You Can Do Anything On Your Last Day, Including Making The World A Better Place

Oh my dear mysterious Twitter employees, thank you for our eleven minutes of respite.

Nov. 3 (UPI) -- President Donald Trump's chief method of public communication was sunk late Thursday -- by a Twitter employee on their final day, the social media giant said.

"[A] customer support employee ... did this on the employee's last day" Twitter said.

Trump's account -- @realDonaldTrump -- was offline for 11 minutes, Twitter said.

Eleven whole minutes of peace.
A joy such that we have not known in sometime.
The constant, agonizing howl of a mindless fool dribbling the inane compositions.
Such offal, unworthy of a million monkeys on their cell phones.
Harkens back to a time with sanity in hand, without an ocher skin tone, provided reassurance that brains, not barking, set our collective direction.

11 minutes of a national holiday. All thanks to a lasting day.

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