tRump Endorses Alabama Pedo Perv

This comes as a surprise to no one. Birds of a feather y'all.

Buoyed by the taste of his own success in Congress as the Republican tax bill inches closer to passage, Trump telephoned Moore to offer encouragement as well as support and also argued in a pair of tweets that Moore's vote was badly needed to push the president's policies forward.

In addition, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who was initially among several national Republicans to urge Moore to drop out of the race, said Sunday it was up to Alabama voters to decide whether the former state Supreme Court chief justice should be elected. (AP)

So this is less of a test of the GOP leadership, since that right there is a contradiction in terms, and more a test of Alabama and the Red State Nation as a whole. Which is more important to the "good people" of the south? Electing a pervert who will "represent" them? Or Electing a democrat to represent them?

All in all I have very little faith that Alabama will embrace any biblical principles here. I mean hell, they helped elect the fucking Antichrist, might as well elect Baal to go with him.

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