From time to time my Windows 10 would crash hard, generally mid game. Sometimes it was during an intro sequence in a game, other times at random during the game. I eventually dug around and found other people complaining of the same issue - the fix was new audio drivers. So far this has worked for me. So if you do have weird and random crashes and if the sound sometimes loops during the crash, consider checking your motherboard manufacturer's website and installing the latest drivers.


Generally I'm pretty motivated in everything I do. I get up on time, get to work without fail, rarely take time off or get sick (yeah, that's not always best but I LIKE what I do and I'm challenged by things that slow me down.) But I have one major weakness. It's doing things for people I hate.

I know what you're thinking: so just don't do that, but often there's no choice. In one case it's family I'm related to, where I'm the only responsible party. In another, well, it's just my fucking JOB to deal with this asshole and the toll he takes on others makes me feel guilty. I don't think that makes me a martyr, nor do I want to be one, I just hate seeing other people suffer and I always want to be the one to pick the fight... so yeah, that is kinda by choice.

Thing is, when it comes right down to the DOING, the actual working on the stuff they need or demand I find a million distractions and I KNOW I'm distracted and I just can't fucking fight it. These are miserable selfish sods who never gave back and never will, they delighted in the misery of others and yet I hold myself to my own standards and I have to be better than that AND I have to shrug it off. Which is actually harder than making myself do the work, the whole "yeah it doesn't bother me" thing. But I guess on a certain level it doesn't bother me as much as it does other people because I have checkvalves. At least I think I do.

Some people like to think there's "karma" which will make everything ok in the end, even out the injustice. Some people have religion. I just think you get what you get and you can try and rationalize that justice part but the truth is life DOES suck and you DO die in the end but... as long as you're satisfied with yourself at the end of the day, well good enough.


Ok, I don't care if this is not PC, but those fuckers have no class and no manners.

Example a: A national monument, a solemn, artistic testament to the tenacity and solidarity of a nation. And it had morons of a certain set of nationalities climbing all the fuck over, scaling the enscrypted marble sides, dangling from the bronze horsemen, pole dancing from the ribboned spears. In one corner I waited patiently for a clean shot of a section of the monument. In front of me a dad-mom pair blocked my view and their son, who had clambered up the monument to stand directly in front of the sculpture posed. Minutes ticked by. Mom and dad were taking hundreds, nay thousands, of the same fucking image of junior. Finally mom, tucks away her iPad and I'm getting ready for my view and then dad fucking breaks out his REGULAR camera to start all over again. At that point we were like FUCKING MOVE - which, by the way, when accompanied by arm gestures, is a sentiment that can be easily conveyed regardless of nationality. Grudgingly, angrily, the trio moved.

Example b: A tour of the inside of another national monument. Note that this tour wasn't limited by the number of people or even the size of the crowd. We were all being divvied up by language and herded along in groups of about 20. However, just PRIOR, we had to have our tickets verified and then veer off to the correct location. As we're heading along neatly in the throng, one asian grandmother dashes in front of me and then stops the entire crowd to beckon to her doddering husband to get in front. With the crowd at my back, he literally shoves me out of the way to get ahead. Only the fact that starting a fight would take even longer kept me from checking the old codger into the boards. When we finally did find our zones, the asian contingent didn't content themselves with their assigned location, but spread out among the other (smaller) groups as if that would help their experience. Fortunately the staff were on to that, and corralled them all back together and shuffled them away.

So yeah, this might not be PC, but it's actual experience. My take is that in their countries it's just the most aggressive behavior that gets rewarded, something that clashes pretty badly with more cultured countries. At least when on travel.


I think it should be allowed for every person who finds selfie takers and most specifically those using those odious self-sticks to beat said self-taker senseless with either their phone or preferably the stick.

I mean for FUCK sake people of COURSE you were there, the bloody picture is on your phone. No one needs to see your ugly mush in each image. Bleh.


Olympic Golf?

Yeah it's only getting stupider and stupider. Next up we'll see surfing, rock climbing and skateboarding. Seriously, they're already slated for the Tokyo.

At this point there's not much left, yo-yoing, lawn darts and that goofy crap which looks like hacky sack on a jogging trampoline.

So here's the thing, if you can't imagine the sport carved from marble around a greek ampitheater, should it really be included?

Someone needs to fire the fucking IOC. They suck. And not just Putin's dick either.


Babies In An Art Museum


Look, that's great you decided to reproduce and all, but either get someone to watch the brat or pick some other form of entertainment for you and your other. The rest of the world paid for access to view the art, not your fucking offspring rolling around on the carpet crying.

And to the bitch-ass parents who believe that the world should tolerate their progeny's whiny tantrums, FUCK YOU ok? You're part of the problem, entitled asshole parents raising entitled asshole kids. Don't be surprised if people give you pissed off looks or attitude. Take your rugrat and go to a park instead.


Generally I'm into watching the Olympics when it rolls around, but this year, no. I don't know if it's just disgust with Rio and the fact that they took a bunch of money and didn't hardly do dick with it, the insta-kill water, the fact that Zika is now going to go around the world in a fraction of the time, or that the nation itself is just fucked as hell, but yeah no, I don't care.

Oh and then there was the whole doping scandal with Russia crying over the unfairness that they got caught. Waaaaaa.

Brazil doesn't seem concerned that their venues are shoddy, the water polluted and their security a total wreck. They're used to it and they don't see anything wrong with showing the shitty to the world.

Here's hoping no one gets really sick, shot or injured during AND after this shit show.


1. The performers are mic'ed up. Generally in real operas the performers rely on the acoustics and their ability, which typically doesn't include Janet Jackson style mics.

2. Costume changes on stage, into sequinned flapper-style mini skirts. Well, I mean it would have been hard to do the kickline in anything else, true, but most Operas don't feature the Can-can.

3. Humping. On stage. Even in jest.

4. A lack of a visible orchestra. Sure there might have been one squirreled away behind the scenes, but then how do you direct the singers?

5. A piece about perverted mice laughing at humans having sex, complete with mouse masks which reverse to say "Ha! Ha!" as part of the number.


Back in early May I predicted that the asshole conservatives in charge of the most vulnerable states were being predictable douchebags. And I was right.

Pregnant women are being advised by Public Health England to consider postponing non-essential trips to the US state of Florida, amid concerns over the Zika virus.

Its travel advice was updated after Florida confirmed four cases of the virus transmitted by local mosquitoes.(BBC)

The nearsightedness, the pettiness is pretty typical of what you expect from a politician. But you'd think that one who represents a district that depends heavily on tourism would be slightly more sensitive to what was GOING to happen. Zika was coming to Florida back in May and our government wanted to do something about it. But because it was against their mantra, because it was politically expedient to laugh at the offer Florida, Texas, Louisiana and Georgia turned their back on funding that science needs to figure out a solution.

Now the solution will involve more money than prevention. It will involve money to figure out how to manage a tourism industry that will be damaged as young families and couples make other plans. It will involve money for babies born in those states with a condition that will make them dependent for their whole lives. It will involve money to sway voters into believing that prevention was a lost cause because, after all, Zika is god's will (but when it the vaccine coming out?)

The politicians who made the decision to reject Zika funding back in May have nothing to worry about for themselves, and as for their voters, well, who cares about them? At least until election time?


Doesn't take much to scare the shit out of a conservative, just a woman in a dress.

PHILADELPHIA, July 28 (UPI) -- Sarah McBride on Thursday became the first transgender person to address a major American political party's convention, where she told fellow Democrats that Hillary Clinton will work to ensure greater protections for the LGBTQ community.[..]

In her remarks, McBride urged Americans to be more accepting of people's differences.

Transgender. They're not trying to kill, steal, hurt or destroy but the reaction to their public presence is on par with those kinds of atrocities. The GOP hallmark of intolerance is at an all time high, with an extra frightening icing of open-carry intimidation.

This is how sick the Democrats have become. This man is an absoluite disgrace. And he is a man dressed up like a woman. A freak at a freakshow. (Steve Lubin/commenter/asshole)

As the comments show conservatives want life or death power over their fellow American. They want prevent minorities from speaking and representing, killing the spirit of respect, stealing the dignity of those who are different. The pure hate in that comment is symbolic of how against anything that might change the status quo. Black, poor, liberal, gay, atheist, you name the difference and the GOP doesn't want it in this country.

But the GOP is going to have to change, because the days of the white patriarchy are coming to a close. We already had a non-white president elected and re-elected. What's next? A woman?


You know if it were Zimbabwe, Iran, North Korea, China or Brazil no one would bat a fucking eye. But when the US says it, suddenly it's a world-wide problem.

World media reaction to businessman Donald Trump's speech accepting the Republican Party's nomination for the presidential election has varied from region to region.

Latin American writers were disappointed by what they saw as the "racist" content of his address whilst Middle East journalists said they saw nothing new.

Mexican daily El Universal found "the only surprise" was that the speech did not contain the same amount of "barbarities" as before.

"Xenophobia, racism and egocentrism" formed the key points of the speech, according to Venezuelan-based news channel TeleSur which noted that Mr Trump blamed immigrants for the economic crisis whilst ignoring the millions of dollars spent on "unjustified military invasions". (BBC)

Yes Trump is heavy on the rhetoric. Yes, he's divisive and he spews a lot of questionable material. But the thing I find amusing is how the world is reacting to the fact that this is a US politician. When the hatred comes from Israel or Palestine, from Turkey or Russia it's ok right? How many death threats have we had from North Korea? How many times have other politicians used the US as a punching bag for their own benefit.

But when someone in the US does the same, well that's not right is it? It is funny how we're held to a different standard. But the world is now getting a taste of what it's like to be us and suddenly it's scaring the living shit out of them. Yeah, it's all funny until that hate is pointed at you isn't it?


Apparently that's the right-wing's latest nickname for the democratic nominee for President.

Carson asked, "So are we willing to elect someone as president who has as their role model someone who acknowledges Lucifer?" (CNN)

If you actually have a brain which, thanks to our over-active media, is often hard to hear over the constant hue and cry, you might wonder how it is that Hillary is now only a step away from the Dark Prince himself. We have Dr. Carson for that little nugget. See Hillary liked a book author and that author gave a tongue-in-cheek reference to Lucifer as being a "rebel". Carson, who doesn't actually understand humor (like he understands brain surgery) jumped on that and branded Hillary a satan worshiper.

But then it got better. The GOP went from calls from incarceration to actual murder. How gentlemanly!

CLEVELAND, July 20 (UPI) -- An adviser to GOP nominee Donald Trump now has the attention of the U.S. Secret Service, for inflammatory remarks he made on a Boston radio show this week, in which he said Hillary Clinton should be killed for treason.

There seems that the more uncivilized, the more uncouth, the more violent, the more intolerant, the more hateful and the more angry the GOP mouthpieces are the more popular they get. That, of course, is exactly what this country and this world needs. More hate.

Me? Imma vote for Lucifer. I mean why the hell not?


Yep, it's not the infidels that are the threat, it's the cute DIGITAL infidels that they really need to watch out for.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) -- Saudi Arabia's senior council of clerics says it has not renewed a 2001 religious edict warning against playing Pokemon, and that the new mobile application version of the game "requires a new ruling."

First it was the great, white satan in the form of a buxom, blonde Barbie that was corrupting their youth. Now it's the damned Japanese. I mean how DARE they come up with a fun game! One that is creative and imaginative! Colorful too! Why it's the veritable death knell of all morality that people would dare to use their phones for FUN.

Seriously? Do you fucking towel-headed toolbags ever listen to yourselves? Pokemon needs a fucking fatwa? No wonder people go crazy and blow each other up. They're bored out of their minds. Maybe if you gave some of those ultra-serious islamists a chance to play Pokemon Go they wouldn't be trying to kill everyone out of hate.


Women, you're finally gonna get a break.

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) -- New York state has repealed its tax on tampons and other feminine hygiene products, a move expected to save women $10 million a year.

Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the measure into law Thursday, calling it "a matter of social and economic justice." The repeal passed the Legislature earlier this year after female lawmakers from both parties complained the tax was sexist because personal products including condoms and bandages were already exempt from the sales tax.

Remarkable. Note that women from BOTH parties came together on this.

It's not like women have a choice (the crazy free-bleeders aside, we won't go there thank you). It's also not about whether a woman has a job or not, the fact is that women NEED sanitary supplies. It's not a fucking luxury, it's a basic necessity. If you don't think so, ask yourself, would you want a woman having her period in your passenger seat without one? I think we know the answer to this.

I'm glad to see women standing up for their rights. It's past time that EVERYONE just said "oh well, it's always been that way so it's ok." FUCK THAT. It's not ok. It's never ok. It's time to break the double standard down, one brick at a time.


A regular schmo with a gun will win over anyone's uber- buff body. Maybe that's the point.

The video, has been viewed more than 800,000 times and drew a swift response. Most of those who commented were outraged that their firearm-free sport had been associated with guns. An online petition which demands an end to the partnership with Glock has now been signed by more than 20,000 people.

One of the outraged CrossFitters, Kyle Williams called the video "a glorified pistol ad." A CrossFit gym in Vancouver wrote, in a an Instagram post, that "CrossFit stands for fitness, health, and community, and The Games is rewarding the top athletes with a gun. How does that make any sense?"[..]

However, the director of the CrossFit Games, Dave Castro has defended the sponsorship deal in a newspaper interview. "I am one of millions of people in the US who own guns for recreational and legal purposes. I compete in competitive shooting events, and I have a lot of friends in the shooting industry. Glock offered up pistols as prizes, I agreed to it," Castro told the Los Angeles Times. (BBC)

Dave Castro is a douchebag. You'd think the director of a franchise would GET the notion that supporting the people who pay him money was a good idea. But no, it's not about them, it's about him. Yes it's fucking lovely that YOU own guns, it's great that YOU have many of them and that YOU like them. But get this dipshit, NOT ALL YOUR CUSTOMERS DO and instead of keeping a neutral stance you've now created a battleground where there didn't need to be one. I mean any idiot would have known that adding guns to fitness wouldn't be a winner, but clearly Dave didn't care.

Dave you're going to get more bad press than good, lose more customers than acquire and MOST of all, you've sullied what was just a good sport for a lot of people.

Maybe you've taken too much testosterone, maybe you don't have enough, but either way you're a moron. Good luck bringing it back asshole.


Poor And Stupid

Kinda a chicken and egg situation here. Makes you wonder which is the root cause.

There are places like this across America - poor and getting poorer, feeling left behind while the rest got richer. But nowhere has the plummet of the white working class been as merciless as here in central Appalachia. And nowhere have the cross-currents of desperation and boiling resentment that have devoured a presidential race been on such glaring display.[..]

And that is how, in one of America's forgotten corners, the road was perfectly paved for the ascent of Donald Trump. He won by spectacular margins all across the coalfields. From Appalachia to the Rust Belt to the hollowing manufacturing towns in the Midwest, Trump collected his most ardent supporters in places like this.

"He offers us hope," Kirk said, "and hope's the one thing we have left." (AP)

Yes hope. From an uber-rich guy whose main claim to fame is torturing and tormenting people who are trying to get rich like him. From a guy who really gives two-shits about the poor and disenfranchised (no, really, he does care.) From a guy who married over and over, younger, prettier women when he got tired of the last one. Yeah, he really cares about how poor you are.

It's a funny thing, how the poor choose to vote for a party that has traditionally tried to eliminate all the services and benefits that were designed to help them. I guess it's America's version of the suicide bomber, when things get so bad you just look to any rhetoric that will make you feel like a part of something.

"I don't know exactly what's in his head, what his vision is for us," she said. "But I know he has one and that's what counts."

No one knows what the fuck is in Trump's head, probably not even him. But I sure know what's in your head, and it's the same reward you're gonna get from voting for him. Maybe you'll even get double.


Taco Bell, to be precise...

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) -- A deaf New Jersey woman who primarily communicates in sign language is suing Taco Bell, saying she found it difficult, if not impossible, to order two tacos at the fast-food chain's drive-thru window.

Gina Cirrincione, of Atlantic City, said in her federal lawsuit that on Jan. 11, she wrote her order on a slip of paper and handed it to an employee at the drive-thru pickup window at a Taco Bell in Pleasantville.

Her video of the exchange, provided to The Associated Press by her lawyer, showed an employee trying to explain that orders are placed at the start of the drive-thru.

"I will do it this one time," he then said. "I want you to understand me, one time. After that, no more. After that, no more. Come inside. OK, is that fair?"

Ok, so Gina is going to lose her lawsuit because of the simple fact that DRIVE THROUGH IS NOT A RIGHT. There are a lot of people who can't use a drive through, mainly because they don't have cars. We don't see those people standing at the drive through trying to order. In fact the few people who have tried to sue over the use of their disabled-scooter order have gotten slapped down because they are willfully endangering themselves and others.

There's also the fundamental point that a drive through works on the principle of ORDERING and then PICKING UP. Placing your order at the drive through because you're too fucking lazy to go in (which is basically the point of a drive through, speed and laziness) is not about being disabled, it's about being fucking courteous.

Gina, sorry but you're wrong. You're not entitled to drive through service. And it's not Taco Bell who is at fault, it's EVERY drive through from every company that has one. Gonna sue 'em all?

I feel for the Taco Bell folks, they were put on the spot and it's not their fault. They have to serve as fast as they can and when Gina decides to put her order through at the window she's only thinking of herself and not everyone else who gets stuck behind her OR the employees who will get penalized by their company AND the other customers.

Get over yourself Gina. You're not the only deaf person in the world and no one else feels entitled to a drive-through taco. Sorry.