Taylor Martin and Seth Stephenson, More From the Dumbass Parade

Taylor and Seth made a youtube video of themselves tormenting a manatee (link). They lured the manatee near a dock using a hose and then jumped on top of her, missing narrowly her calf. Not only is what they did illegal, but these two dumbasses are cruel.

Yeah, sure, they yucked it up. Very funny. I'm sure both of these turds would like some dumbass to jump on them in their homes. Yes, the canal is the manatees' home. Manatees don't bother anyone and they serve a useful purpose by cleaning out vegetation that would otherwise clog Florida waterways. Manatees are obviously far more useful than Taylor or Seth who are merely a waste of space.

Personally, I hope they get the maximum, which is one year. That is one year maybe they can sit and think. Well. at least their obviously defective genetic material would temporarily be out of circulation. If they don't wise up, maybe we can hope their next exercise in stupidity gets them a Darwin Award nomination. 

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