Stupid, Fascist, Hateful Idiot

Yes. Yes he is.

It was wrong for US President Donald Trump to retweet videos posted by far-right group Britain First, Downing Street has said. Mr Trump shared three posts by the group's deputy leader, including unverified footage purporting to show Muslims committing crimes. Theresa May's spokesman said Britain First used "hateful narratives which peddle lies and stoke tensions". (BBC)

Dickhead just can't help himself. Every time, every fucking time there's a problem that involves ACTUAL work (in this case, working on a new tax bill) Dickhead dodges responsibility by distracting and dissembling. In this case analysis has proved that the tax bill is garbage and mostly help the ultra-rich GOP donors. It won't help the middle class. It will actually hurt the poor. Asshole already insulted democrats who WERE going to sit down and discuss but... he insulted them and then demanded they apologize for being insulted.

So now this. Throwing yet ANOTHER tantrum to try and avoid the issues and challenges at hand.

Inept. Incapable. Ignorant. And yet, somehow, president. Anyone really can be president. If they're rich enough.

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