The Devil Made Me Do It - Duggar Edition

Josh Duggar wants to get back on TV. I know, that sounds far fetched. The child molesting fucktard thinks that enough time has passed that he can waltz onto a talk show, preach his special brand of bullshit, blame the devil, beg forgiveness for his flawed human nature and everything will be fine. Then TLC will give him his own TV show to let him live the high life some more. See, this is the central flaw in Christianity. That idea that saying your sorry means total forgiveness. And if God/Jesus forgives him, everyone else should forget about what he did too. It helps if you can offload your own failing onto something else insubstantial and unearthly. I mean, if the devil made you do it, what chance did you have? He's an all powerful demon with an eternity to plot your personal downfall. He spent eons thinking up ways to exploit the tiny cracks in your character to make you fall from grace for just one second. On top of that, Josh thinks that simply offering up his apology, even if sincerely felt, puts everything back to a correct place in the world. That, because he said 'my bad', not only must we forgive, but he deserves to be put back into the limelight. That not only must all good Christians overlook his foibles, but we must assist in his return to 'fame' and fortune. Not every mistake made by person is the same. Some people slip up and deserve to be redeemed with an apology. This isn't one of those times. Josh shouldn't get to be famous again. He doesn't deserve it. If you want to live a penitent and 'forgiven' life, maybe you should avoid the spotlight. After all, the devil can tempt you better there, right? If you come out from under the rock you've been hiding under, you should expect infamy and ridicule. Not forgiveness and adulation. Really, let us be honest here. You deserve nothing. You're scum. Want to prove you're not? Spend the rest of your life making up for your mistakes. Until then, fuck off.
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