Zika Babies Don't Vote GOP

Because even though they weren't late-term aborted, conservatroids don't wanna pay for their upkeep, because you know, welfare.
Republicans from states at greatest risk, such as Florida, Texas, Louisiana and Georgia, have been slow to endorse Obama's more than 2-month-old request for $1.9 billion to battle the virus, which causes grave birth defects. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention currently reports more than 470 cases in the continental U.S., all so far associated with travel to Zika-affected areas. (AP)
Zika won't get anyone elected, so the politicians don't fucking care. Even in conservative states that are the most at risk, the tradeoff between funding prevention/protection vs. the inevitable results isn't a matter of concern because FACE IT, they won't be the ones in power when the shit really hits the fan. So a decade from now, when all these incapable youngsters are living off medicaid, somehow it will STILL be Obama's fault. Even though it wasn't.
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