Witcher 2 At The Crossroads: Choose Iorveth

For those wondering (and unwilling to play both scenarios) the better path to choose is Iorveth. While I won't reveal the plot details it's richer, more rewarding (in all sense of the word), and far more true to how you'd expect Geralt to act. Although I was initially inclined to follow Vernon I read up on a few websites and checked with my friends and chose Iorveth instead. Now that I've played Vernon's path for a bit I'm entirely surprised how shoddy and poorly composed it is. I would say, and this is just a guess, that the "alternative" path with Vernon was added as an afterthought just to give the game more playability but it certainly doesn't stand up to the level of effort that was put into the first Witcher game. Overall I'd say Witcher 2 is a good game, once you grasp the importance of dodging. I'd also say it was well worth the money, if you follow Iorveth's path that is...
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