Too Smart To Understand The Stupid

It's a thing, when you're too smart to understand and the vast majority of other humans in this universe are basically Zika babies by comparison. I feel for Ol' Stephen.
LONDON (AP) -- Stephen Hawking understands the workings of the universe - but says he cannot fathom the popularity of Donald Trump. The British astrophysicist told ITV's morning show Monday that the presumptive Republican Party candidate for U.S. president "is a demagogue who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator."
Even the 3 Stooges had some redeeming qualities by comparison, but in this case Trump supporters are openly embracing greed, anger, misogyny, censorship, war, racism and the list goes on. Why? Because people aren't afraid to embrace the mob mentality. Bush W. was a perfect example of the empowerment of "stupid like me". Instead of saying "yeah, maybe I'm not qualified to be President, maybe we NEED smart, educated, thoughtful, experienced people" it was "heh heh heh Cornholio! for President is cool!" and Trump voters want Nero to be king because they want to see the nation burn. If I live in a slum, so the fuck should everyone else, heroin for all! Sorry Stephen, you're a thoughtful kinda guy. You'll never understand the mentality of people who want to wallow in their own squalor and take everyone else with them. Those are the Trump voters.
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