The World Moves Forward, While We Move Back

It seems as if great strides are happening around the world as the US creeps slowly into the shadows. Perhaps what we're seeing is a form of equilibrium, where even nations with terrible records on human rights and equality are saying "fuck, the US is going into the shitter, maybe we'd better do the opposite before the whole world goes to hell."

Saudi Arabia's King Salman has issued a decree allowing women to drive for the first time, state media say. Government ministries are to prepare reports within 30 days and the order will be implemented by June 2018, the Saudi Press Agency reported. Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world to forbid women from driving. (BBC)

The Irish government says it will hold a referendum next year on whether to change the country's laws on abortion, one of the strictest in Europe.

Voters will be asked to decide whether to change the Irish constitution under which abortion is only allowed if the life of the mother is in danger.(BBC)

As Saudia Arabia and Ireland move forward with women's rights, here in the US we're turning back the clock against victims of rape on college campuses, making it harder for women to afford health care and celebrating a president who has not only been prideful in boasting about how me can grope any woman he likes, but actually gropes his wife in public.

You would think that other nations would take their cues from the conservative wave of woman-hate sweeping the US, but no, apparently they're better than that. And we, who used to pride ourselves in being a celebrated democracy based on equality are being represented by an arrogant bombast who wants to take cues from Dictators and Monarchs like Kim Jong and Putin.

We suck.

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