Why Does The BBC Employ Anthony Zurcher?

Generally I find the BBC news to have tight, insightful and unbiased commentary on all things political. But then there's Anthony Zurcher. From what I can tell most of what he writes is conservative slanted drivel that would be better suited for Faux News than a EU news wire. So I have yet to figure it out. From wild swipes at Obama (the world is ending, yes a black man became president of our former colony, it must be going to the dogs) to lauds about Trump and quirky meanderings about Hillary (Trump has caught up to Hillary in popularity don't you know) Tony seems to be hitting the bottle more than the keyboard with any degree of accuracy. So really BBC, you DO know that April fools only comes once a year right? The rest of the time there's very little tolerance for idiots. Especially ones that make the front of your digital facade. And Tony? I hear Faux is hiring, since Mama Bear quit...
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