But not for Julian! Ok, well actually it sucks for him, but not for us.

Wikileaks says that Ecuador has shut down internet access for its founder Julian Assange.[..]

Wikileaks has recently been releasing emails from Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.
Eleven revelations from Clinton emails

The anti-secrecy organisation did not return calls and emails on Monday, though it said in a tweet: "We have activated the appropriate contingency plans." (BBC)

While ordinarily I feel for people who are experiencing an outage, I'm having a really hard time feeling bad for Assmange. If his organization is going to fuck with US politics then fuck him. He's no better than the russian hackers who are providing him the content. I hope he liked the taste of Trump's dick, because that's all the satisfaction he's going to get, no matter who wins.

Contingency plans? I'll bet. Someone cue to tune to "Catch that Pigeon" because I'm figuring that's all the contingency he's going to get. That plus a reallly expensive mobile data plan.


Ironic Irony of the 2nd Amendment

It is popular in the news (not these days but usually). There's usually plenty of things to read or watch about it (especially on this blog). There are myriad opinions too (although this blog typically has only one).

Of course we're talking about the 2nd Amendment and gun rights.

But with all of this content and opinions, what strikes me the most about the 2nd Amendment and those who support it in today's world is the irony of it all. Allow me to pontificate.

Without using popular terms, I content that those who support the 2nd Amendment are typically those who like to follow the constitution to the letter or claim to understand and follow what the founding fathers intended. Some may disagree and we can debate via separate correspondence. But I'll just move on as if it were true.

Text: "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

1) Follow the words crowd: putting aside the fact that scholars don't agree on the actual text (number of commas), it is clear that we have the right to form ?well regulated? militias and keep and bear arms. But these terms need definitions, especially if we're going to follow the words literally. Let's focus on the key word ? arms (next would be ?well regulated?). If the definition provided is literal, then we have the right to bear muskets, swords, hatches, and the other tools of the militia (unless they predicted future and included semi-automatic rifles and shotguns). But let's make it interesting and assume the smart old white dudes thought to the future with a forward looking ideal. Since the text clearly ties together the right to form a militia and keep and bear arms, then the arms we have the right to keep and bear are the same as those used by the militias. Interesting, this means we have the right to own all arms militaries around the world utilize, including rockets, nuclear weapons, the whole shebang. Well hold on, a sane person may say, why the comparison to the militia? Well sane person, without this linkage, the 2nd Amendment is as pointless as a militia bearing shotguns and assault rifles trying to seize liberty from our government with its drones, encrypted sat comms, and warships (Oh My!). Well hold on, a ridiculous person may say, so what, that's great! Well ridiculous person, it would be ridiculous to explain how ridiculously ridiculous you sound you ridiculously ridiculous person who inspires much ridicule. It seems you get a choice, ridiculous 2nd Amendment that allows nukes or a violation of the 2nd Amendment because you cannot bear enough arms to be infringed in the forming of your militia.

2) Intent crowd: It is hard to deny, although many will try (and they are wrong), that the intent is obviously to prevent the government from making it impossible for the citizenry to restore liberty when presented with a tyrannical government. In support of this, consider the context of the day. The founding fathers just went through hell struggling against the massively stronger military of their tyrannical government. It's no wonder why this is the 2nd Amendment and not found later in the list. They put this in place to limit the government so that citizens could fight back for liberty. While crazy today, this was a wonderful idea in its day. I argue it was even necessary at the time because of technology. But today's technology is very different. Dare anyone to argue that any of us could amass enough weapons to beat our military (and laugh in their face if they actually accept). For better or worse, our military is incredibly strong; we don't stand a chance. If you think worse, wake the fuck up and go join that ridiculous guy up there, you two are a pair (since it's so trivial, I'll leave the proof of this statement for the reader as an exercise). If you believe in the intent of the 2nd Amendment, I feel sorry for you for it was overcome by events over a century ago. Perhaps this is the best example of how our country?s documents can be overcome by time (but that's neither the monkeys or circus of this post). 


The Irony: No matter who you are, your interpretation, or your opinion, the 2nd Amendment is useless. No matter what you do, bear arms or not, you can't protect yourself from anyone.

And behold the irony!



I Don't Buy The Lie

Ok, so while Trump is howling about how the entire election is rigged against him (he'll sue, just wait) I've been trying to find out what the entire "crooked Hillary" thing is about. I've scanned several conseratroid websites and the results are not very satisfying. Here are the "lies" that have everyone so worked up:

- She landed in Bosnia under sniper fire, which wasn't verified on the video
- She left her job at the White House in debt, which was true but apparently not debt-enough to count
- Her email server was "set up with the same security as typical servers", which was also probably true, but hey we all know that US servers are totally hackproof
- She came from immigrant grandparents, and oops, only one was
- She's concerned about the cost of college, which means that when she takes money to speak at colleges she's a hypocrite
- She claims a long list of accomplishments, which is bs because being Secretary of State is easy-peasy

It's interesting to note that not all websites hating on Hillary go after Benghazi. I'd guess the ones omitting this are a little more up to date, where she's been cleared multiple times of trying to deliberately mislead people. Still, it's easier for people to hold on to comfortable lies than read long and boring transcripts. For the most part even Congress has finally buried that horse.

Yep, those are some lies. Worse than grabbing women's privates, mistreating your workers or not paying taxes when you're rich-as-fuck.

I support that the "lying" label is just that, a label, sadly one that has stuck because really they don't have much else to stick her with. America isn't ready for a woman president, just the same as it wasn't ready for a Black president. All the myths propagated during the Obama elections turned out to be just that, but the thing is that people WANT to hate, they WANT to be afraid, they want that unifying threat... even when it doesn't exist.

Honestly Bernie would have been a far greater threat to the established GOP, so it doesn't surprise me in the least that some members of the GOP have been deserting their candidate.

And for those out there who want to hate on Hillary, go ahead, I'm sure she's used to it. Just like every other woman who ever dared to break the glass ceiling.


Yep, that about sums up the kind of guy who tries to defend the indefensible by bullying a woman on her own network into silence. GUESS WHAT BEN BITCH BUCKET? YOU FAILED.

"Cut her mic."

No-one's ever said my microphone should be cut before, so when Dr Ben Carson suggested I should be shut up after I asked him if he thought the women accusing Donald Trump of sexual abuse were lying, I was a bit flabbergasted. It sounded almost Soviet.[..] Replaying the tape I see it also looks rather bullying. In a conversation about sexual harassment a man asks a woman to be silenced for asking a question he doesn't want to answer. (Katty Kay - BBC)

You must think you're quite the man there Ben, to be giving orders to a network about their employee. Yep, surely everyone will agree that the MAN-DOCTOR knows best right? After all you're doubly qualified, as a man AND a doctor. How dare a woman as you a yes or no question? And how dare she ask a second time after you refused to answer.

Basically, if you had the balls to answer you would have, but Ben, we all know who's the real pussy here.

No one can defend Trump, and Ol' Orange-Face knows this best because he doesn't even try. Instead he attacks the women he already attacked, because let's face it, if they took the abuse back then they'll certainly be willing to take it again right? The old no-apologies, no-regrets is a great strategy. I can't wait to see how that works out when we bomb Russia.


You know it took me decades to figure out the GOP strategy on guns: abortion is bad BECAUSE we need extra babies to make up for the ones that die due to poor gun handling.

The findings: During the first six months of this year, minors died from accidental shootings - at their own hands, or at the hands of other children or adults - at a pace of one every other day, far more than limited federal statistics indicate. (AP)

So let's figure, 365 divided by two, so roughly 180+ kids dying a year. If we relax gun laws, make ownership easier and remove regulations on storing and locking totally maybe we can bump that up to one dying every day. Hmmm, given that there's roughly 700k abortions per year we're going to have to work a LOT harder than that. Maybe once Trump is in office and we legalize rape and repeal the 19th AND ban abortion we can start making a real dent in that number.

Vote Trump! Guns and pregnancy for all!


Emily you have no facts, you're just a hater hating for publicity sake. I hope it makes you proud.

mily Longworth, 25, grew up in the southern state of Georgia discussing politics around the dinner table with her father and grandfather, both staunch conservatives.

Working as a weapons repair specialist in the US military, she had to be careful what she said about America's politicians.

But since leaving the military for an office job three years ago, she doesn't hold back - especially when it comes to Hillary Clinton.

"She is a lying, manipulative, narcissistic woman who deserves nothing except to be put in jail for life," she says. (BBC)

Ok Emily, I'm calling you on this shit. First, I challenge you to show me a successful politician who is not lying, manipulative and narcissistic - basically described the character of ANY politician. Your problem is that it's a WOMAN that's demonstrating these characteristics, you probably don't see any issue if it's a man doing these things. I would guess that my very defense of the obvious would make me a "diehard feminist Nazi fans" in your words. Well in my words you're a "conservitard, prostitute, dicksucking whore". Mainly because you were raised, brainwashed and love-your-abuser trained to hate anything that represents change. In your tiny world everything should remain status quo, circa 1950, where women stay home, segregation is still a thing and homosexuals are put to death.

"The one element that separates that two is that Clinton is also attacked for being a woman, and Trump is not attacked for being a man.

"Perhaps, since she is the first female presidential candidate, people are ill-equipped to criticise her about anything else, or in any other way, than via gendered and misogynistic slurs."

Women hating on their own is no surprise, not when it comes from southern assholistic shitstains. Sadly these women are bred to be obedient, and those with any potential generally turn away from it to "prove" that they're just part of the herd.

I feel sorry for you Emily, but your time will soon be over. The election is next month and you'll fade into the background with no audience to hoot and holla about your views. Enjoy the spotlight, cunt, it's not going to be around much longer.


An lo, those that embraced hate, intolerance, abuse and egotism were all struck down with "tiny penis" afflictions. Well, that's how it should be but since it's not a thing I'll settle for this...

BOSTON (AP) -- A new state law that prohibits discrimination against transgender people in public restrooms is "punishing" the protected religious speech of churches and pastors, a conservative Christian organization claims in a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday.[..]

Alliance Defending Freedom, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, said it sued on behalf of four Massachusetts churches to protect their right to operate their facilities "in a manner that doesn't violate their core religious beliefs."

I like how conservative fundie fucktards from Arizona are taking their gripes to Massachusetts. Really, if those churches were all that upset couldn't they have sued on their own? There's a saying "assholes don't shit on the floor in their own house, they find someone else's to shit in" (Ok I made that up, but the point is the same.) So instead of raising a ruckus in Arizona, they have to come to a liberal state where they're bound to lose because upsetting the locals is one thing close to home and quite another when it's miles away.

Basically these churches will face a backlash but the people funding it won't suffer a thing. Because they're fucking cowards.

So here it is, if Massachusetts decides these are the laws of the state, and if churches get benefits from being classified as public spaces then the churches can either reclassify themselves as private clubs OR they can adhere to the laws of the state. Or they can move, of course. Additionally, since the laws in Massachusetts say that people are allowed to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with, religion doesn't enter into the equation. Sure it's tough titties for people who subscribe to religions that antiquated values of preach intolerance but hey, there are other states with better aligned rules so they should move if they don't like it.

Bottom line, if you're an intolerant asshole in Massachusetts you're going to have a hard time getting along, church or no church. If the people in the state say they want to embrace all types, that's their prerogative. The only ones being punished in a liberal state are the assholes who are too stupid to realize that their hate isn't welcome there.


Srebrenican Type of Day

I was having a conversation with a colleague the other day about morals and philosophy. The point was that humans sometimes make suboptimal moral decisions and we both liked it that way.

Imagine you were exiting a burning building and you run into a baby sitting on top of a 1.4 million dollar painting. Surely you save the baby, most would. Except the moral philosopher might say, if you took the painting and sold it, surely you could donate the money to save more than one baby's life (for example, you could provide food and water for hundreds of babies that would die otherwise). In both cases you don't know the baby or the parents. You don't know any of their potentials. All you know is that it is a baby.

Do you save the baby or cast it aside for the painting? Do you save one life and cause hundreds of others to suffer and die or do you let the baby burn so you can save hundreds of others? Opportunity cost is a bitch.

But who wants to live in a world where people save the painting? That doesn't seem human. I, for one, am team baby (even though I generally loathe the filthy, sticky handed, disease spreading monsters).

In a past life I studies a type of history, although I would never claim to be a historian of any sorts. In the 1990's some unfortunate UN Peacekeepers in Srebrenica were charged with protecting a group of people. An overwhelming force opposes them and the UN Peacekeepers have no retreat or reinforcements. The opposition rolls in with buses and separates the men from the rest. It doesn't take a genius to know what their plans are for these poor souls. 

But what is a UN Peacekeeper to do? Stand up to the threat? Fight back? Not only will the men still be killed, but now so will the UN Peacekeepers and the women and children. What the UN Peacekeepers did was take the painting; they chose the technically morally correct option and stood by while thousands were slaughtered. They even helped keep the peace while the buses were being loaded to avoid further waste of life. They saved thousands of lives by condemning some.

But this seems very wrong still. Most people want the UN Peacekeepers to act and even cry loudly that they are the worst type of cowards. But the alternative is many more lives lost. Is it worth more than doubling the death count just so you can fight back? More death, less life, but hey, we did the right thing. Really? Sometimes we have a hard time swallowing our own humanity.

I feel like this a lot. I see what the right thing to do is but it feels like I shouldn't do it. I see the painting and realize its true value but I still want to save the baby. I still want to fight.

So, what's a realist to do. Luckily my consequences are far less dire and I can drink it off by the end of the day. It is tiresome though, to ignore doing what I would do if I didn't understand how it would just making things worse. I save the painting. I help usher the men to certain death. I'm not wrong, but it sure doesn't seem right.

If you want to take the time, I recommend this video for context:


No really, it's true. Also "we all make mistakes" which totally justifies groping and assaulting women because it's "ok when you're famous".

Trump's comments were made in a 2005 video obtained and released Friday by The Washington Post and NBC News. In the video, Trump is heard describing his attempts to have sex with a married woman. He also brags about women letting him kiss and grab them because he is famous.

"When you're a star they let you do it. You can do anything," Trump says in the previously unaired comments. He adds seconds later: "Grab them by the p----. You can do anything."[..]

"Trump is a great man," said Scott Reese, a 40-year-old plumber wearing a red "Make America Great Again" hat. "We all make mistakes."[..]

Jean Stanley, a 50-year-old woman from New Berlin, Wisconsin, came to the rally wearing a pink T-shirt with bold, black lettering that said "Wisconsin Women Love Trump.""He's a real human," Stanley said. "It was a long time ago. We all have something in our past. He was a Hollywood icon then."[..]

Orville Seymer, a 62-year-old conservative activist wearing a red, white and blue American flag hat, said the "mildly vulgar comments from 11 years ago" are getting a disproportionate amount of media attention, especially compared to Clinton's "numerous scandals." (AP)

Ah Trump fans. Clearly the man can do no wrong. I'm sure he could murder someone and it would only be "mildly offensive" and "a mistake", minor of course. Gotta wonder how Jean would feel if it were Kanye grabbing her daughter, not Trump mackin' on some starlets. Would it still something a "real human" would do? Would he still be great?

It's kind of fascinating seeing just how far supporters will go to keep supporting the most extreme behavior, the likes of which would make most people a social outcast. But I guess it's true, you CAN do anything and people will support you. The question is, what kind of people are they and will they please continue to wear their support openly so we all know who to avoid after the election?

I certainly hope so.


Hurricane truth-blogger Matt had plenty to say BEFORE hurricane Matthew hit (you can see two posts down if you need a refresher) but now that it HAS hit and people have died what's he got to say on his "cry wolf" posting?

"..." (Matt Drudge)

Because of course the reality is that scientists are scientists, not politicians, they're not lying when they make predictions, rather they're doing their job to the best of their abilities.

WILMINGTON, N.C. (AP) -- Hurricane Matthew's rains triggered severe flooding in North Carolina on Sunday as the deteriorating storm made its exit to the sea, and thousands of people had to be rescued from their homes and cars. The death toll in the U.S. climbed to at least 15, nearly half of them in North Carolina.

The storm was stripped of hurricane status just before daybreak, but the crisis - set off by more than a foot of rain - was far from over.

"As the sun rises in North Carolina and the blue sky returns, our state is facing major destruction and, sadly, loss of life," Gov. Pat McCrory said as the effects of Saturday's deluge became clearer at daylight.

Rivers and creeks overflowed, driving people from their homes and trapping others as much as 100 miles inland. The unofficial rainfall totals were staggering: 18 inches in Wilmington, 14 inches in Fayetteville and 8 inches in Raleigh.

I'm sure if he were to comment on the deaths it would be utterly dismissive "oh 15 deaths is no big deal, we get more than that in traffic accidents in one day." Or maybe he'd just double down, claiming that the destruction was all done on a movie set, the same way the Apollo landing was. Or perhaps he'd go for the black humor "they were probably all Democrats anyway, or illegal aliens, or both."

So Matt, what'cha gotta say now fool? Anything at all? I guess the smartest thing you can do is shut your stupid face and not say anything at all.


Uh Huh.

As the Talking Heads said "and the heat goes on..."


Truly this election is one for the history books. Like it or not, American politics will never, ever be the same. We have a new standard for who can get elected and what the Public will tolerate them saying.

Political experience? We don't need no stinkin' political experience, in fact the less the better...


Because Dispshit Drudge needs a taste of reality.

Conservative US blogger Matt Drudge has kicked up a storm by suggesting that the warnings over Hurricane Matthew are a government conspiracy to make "an exaggerated point on climate" change.

The founder of the Drudge Report tweeted that the US hurricane centre had a monopoly on data and there was "no way of verifying claims".

Critics said his comments were not only wrong, but dangerous. (BBC)

Hey Matt, why don't you put your money where your mouth is asshole? Head down to Florida right now and just sit on the beach. Go for it! I dare you, chicken shit, in fact I double dare you.

It's amazing in 2016 you could have science skeptics like Dipshit Drudge with a following. This is the same type of asshole that insisted that the world was flat and also the center of the universe. It's awesome how conservatives feel so empowered to say the more asinine things without any recourse. Hitting them with hard facts is like throwing raw egg at Teflon, they just don't stick, mainly because conservatives don't care about facts, they care about impact. Lies work just as well, better even, because anyone possessing real and valid information can be dismissed as fiction.

Sewing doubt and misinformation is a tool of politics, but when it gets people killed it's not politics any more. It's just pure evil.


So this isn't a typical WoS post. Because it has a happy ending.

It starts with the purchase of 2 8Gig sticks (in a pretty, metallic red) for a computer I own. Said sticks had problems that manifested slowly over time. Eventually over a period of 8 months it became clear that the RAM had serious issues, enough to cause random crashes and colossal failures.

So I did what some consumers actually try and do these days, I contacted customer service. And I will say that the rest of the experience was nothing less than awesome: my RMA approved in a matter of minutes, printing the return label, and following the progress on their website was as easy as it should be. I even called and talked to a REAL LIVE HUMAN from my country of origin, who recommended (to my, at the time, skeptical) self to follow the website directions. Within a week of mailing my RAM I had replacements (note also, if you want to ante up, you can get the new ones shipped before they receive your returns).

So Corsair now has both my gratitude and my loyalty. Next time I'm going to buy more parts from them. Thank you Corsair!


So many articles, sooo many. At first, when I had only a handful I thought I might just dole them out a few at a time. Then, as the week progressed and my vat did overfloweth with the miserable misogynist material I figured hey, why not just bundle it all together? I mean the theme is more or less the same...

Article 1: Fucking Paki Cocktard Scumbag Sister-murderer: Mubeen Rajhu

"The guys here told him, . 'It would be better to kill your sister,'" Raza says.

Rajhu told them he had bought a pistol, and one day in August he stopped coming to work.

Rajhu discovered that his sister had defied the family and married the Christian. For six days he paced. His rage grew. How could she?

On the seventh day, on Aug. 14, he retrieved the pistol from where he had hidden it and walked up to his sister and with one bullet to the head he killed her. (AP)

So now asshole is in jail for murdering his sister and you might think his parents would be horrified that one of their children blew the brains out of the other, but no that's not how THIS story ends.

In the kitchen of the home, Tasleem's blood still stains the rough wall. In the cramped room next to it, the siblings' father, Mohammed Naseer Rajhu, talks about the killing.

His outrage grows - all of it directed at his daughter.

He is angry that his son killed his sister for two reasons only: The young man is in jail and no longer earning nearly $200 a month, and his family, spread throughout Pakistan, will soon learn of Tasleem's indiscretions.

"My family is destroyed," he says, his voice rising. "Everything is destroyed only because of this shameful girl. Even after death I am destroyed because of her."

Mohammed Naseer Rajhu, you are pure, unvarnished filth. YOU are the problem, not your daughter. Your deranged fantasy that you owned your daughter, that the IDEA of her having a free will of her own and AS AN ADULT following her heart offends you? Well you fucking offend me. The fact that you exist offends me. The fact that you actually married and had children offends me. You're scum. I really do hope that you feel desecrated for whatever stupid reason, because you are a blot on humanity. I'd tell you to shrivel up and die, but that's basically what you already are, a crusty blot on this planet that will disappear.

Article 2: Muslim Clerics Should Avoid Movies or Fucking Assholes Like Muhammadu Kabiru Maikaba Should Go Fuck Themselves

Because, let's face it, they already live in a fantasy world so what could movies have to offer them? I know, I know... more things to hate! Like women!

A leading Nigerian actress has been banned from the Hausa-language film industry because of her "immoral" behaviour, the main industry body says.

Rahama Sadau caused offence by "hugging and cuddling" pop star Classiq in a video, it added.[..]

Its chairman, Muhammadu Kabiru Maikaba, told the BBC Hausa service that the ban was "total".

"This is not the first time that she has been doing these wayward things. We have been warning her, but she still went ahead to dent our image," he said.

The industry, commonly known as Kannywood, has been under fire from conservative Muslim clerics who accuse it of corrupting people's values.

Her crime? Hugging and cuddling. Nothing more. Of course the MAN she was with starring with is not in any bit of trouble, but fucking shitbags like Muhammadu Kocktard could care less. Because controlling women and their expressions are the only things that matter in life. Forget about art.

So idiots in Nigeria don't want to see women being friendly with men? Fine. Let them watch historical documentaries for the rest of their lives. They're loveless shitbags anyway and romance is clearly wasted on them. Next!

Article 3: Fucking Prick Claudio Gatti Feels No Shame Outing A Woman Author Who Wanted To Be Anonymous

His excuse was "It made me famous, hur, hur, hur. Totally worth it."

An Italian journalist who published the true identity of the "anonymous" author Elena Ferrante has said he did so because she is "a public figure".

Claudio Gatti published a story in the New York Review of Books outing the author, who writes under a pseudonym, as Italian translator Anita Raja.

He said: "Millions of [Ferrante's] books are bought by readers.

"In a way I think readers have the right to know something about the person who created the work."

Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Today programme, he added: "I did it because she was a very much public figure." (BBC)

By the same token I guess the world should know where Claudio Gatti lives, eats, shits and fucks. They should have his cell phone, his home address and know the path he takes to work. Fact is authors who choose a pen name do so for very valid reasons. Just because some spineless prick decides they can get their 15 minutes of fame by outting them doesn't mean that the press should jump all over the revelation. What if the author feels threatened by this and never writes again, denying their fans any future work? Think Claudio will feel badly? HELL NO, HE GOT HIS.

Yes, another wanker. Onward on goes the cavalcade of small penises...

Article 4: Trump

This actually comes under the heading "old news".

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been accused by ex-contestants and staff on reality show The Apprentice of sexism, according to an Associated Press investigation.

More than 20 people interviewed described Mr Trump's behaviour toward women as crass and inappropriate. (BBC)

Yep. And still there are women out there who support him. There are also women out there who go back to the men that beat them and then get murdered so there's no accounting for taste.

Article 5: Vitalii Sediuk Needs To Keep His Fucking Hands To Himself

Why no one has thrown his ass in jail yet is a total mystery.

Vitalii Sediuk told the Victoria Derbyshire programme he disagreed with social media comments that he had sexually assaulted Kim Kardashian and model Gigi Hadid in recent incidents.

During Milan Fashion Week, the Ukrainian crept up behind model Hadid and lifted her off her feet as she left a fashion show.

The 27-year-old also tried to kiss Kim Kardashian's bottom last week during Paris Fashion Week, but was subdued by her security. (BBC)

I'm sorry why exactly does this guy get away with touching people who clearly don't want to be touched? And why is he still on the street? Frankly I don't think there would be any argument if his next victim took more assertive action. I figure a broken leg might do the guy some good. He'd learn that it's NOT ok to try and get attention by groping women who don't want to be groped. Maybe Kim should start packing a nice ball-peen hammer in her purse. Or at least a horseshoe. A nice sold thump upside the head and a few kicks from security aught to help him establish better boundaries.

Time for Chester the Molester to lean a lesson, imho.

Article 6: Poland Hates Women

Just because they can get pregnant apparently.

Thousands of women in Poland have gone on strike in protest against proposals for a total ban on abortions.

They marched through the streets wearing black as a sign of mourning for their reproductive rights.

Women who oppose the ban are staying away from work and school and refusing to do domestic chores, in a protest inspired by a women's strike in Iceland in 1975. (BBC)

Oddly enough after everything got shut the fuck down the Polish government decided suddenly that sending women back into the Dark Ages wasn't really the right direction for their agenda. No matter what religion was trying to dictate. So from World of Suck to the Catholic Church: SUCK IT BITCHES.

Ok folks, there you go, just three days worth of news describing how fucking awesome it is to be a woman. Even in 2016.


Sweet, Sweet, Juxtaposition

Maybe it's just me but nothing brings me quite as much contentment and elation as perfectly juxtaposed items.

A Pac-Man head in a desert under a palm. The sense of calm only chaos can bring. A joyful song playing to a murderous clown. Pearls with jeans and a t-shirt. Good things coming out of evil circumstances. Idiots achieving power. Depression on a beautiful summer day. Complex simplicity.

Something terrifyingly beautiful. 


Things that are beautifully terrifying.

But be careful, ironically, irony poisons the moment.



Ok so really, it's not like I have a choice, I more or less have to use Outlook. But all I was trying to do was remove a name in the list. So I highlighted the name and hit the large "delete" button on the menu bar.

What happened next? The entire mailing list was deleted without so much as a "by your leave", or "are you sure you want to do this?" or even "if you DO this you CAN'T undo." Newp, just poof, all gone.

I stared in disbelief at the monitor for a good few minutes, then double checked to make sure that there was no Undo option. Again newp, none. And then just sucked it up and re-created the entire list of 20+ people by hand.

On a silver-lining note I was able to copy and paste the majority of names from an email I'd sent to the user list a few minutes prior, but even still, there were names that Outlook refused to recognize even though they WERE in my personal address book. So those had to be hand entered extra-manually.

Fun times? No, not really. Fuck you Outlook.


Trumpettes: Sad Sluts

Really there's not much more to say than that. Honestly they're less of a cheer leading squad and more like a "BEWARE OF DOG" sign. Or bitches, if you prefer. Either way, one good look and any sane person is running the other way.

You go ladies, please, keep going and don't stop.