Women On Motorcycles Mean The End Of Society

Ah it smacks of the '50s, juvenile delinquents, tight sweaters and Elvis. Back in the days of the "Wild One" and bad girls who fell in with the wrong crowd, to the horror of their family and pastor. Well it's 2012 and once again the notion of women riding machines is cause for social alarm... only in a far stupider fashion.
A city in the Indonesian province of Aceh which follows Sharia has ordered female passengers not to straddle motorbikes behind male drivers. Suaidi Yahya, mayor of Lhokseumawe, says it aims to save people's "morals and behaviours".[..] Under the new regulation, the mayor says that women passengers are only allowed to sit "side-saddle" because straddling the bike seat violates Islamic values. "When you see a woman straddle, she looks like a man. But if she sits side-saddle, she looks like a woman," Suaidi said. He added that passengers who sat side-saddle rarely fell off.
Well Suaidi gets my vote as "first moron of the year" for demonstrating once again how stupidity and religion go hand in hand. Asking women to ride in an unsafe and unstable position is criminal, and declaring an association between a women straddling a bike and masculinity is tantamount to painting a big red "L" on your forehead. Islamic moron: 1, Common sense and dignity for women: 0.
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