Turning Thanksgiving Into A Celebration Of Buying

Shame on all those people who went shopping on Thursday. Double to the stores that forced their employees to work rather than be home with their families. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE. This is Romneyfication of America: Money is good, buy, buy, fuck workers rights, fuck families unless they're at the top of the food chain. What is wrong with everyone? Thanksgiving is the one commercial-free holiday we have, and now it's dead in favor of greed. THERE'S ENOUGH TIME TO BUY, WHY TAKE THE FEW FAMILY HOURS AWAY FROM AMERICA? Because there's money to be made right? It's "What shoppers what." BULLSHIT. It's not what shoppers want, it's what stores are manipulating people into. Target, Sears, Walmart, fuck you all, fuck you for stealing Thanksgiving from everyone, not just your employees. And for the people who gave up spending time around the table with their loved ones? You assholes are what's wrong with this nation. You'd sell your own fucking babies for a discount. Addicts, junkies, sale-whores. If you have to fucking shop, then take your tablet or laptop and do it online, quietly, with a plate of pie while the kids play games or listen to music. If corporate America is going to drag Thanksgiving into the Christmas tar pit then I think it would be fair for the government to do away with the holiday altogether. Two days just dedicated to shopping? Ffs no. Stupid, materialistic, bullshit, pea-brained, greedy, greedy, greedy, unthinking, douchebags. I hate you all.
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I am with U235 on shame on the shoppers. Even if the shoppers don’t have family to spend Thanksgiving with, those people they expected to serve them at the store probably do. However, to realize that, they would have to get their heads out of their asses long enough see beyond that trinkets that make them glassy eyed. Many people in this country have been in a consumerism stupor for longer than Romney has been involved in politics. Retailers are only giving people what they think they want (and I think that MBA school rips any shred of ethics and compassion out of their students). And if you want to blame someone for giving retailers the idea that opening on Thanksgiving would be profitable, blame the assholes that camp out for Black Friday. They are willing to trade hours and days of their precious lives sitting in the elements just so they can claim “the prize", some bargain priced trinket that they will be looking to replace in a year or two. They are like mindless shopping zombies who may as well be mumbling “bargains” rather than “brains". Actually they would be better off looking for brains since they seem to have lost theirs.
11/24/12 @ 08:43
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I’m 15 years into my ‘no black friday’ boycott. It’s a stupid shopping holiday. I’m sure there are great bargains, but none of them are worth wading into the morass of crazy shoppers and insane shopping hours. Fuck it. There are few things I NEED that badly. And plenty of other times and places I can get them. My thanksgiving? We go to my parents house. Uncles, cousins, friends and neighbors all drop by. Then at noon, we crack open 35-45 beers and have a beer tasting with steamed shrimp and hors d’oeuvres. Much laughter and enjoyment ensues. Later in the evening the family sits down to a nice traditional dinner. Then we matriculate into the living room and talk for a few hours. Maybe play a game of cards. None of us leave early to shop. None of us head out at midnight to hit the sales. The family get together is more important than Christmas shopping. To be fair, I’ve spent the past couple of years trying to do away with Christmas gift giving entirely. I’d rather share egg nog and stories than gifts (at least between adults). EDIT: As an atheist who is often accused of being un-american for his lack of belief, I’m often amused that I have better holiday observances than many of those deemed more faithful and patriotic.
11/24/12 @ 08:48
Comment from: Larathiel
Looks like this is one of those rare times when all of us are in agreement. Over 300K people signed petitions urging Target not to do this, but it still fell on deaf ears (no clue if similar petitions were raised against Wal-Mart and Sears). I truly hope that any companies who opened on Thanksgiving Day ended up seeing a net loss for those hours they opened early — maybe if they did then it might teach them not to try such nonsense ever again. After all, if they can’t understand common decency maybe a nice kick in the deposit box would bring things into focus better. Of course, that would require people to have the self-restraint NOT to sell out their fellow man and blow off their families after stuffing themselves on turkey. Somehow I’m not overly optimistic…
11/25/12 @ 03:02