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It's been a while since I posted and back then I said I was only going to post about happy and fun things. Truth is, those things seem to be rare in my life and when they happen, I let them wash over me in the moment. I like to keep hold of every bit of it and selfishly don't share that feeling with anyone, include all you dear readers (with few exceptions).

But today I'm going to pause; I'm going break my rule about only posting happy things. Just for today. Something over the last few days has been eating away at me and I want to let it go.

Hurricane Harvey. Let's talk about it. I listen to the crazies on the radio on my way into work (Fox News). I read news from all over. One thing is clear. There is a lot of love for Texas and people sure are coming together to help other people. The world is going crazy, Fox News, limited government, “take away health care from poor people," "Poor people should pay medical expenses instead of getting that new iPhone they 'need' so badly" bastards are calling for "the full force of the federal government" to "mobilize relief funds." What the fuckity fuck is happening? Libertarian, free market fanatics who think that the fact we have income tax is against the constitution are spewing hate and calling for extremely aggressive action against people price gauging. It's called the free market assholes, if you love it, fucking love all of it. There's so much of this. People from all over are flooding into Texas to help other people and Fox News is repeatedly focusing on stories of "diversity," "everyone is helping everyone," "THIS IS AMERICA, NOT CHARLETTESVILLE." You know, fuck all of you. The idiots out there may fall for it but I won't.

Here's the brain nugget eating at me. While I applaud the outcome (people helping people is great; whether it's individuals or news agencies calling for the Federal gov't to stand up and provide relief), I deeply question their motives. I think these people feel guilty and ashamed of where they stand right now. I think they hate they've aligned themselves with the KKK and white nationalists. I think they hate they backed republicans. I think they hate themselves for being pro-trump. I think most of them are so ashamed or so full of pride to admit they were wrong. But THIS, this they can do. They feel like they can wash away the self-hatred by helping now. Make themselves clean and pure again. I swear to their fucking god if I hear one more prayer for the people of Texas… But now is when they make up for Charlottesville. Now is when they try to pivot away from the fucked up shit in this country to align themselves with something positive. Now is when they can keep their pride and feel better about themselves, without having to admit they were wrong. “See, we trump asshats are good people!” #NoYouAin’tBitch

People are selfish, even in their altruism. Don't fool yourself. As someone who has been one, even first responders are acting selfishly. You train for these moments, you prepare for them, and you like being in the thick of it. Helping people in need feels good and a lot of us chase that. Fuck, I’m still chasing it today. But even though that type of helping hand is still selfish, I claim it's good.

This type of help we're seeing, I can't but help feel it's dirty and wrong, even though the help is greatly needed. The selfishness behind it is perverse. The same folks a few weeks ago who yelled "Don't you dare tear down my historical statues" are the same motherfuckers running the "Cajun Navy." Just remember assholes, karma isn't a thing, neither is your god who you think will weigh your deeds on a scale of justice. Good actions don't cancel out hateful one.

I'm glad you’re helping but I still think you are terrible for being on the side you are on. Republicans on the hill, fuck you, you fought providing release to the Northeast and Gulf in past storms and you want it for Texas. Yeah, Texas should get it but fuck you. You pro-coal, anti-environment, global warming deniers are just now realizing storms are bad and have massive effects on our country? Fuck you, you are making it worse. Pro-Trump people, he's still horrible and you are still garbage. Being decent when everyone expects you to be does not prove anything. Being decent when it's hard is what matters. That sure is shit isn't now and you fucks failed that "Bigly."

So fuck them, fuck them all to death.

I have so much hate for these people it bubbled over today. They really are a bunch of deplorables, but not just some of them, all of them mother fuckers. I don't care what good things they do for this. I will never tell people not to help, because helping those in need is an end worth pursuing for the sake of the end. But at the end of the day, fuck you buddy.

Good job, keep it up, but fuck you asshole.


So, the Supreme Court decided to remove a long standing precedent preventing corporations from contributing to election funding. That?s one problem. Another is the huge rise in attack ads financed by organizations not required to disclose their funding sources. It turns out a small number of individuals are providing a majority of the funding for these negative ad campaigns: The New Republic: How Secret Money Buys Elections. In many cases, the beneficiaries of these campaigns don?t even know where the money is coming from, but they?re happy with the results (see Art Robinson?s campaign in Oregon). Individuals on one side of the country are influencing a congressional race on the other side of the country.

This leads us to the next distressing piece of news from NPR, that this year?s campaign ads aren?t just spinning the facts, they?re lying outright. Including a claim from a doctor that he lost his insurance due to ?Obamacare?, when the company had actually stopped offering those policies years ago, and another that claims the Democrats "spent more money than this country has spent in the past 200 years combined."

Unfortunately, the depressing picture doesn?t end there. It turns out, that it doesn?t matter whether the ads are true or not, because people will believe what they want to believe. Even presented with hard core facts, they won?t change their mind. In fact, research shows, that when people are confronted with facts that contradict their beliefs, they dig their heels in more.

What?s happened to our Democracy?

2016 Edit: Every election provides us a new reason to raise this question...


So, my soon-to-be 76 year old father just bought a new car.  It's a grandpa car:  a honkin' big Buick with every bell and whistle imaginable to get him to and from his bridge games.  When I asked why he bought it?  He wanted an 8 cylinder engine, because the 6 cylinder wasn't responsive enough.

Gotta love it.  He's bought a more powerful car to compensate for the delay between his brain and his foot.  He already drives with one foot on the gas and the other on the break, and the whole concept just scares me.

Damn it Billy!