What You Won't Hear From Democrats: God Wanted Obama To Win

I keep hearing it batted around so why the hell not just throw it out here? God wanted Obama to win because: a. we had a major storm during the RNC, making it miserable b. we had a major storm just before the election, giving Obama a platform to showcase his abilities c. the apocalypse hasn't hit because healthcare is now a law Cheap shots like that aren't in the Democratic playbook. But no one said I was a good Democrat.
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The Republicans who think God gives two craps about our election would blame Romney because he’s not a “christian". Mormons believe in Christ and his name is even in the church’s official name, but that doesn’t mean most of the finger wagging, Bible thumping wackos that make up a large vocal bulling base of the GOP consider Mormons as christian.
11/09/12 @ 07:10
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D’oh. Point taken.
11/09/12 @ 09:19