The Pre-K Vocab President

Challenge time kids! Take the next few "presidential" quotes and remove the following words: Great, Winning, Terrible, Bad, Love, Massive, Huge, Pathetic, Dumb, Stupid, Dope, Weak, Incompetent, Boring, Fool, Pathetic, Haters & Losers, Racist, Clown, Overrated, Disgusting, Goofy, Low-Rating, No-talent, Low life.

Do you know that would eliminate almost 2000 tweets? I say eliminate because just removing those words wouldn't actually render the content any more meaningless than it already is. It's basically a zero sum of intelligent communication either way, so removing those words basically means it's as if he never bothered to press send in the first place.

Yes the president is a knuckle-dragging, spit-drooling moron. JUST what his voters wanted. Totally making america huge and great with winning and without any massive, pathetic, dumb, stupid, dope, weak, incompetent, boring, pathetic haters and loser racist clowns, who are overrated and disgusting not to mention goofy because of their no-talent, low life, low-rating badness.

Also, apparently Dickhead Donald is too stupid to use a spell checker. Or an editor.

I didn't want a moron for a president. I have enough trouble with them being fellow citizens.

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