Zulily.com: I Don't Want To Login

Periodically I get a the picture of a cute shirt dangled in front of me on my computer screen. A lot of times it says "Zulily.com", occasionally it doesn't but I get redirected to their site. Every time I click on a link to Zulily.com I get a big 'ol login prompt just as their products come into view. And every single time I close the page. Why? Because Zulily can shove it. I'm the customer. I get to see what the seller has to offer before I provide anything. I want to make sure they actually have my size and the pretty frock in stock. The intrusive login screen is akin to being accosted at the door of brick and mortar store and obligated to show ID. Only difference is Zulily doesn't get to hear me say: "Go to hell!" Few people wouldt put up with a real live person doing this, but somehow Zulily thinks its OK in the virtual world? I can live without Zulily's merchandise. However, I wonder how many other potential customers Zulily turns off with their "show me yours first" attitude. I doubt I am the only one.
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Yep, same experience, same reaction. Sorry folks I don’t provide personal information at the drop of the hat. Clearly the website builders did it for a reason, and I suspect that the reason includes asking for salary and marital status and other shit that only just maybe belongs on a tax form. Zulily can go suck it. I’m sure I can find something else somewhere else. I usually do.
01/10/14 @ 19:03
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Wow, can’t say I’ve ever seen a shopping site do THAT before. Considering they don’t validate authentication before allowing you to browse, I wonder how many hateful email addresses they end up with. Oh… like say WhyDoIHaveToSignUp@FuckYou.com Makes ya think…
01/10/14 @ 19:37