The GOP: Greatly Over Promise

So there we go, 3 GOP senators with real balls (so to speak since two were women) to decline to enact a complete shitshow on the American public and 48 complete pussies who voted yes ONLY because they knew it wouldn't pass.

So how's that "repeal the ACA" workin' out for ya? Not so good huh? You were all big talk about what you WOULD do if you were in charge there, GOP ol' buddy, but it was sooo fucking easy to say no. So easy to impede, obstruct, prevent, interfere that you never once, not for a single fucking second, had a plan to make your promises a reality.

Pretty embarrassing huh? I know I'd be embarrassed for you if I wasn't so damn disgusted by the fact that so FEW of you have a spine or the abilities you claim you have to run the country.

Do your job? Nah, you don't even know how. Not even in a terrible way. Instead you're all so fucking busy covering your asses and sucking Dick that you can't govern.

So, now we know what the party of HATE and NO is really good for. Absolutely nothing... say it again.

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