Why A Woman Can't Get Elected In The US

Actually they CAN, but the cost is far and away higher and more excruciating than for men.

The Barbara Lee Family Foundation in the US wrote: "Voters recognize a double standard but actively and consciously participate in it.

"They express anxiety about a woman's job in office taking a backseat to her role at home and wonder who is taking care of the children, especially if they are young.

"If a candidate doesn't have children, voters worry that she may not be able to truly understand the concerns of families." (BBC)

Everyone loved to bash Hillary because she was a woman. The hate was so intense, so extreme that it's a wonder she survived. Had she died on the campaign trail conservatives would have danced for joy, calling it a gift from god.

That's basically because this nation is fucked up. We like to say there's equality, but the truth is that there's not much: women are paid less, burdened with more cost, prevented from making decisions about what goes on in their own body. And the best part? That there are american WOMEN who actually SUPPORT and BELIEVE that this is how things SHOULD be. Naturally I reserve a double helping of hate for those Judas-cunts. Because in each and every case those women never had to suffer, never had to choose, never had to take the shit that is dished out in the name of "compassionate" religion.

Women candidates are special. They're willing to stand up and face the hate and misogyny that our society deems not just acceptable but entertaining. "Lock her up." Remember that? When was that ever said about a male candidate? Their appearance is critiqued, and yet we now have one of the ugliest orangutans (apologies to those primates) in office as a result.

Had a baby? There's a problem. Not had a baby? There's a problem. Had five and one of them gets knocked up? There's a problem. Women cannot get a break, not even in 2017.

So to each of those women out there who voted for Dickhead, hear this: I hope your life is perfect, I hope the men you deal with at home and at work treat you with respect every moment of every day, I hope your family understands and supports you no matter how you look, think, or feel. Because if your life isn't perfect you certainly didn't do anything to make it any better. Nor for other women in the future.

Fuck you.

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