What's Wrong With This Joke?

Hint: It's fucking stupid. And wrong.
Over recent years, civil partnership dissolutions of lesbian couples have held steady at roughly twice the level of gay men's civil partnership dissolutions. This concerns lesbian comedian and writer Rosie Wilby, who has researched attitudes to monogamy and open relationships for her stand-up shows. "Straight women tend to have the luxury of having a female best friend, alongside a male partner," she says. "Lesbians are expected to be best friends with their partner, so there's a whole heap more expectation on just one person. Then you lose that best friend every three or so years." (BBC)
For a gay comedienne that was one stupid fucking joke. First off, straight women JUST LIKE GAY WOMEN can have a best friend of EITHER gender, male or female. There's nothing fucking unusual to have your spouse be your best friend, guy, girl or whatever. Luxury? Bitch - what you really just said there is "Straight women get along better with other women over an extended period of time than gay women do." Somehow I don't think that's what Rosie really meant to say. But if gay women are divorcing at a higher rate than gay men then perhaps there is room for introspection within their community - having nothing whatsoever to do with being married or having friends. Frankly I'm not inclined to offer my reasoning on why lesbians divorce at a higher rate, mainly because it's their business. But I will point out the number of news articles about lesbian divorcees suing each other for custody and the utter dearth of gay men suing each other and running off to South America with the aid of their newly-acquired, born again community. Dunno, maybe it happens, only you really don't hear about it. Anyway, Rosie, fuck you. That's a stupid fucking joke of a joke. Straight women don't have it over gay women when it comes to friendships and stable relationships. Also nothing prevents a gay woman from having another woman OR MAN as their best friend. Get a grip ya dumb twat and don't dis your own community. Instead DO something about it.
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Purely hypothetical and with absolutely no evidence behind it, I wonder if lesbian couples are more likely to have children either via adoption or other method. Anecdotally, I know I’ve heard of homosexual men having more difficulty than women for adoption or surrogacy. If the above is true (big IF), the stress of children may be a contributing factor in the higher rate of divorce. Just a thought without anything more conclusive behind it than what rattles around in my brain.
05/02/16 @ 21:19