William Bailey Going to Jail

William Bailey allegedly made fun of 10-yr old Hope Holocomb. Hope has cerebral palsy. Mr. Bailey was video taped mimicking the girl's limp and he was charged with fourth-degree disorderly conduct and first-degree aggravated menacing charges. The episode was just another chapter of on-going disputes between the Hope's parents, the Knights, and William Bailey. He pleaded "no contest" to downgraded offenses. Is William Bailey a jackass? I certainly think so based on the video that was shot. However, the jails are going to be overflowing if we start throwing people in jail for being jackasses. Mr. Bailey didn't touch the girl, it didn't even look like he interacted with her. His behavior was obnoxious, but it is barely "disorderly conduct" or "menacing", unless there is far more to the story than what we see in the news. In this situation Mr. Bailey pleaded "no contest", which means he is not challenging the charges. We will never know how the judge might rule or a jury might find. However, the mere fact that the prosecutor charged Mr. Bailey, and the judge sentenced the max, we have hit a slippery slope. I would never make fun of a little girl or anyone who has physical challenges. It is just plain mean to make fun of someone who has no control over their situation. It might be mean, but effectively criminalizing it is PC crap gone amok. Where do we draw the line? Does this mean I can't give my best "retarded" motion when a friend does something, um, retarded? What about sticking out my tongue at someone or giving them the finger? What about telling someone that I wish the fleas of a thousand rabid camels infest their crotch? Mr. Bailey is a jackass that deserves our collective disgust, but jail is a dangerous precedent.
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