The Marvelous Magic Of Misinformation (Or: It's Not All About Me)

There's something special about bullshit, it makes both the target and the shit-slinger smell like poo. Unless of course, it's election time and the voters are not too discriminating. In which case the person slinging the shit can come out smelling like roses while object of derision is buried in slander encircled by an angry mob with torches and pitchforks. The problem here is that mob mentality is NOT what you want to elect a government, you want people who will stop, think and decide for themselves whether the slander is true or not. Ideally. Clearly that's not the case here. Here we had bread and circuses that appealed to the "I, Me, Mine" voters with such effectiveness that even typical selfish schmucks got off their asses to vote. No, that's not hyperbole it's the truth. In this case a successful business-owner who had never once voted, actually got off her ass to go vote for Trump. Why? Because this cunt had never, ever paid taxes on her business and the idea that a total shitbag who was proud of cooking the books could be president eliminated her guilt (and gave her hope that maybe she too would never get caught cheating.) The thing is, dear shitbags, that if you think your choices won't come to haunt you, that it will be life as usual, nothing will change day to day, well you're wrong. You see things HAVE ALREADY CHANGED. The world has divided into two groups: those who see themselves as all that matters and those who see our society and everyone in it as all that matters. Further, those who have voted for tRump and who choose to bandy this about (and most do, either because they want assuage their guilt or attack someone else) also choose to brand themselves with a scarlet "T". Your vote, your choice, it's true, but it's also your consequences as well. Because once you're out of the closet (as it were) there's no going back and the people around you then get to choose also. So yeah, not my problem? Oh no, you're sadly misinformed because it is your problem, because your life (and everyone else's) has changed. And not for the better.
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