Why Romney Lost: Too Much Faith In Money

The political parties can soul-search all they like, but the answer to what happened in this election is very simple: too much money and not enough thought. The Republicans out-raised the Democrats handily. No one will argue with that, but just like a person who is frugal with their money, the Dems spent what cash they had carefully and thoughtfully. Basically they didn't throw money at the problem and expect things to solve themselves. I feel for Mitt because it was a hard slap in the face. In the past money had always gotten him anything he wanted. But winning the Presidency is more than a one-man job, and the people he picked were probably more focused on the jackpot of winning than the job of educating voters as to why Romney would be better for them. The sad thing was seeing the reality set in on the big-money moguls, again Romney gets props for being a man, and Trump acted like the spoiled brat he was. Rove? Who the hell knows, that was just embarrassing. People who don't have a lot of money tend to make careful decisions on how it's spent, after all they can't go out and buy another if they choose poorly. That's a metaphor for both the election, our nation and the world economy. We got used to throwing money at problems, and when that money ran out the problems were still there because no one really solved them, people were happy just getting paid. On the silver-lining side I doubt that the uber-rich that threw millions into this election will ever do so again. Furthermore, the Supreme Court proved to be correct. Super PACs really can't buy America, and if they want to waste a lot of money trying? Well at least someone out there made a bundle.
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