You Wouldn't Want A Mechanic As Your Pediatrician

Because that's just common sense. You'd want your baby to see the most QUALIFIED person you could... and this is where the voting majority learns what happens when you wind up with an egomaniac businessman as the president.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Aides to President Donald Trump were in deep talks about how to defuse tensions between Qatar and other Arab nations when the door to the secure room at the White House burst open.

The urgent message: Trump had just tweeted about Qatar.

One adviser read the tweet aloud and with that, the policymakers in midconference call had no other choice but to rework their plans to reflect the president's tweeted assertion that Qatar, host to some 11,000 U.S. troops, was funding terrorism.

It was an accusation against a close U.S. ally that had never been voiced so publicly and with such indelicacy.

People like to say that things aren't as bad as they seem because Dickhead is just one person, and really how much damage can one idiot really do? There is still an entire administration of qualified, career government employees (excepting, those related to Dickhead since none of those adjectives apply to them) holding things together.

Only they're not. They're barely holding their sanity together as they swim from sinking life raft to sinking life raft. Some don't even make it, preferring to go under than continue to be jerked around without rhyme, warning or reason.

Some wondered why Dickhead never revealed his plans for any of his grand ideas. I never wondered. He never had any plans. Plans are for peons. And Dickhead knows that there's tons of people out there to hire and fire for the next three and a half years.

Good luck fellas and gals of our noble government institutions. Lord knows you're gonna need it.

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