What to do...

...when the in-law side of the family decides to spoil the holy living fuck out of your nieces and all you can see in the future is teen-age years filled with selfish, entitled, materialistic, down-right gimme-gimme bitchiness?

My sister can't see it. My brother-in-law only enables it. The family that doesn't have the cash to come out to dinner for special occasions can drop $400 in grown-up tech gadgets on an 8 and 10 year-old without understanding the damage they're doing, because the maturity certainly ain't there in the kids.

Comment from: odessa [Member] Email
Not much?

However if you can find a place to take them to volunteer to help the less fortunate and convince their parents, you might open their eyes eventually - at least to the fact that they are so fortunate. You might have do some calling around and/or wait a few years. I know my old church used to get the kids involved in the food pantry, as long as they were old enough to lift a can.
12/27/11 @ 09:01
Comment from: u235 [Member] Email
Sadly very little as Odessa pointed out. I try and temper my kids holiday narcissistic consumerism with reminders of how lucky they are. They also understand value because we tell them what it takes to get them their gifts in terms of hours worked. Now when they see a price on something they realize what that means in man-hours.

But there's little you can do with other people's kids, related or not. The best you can do is try and educate the parents, but it's probably a lost cause because it's really their insecurities you're dealing with.
12/27/11 @ 13:28
Comment from: sTmykal [Member] Email
*sigh* Yeah, you're right. The "take them to help you donate stuff to the truly needy" thing was suggested. I may try it. At the very least I'm insisting that I take everyone out for my birthday instead of getting gifts... just to cleanse my soul a bit.

The kicker was that both of my nieces received Nintendo 3DS systems (in addition to other multi dollar swag). And their regular old DS systems? Oh they're keeping them. Because all of the old games don't look as good on the 3DS (my brother-in-law's words).
12/27/11 @ 20:33