you left it? Well only literally - see things like your videocard settings? Reset to defaults. Tray controls for other hardware, toys, sound, etc.? Gone. But hey, you now have the anniversary edition right? Woo.


Two Slut Tango

Hills and Trumpy both have one major thing in common: they are both married to sluts.

In its retraction, the Daily Mail said it never intended to ?suggest that Mrs. Trump ever worked as an ?escort? or in the ?sex business.?? Instead, it said, ?The point of the article was that these allegations could impact the U.S. presidential election even if they are untrue.?

The Lewinsky scandal was an American political sex scandal that came to light in 1998, referring to a sexual relationship between 1995 and 1996 with then 49-year-old President Bill Clinton and a 22-year-old White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. During a televised speech, Clinton ended with the statement that he did not have sexual relations with Lewinsky. (Wikipedia)

Of course Mel hasn't been proved to be a high-paid hooker, but come on, it's really not out of the realm of imagination. It's not too hard to believe that the number one quality Der Donald values in A Mrs is her ability to give good head. And you KNOW he's the type of guy to demand a "try before you buy" probation period.

And then there's ol' Billiam. Not much new to add there, other than he likes a good cigar before, during and after he gets a little on the side.

I find it very interesting that neither campaign is making a big deal of what could be potentially damaging issues. Seems like neither wants to open that can of worms if you ask me. Detente? Mutually assured destruction? Don't go there? Yeah probably.


Pardon Me

Excuse you? No. There's no excuse for you.

NEW YORK (AP) -- National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden says it would "chill speech" and "erode the quality of our democracy" if he serves a long prison term in the U.S.

Snowden spoke by video at a New York news conference Wednesday. Advocates, including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, are launching a public campaign to persuade President Barack Obama to pardon him.

Speaking from Moscow where he is in exile, Snowden said he performed a public service by giving thousands of classified documents to journalists in 2013.

He says whistleblowers are "democracy's safeguard of last resort."

As one of the many hurt by Snowy's antics I harbor much ill-will towards this jerkwad. In no way do I want to see him get away with the misery he's imposed on those of us still working. I'll fucking BET he's had enough of Russia, and he wants home, Mummy and Daddy and a Big Mac. Thing is, asshole, if you WERE a whistleblower you didn't need to run to Russia for safety. Nor did you have to release the material to them first. Pardoning you has NOTHING to do with free speech. We still have it here, which GUESS THE FUCK WHAT, YOU DON'T HAVE NOW DO YOU.

No Buddy, this is all about you, that's all it's ever been. You did dick for your "American People", dick for democracy, and that's all you deserve in return.

(Apologies to R.)



Physical objects have temporal permanence in that the object continues to exist over time. Time changes but the object remains, it doesn't pop out of existence.

Physical objects do not have spatial permanence in that if you move an object it does not remain where it was. You "move" it, it pops out of where it was and pops into where you put it.

Imagine the chaos if physical objects had both. I would be a long snake like object filling space wherever I have been. The world would be one really complex multiplayer version of snake in 3-D. We'd climb to the sky or borrow deep. We'd have a lot less tolerance for waste. Small mistakes cost dearly. The implications are fun to the think about. But my guess is few will find this entertaining. It entertained me all day.

Source: JLBN