Why Not Just Kill The Children?

How blind are you to pure evil?

March 7 (UPI) -- U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly said his agency is considering separating undocumented children from their parents if caught illegally crossing the border.

So when a desperate parent makes a journey WITH their child to the US to find a better life the first thing the US should do is rip that child away from the parent and put it into a holding cell with other children and then what? Somehow this is going to deter adults who have made a dangerous journey, adults who didn't abandon their child at home or send them alone to the US. Yep, compassionate, caring america is now the hate-filled, anger-seething, calculating nation which would "punish" anyone trying to come here illegally by tearing their child away from them.

So in my mind this registers as: inhuman, evil, vile, brutal, and probably even more in violation of human rights than some of our worst enemies. Tearing children from parent to what, teach the PARENT a lesson? Fuck what it does to the kid?

You know I saw somewhere a sign that said "Your vote was a hate crime." And honestly, with this administration it certainly is coming down to that.

John Kelly, you're a filthy, vile, scumbag of a person if you even CONSIDER doing this.

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