tRumpMerica: And The Last Bastion Of The White Male

Here's what Wikipedia says: "As of July 2016, white Americans are the racial majority. African Americans are the largest racial minority, amounting to 13.3% of the population. Hispanic and Latino Americans amount to 17.8% of the total U.S. population, making up the largest ethnic minority."

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out what this means for the future of the US. Problem is, the lower-income, lower-educated whites out there are shit-fucking scared of the future. Lucky for them, this asshole came along.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Donald Trump is nominating white men to America's federal courts at a rate not seen in nearly 30 years, threatening to reverse a slow transformation toward a judiciary that reflects the nation's diversity.

So far, 91 percent of Trump's nominees are white, and 81 percent are male, an Associated Press analysis has found. Three of every four are white men, with few African-Americans and Hispanics in the mix. The last president to nominate a similarly homogenous group was George H.W. Bush.

In a desperate attempt to roll back the clock, Dickhead Donald is using his authority to deny reality by appointing white men to every position he can. From every major position in his cabinet to the judiciary, Dickhead is projecting his view of the world on America. In his defense, it WAS mostly white, uneducated voters who pulled through for him. Not the popular vote mind you, but the electoral vote of course.

White non-Hispanic voters preferred Trump over Clinton by 21 percentage points (58% to 37%), according to the exit poll conducted by Edison Research for the National Election Pool. [..] College graduates backed Clinton by a 9-point margin (52%-43%), while those without a college degree backed Trump 52%-44%. (pew)

And so Dickhead is making good on his efforts to stamp out any gains made by women and minorities as hard and as brutally as he possibly can.

Of course that's not great for a nation that supposedly pride itself on diversity. But then in tRumpmerica it's not about diversity, it's about hating those who are different from you. Basically what the Nazi's and the KKK have been touting all along. Not that these are the best or most qualified people who could do the most for their community, fuck naw, because just like the EPA, just like the FDA, Dickhead wants to enable the wealthy and white and at the same time hamstring any other contenders.

So if you're a white, middle-aged man, props. This is your age of Aquarius. But that comes with a warning: there's going to be a backlash. And it's not going to be pretty. History says so.

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