Thank You Jeff Hennie...

...for proving once again that idiots can ride but they can't read.
While many motorcycle groups endorse the use of helmets, they also oppose mandatory helmet laws as infringements on personal liberties and their right to assume the risk of riding without a helmet, the report said. "We are 100 percent pro-helmet, and 100 percent anti-helmet law," Jeff Hennie, vice president of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, said. "Putting a helmet law in place does not reduce motorcycle fatalities." (AP)
Now let's roll back to the start of the article...
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Direct costs from deaths and injuries due to motorcycle crashes were $16 billion in 2010, but the full cost is likely higher because long-term medical expenses are difficult to measure, a government report said[..] Laws requiring all motorcyclists to wear helmets are the only strategy proven effective in reducing fatalities and injuries, the report said. Several studies have estimated helmets reduce the risk of death by as much as 39 percent, the report said. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has estimated helmets saved the lives of 1,550 motorcyclists in 2010.
So Jeff, helmet laws that force people to wear real helmets HAVE been proven to save lives. I'm sorry, but you're not just wrong, you're delusional. You can lie and ignore the facts but science isn't based on fantasy, it's based on reality and that reality is HELMETS SAVE LIVES. Do you have a right to take risks? Yes, riding is a risk, helmet or no helmet. But so long as someone is forced to take care of you when you're injured, and pay for your care, that someone is also allowed to mandate you reduce your risk by wearing a helmet. Don't be an asshole. Wear a helmet. It does more than just protect you in a crash.
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I view this a bit like the universal health care debate. I hate when the government forces people to do things that should fundamentally only effect that person. You don’t want to have to pay for health insurance? Fine. Carry a card that states that you don’t have insurance and information on your ability to pay. Refuse to get insurance and can’t afford the emergency room? Then the hospital staff should dumps your ass on the sidewalk. Same thing with helmet laws. Don’t want to wear a helmet? Fine. Then pay your own damn medical bills if you crash and if you can’t, have your ass dumped on the sidewalk. This is a case of an easily measured cause and effect. Wear a helmet, save your head, whether there is brain inside or not. Furthermore, as a motorist, I wouldn’t want the lasting visage of some motorcyclists brains spattered about if I were unfortunate enough to hit one. No one wants to have an accident, but they happen.
11/28/12 @ 11:12