The Self-Solving Problem Of Storm-Stayers

The news is happy to interview people who feel obliged to share their rationale as to why they're choosing not to evacuate. Most of it is illogical and delusional. News presenters shake their heads and shrug, but it reinforces for other like-minded people that their decision to stay is valid.

There's two sides to that: sure, if you're stupid enough to stay then you deserve what you're going to get vs. the risk you're placing on emergency responders to save your sorry ass.

While the second is truly a tragedy, the first falls into the category of "just desserts" which I'm fine with. If you're the kind of person who believes that god provides for morons who deliberately put themselves in the path of danger, well bully for you, go on test that faith. Also please stand outside with your mouth open as it rains and drown where it'll be easy to find the body. We don't need fools like you voting in the any election.

And to all the first responders who wind up saving damn fools who could have left, I'm sorry. I know this is what you trained for, but saving stupid people is far less romantic than it seems. It's also problematic since they'll be alive to keep making bad decisions that affect the rest of us.

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