The Perrys' Deserve Respect Not Boos

On a flight to retrieve their son's body, the Perrys were booed. Their son, Sgt. John Perry, was killed when he tried to stop a suicide boomer in Afghanistan. He may have saved 100 people or more.
(Stewart Perry) told the Daily News that he, his wife and his daughter were delayed on an American Airlines flight from Sacramento to Phoenix, and were allowed to leave the plane first so they did not miss a connecting flight that brought them to the East Coast so they could reach Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. Perry said that other passengers in the first class cabin hissed when the captain mentioned that everyone needed to remain seated because family and "military personnel" needed to leave, and added that he believed that at least some passengers had been told that the family members of a fallen soldier were aboard. ?To hear the reaction of the flight being delayed because of a Gold Star family, and the first class cabin booing that was really upsetting, and it made us cry some more,? he told KOVR, who first reported the story. The elder Perry juxtaposed the "people who only think about themselves" to the second flight, which waited for his family despite them being late. He praised the respectful nods from passengers on the second flight had, saying that he has also noticed others with a disregard for the loved ones left behind by veterans.
Shame on those people on that first flight. I wonder if anyone who didn't boo shamed those that did or if they just sat mutely. Are we only willing to support and protect certain classes people, like gays, handicapped and minorities, from ridicule and abuse? Those pointing fingers at those they assume hate need to make sure they aren't passing on the hate themselves. Please don't throw salt in the wound of a parent who lost a child, whether you agree with our military or not. Only we can decide to to come together despite what others do around us.
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