Westboro Baptist IS a Hate Group

In the whole "I know it when I see it" mindset, Westboro Baptist a hate group. They are an evil bunch of bullies who kick people at their lowest in an attempt to make a point completely unrelated to those that they protest. Yes, it is their 1st Amendment right to be a bunch of douches, but it is also our right to call it what it is. It speaks volumes that a petition to the president has more than ten times the required 25,000 signatures. What that says to me is that most people that are not Fred Phelps' mindless minions sees Westboro for what they truly are: hateful. I would add spawns of satan, but that is just me. There are some additional petitions calling for their tax-exempt status to be removed due to their being a hate group. I completely agree with that because they are a sorry excuse for a religious institution. They should receive no preferential treatment from the society and government they hate so much. If they don't like it, there might be close to 300,000 people willing to chip in for one-way plane tickets to the destination of their choice. I could suggest a few homophobic Muslim countries ....
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Motion seconded.
12/29/12 @ 15:44
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Adding the WBC to a list of hate groups wouldn’t do much to change the behavior of the “church". The KKK has opperated as a 501©(3) tax exempt organization for decades despite being having the same label. The law many people are attempting to leverage in this attempt is that the WBC advocates a specific political party or candidate. But that’s simply not the case. The WBC is a bunch of litigious assholes who are hoping someone will try to censor them. They want to sue the state and make money off of the attempt.
12/30/12 @ 06:58
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The fact that the KKK is tax-exempt is disturbing. We really need to reexamine to who we grant tax-exempt status. If advocating a particular political party null tax-exempt status, then perhaps the Catholic Church should be looked at more closely. The Vatican is not above trying to insert themselves into US politics. And although they do not name names, they do tell their “flock” that they should not take sacrament if they vote for any candidates that are pro-choice or pro-same sex marriage.
12/30/12 @ 09:25
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The law says that advocating political candidates from the pulpit is cause to lose 501©(3) tax exempt status. But there are other ways to be tax exempt, that aren’t as favorable. Interestingly, the IRS has refused to enforce that law for years. Various congregations around the country have been trying to goad them into it for years by recording sermons and sending them to the IRS daring them to punish the churches for violating the law. They believe that they could get the law struck down as unconstitutional if the IRS ever actually enforced it. I’m not sure that I agree with the legal position, but it could go either way depending on the make up of the court. On the flip side, there are a number of atheistic organizations that push the IRS to remove tax exempt status for religious organizations entirely. Not to punish them, but to make them follow the same guidelines as other charities where donations and charitable efforts must be recorded and filed with the IRS. That would prevent congregations from paying pastors tax free income without limit while enforcing regulation on the amount of income that must be spent on charitable work in order to qualify for tax exemption. They also want to force religious charities to pay the same fees for filing that non-religious charities do. They believe that it’s unfair for the American Atheists to have to pony up $1000 to certify themselves as a charity while the KKK can file for free because it considers itself a religious organization.
12/31/12 @ 17:28