St. Louis H.S. Shame On You for Shaming Tera Myers

Tera Myers is a St. Louis High School science teacher (biology???) who was recently put on administrative leave. Did she hit a student? No. Did she tell an off color joke? No. Did she get high with her students? No. Did she pose nude? Yes, more than pose nude she performed in porn. But it wasn't last week or last year, it was 20 years ago under the name Rikki Andersin. Link to St. Louis Today. A student saw Rikki in a porn movie and the info ran through the school like wild fire. Tera was confronted and fessed up to her past as Rikki, and got placed on leave. First, the kid watching the video should get grounded or punished somehow (which won't happen if he has parents that watch it with him and think it's cool that a minor is watching porn and discussing it. But that has to do with parental lax supervision and rules and that is another topic). Shame on that kid. If you are a kid (sorry, teenagers are kids, deal) and watch porn, keep it to yourself and keep your mouth shut. Other wise you are just a blabber mouth. To the kid who spread the rumor, you ruined a woman's career, you little dick head. Second, the school administration should be ashamed of it's self. It had a knee jerk reaction over something their students shouldn't even be watching. They should be telling the students that porn is something illegal for them to purchase and that they should mind their own business. Instead they are using it as a "teaching moment" for their students about consequences of their actions. Yeah, sure I get that, kids need to quit texting pics of their body parts to other people, but this woman was an adult when she made the movies. She did nothing illegal. Personally, porn ain't my thing, but I can understand the desperation that might drive someone to make it. However, I hate the hypocrisy of a society that says it's legal to make it, over looked when some snot nosed kid watches it then tattles, and thinks it's OK for the admin to punish her. I hate the hypocrisy that we in the US think it's OK for us to devour porn like candy and glorify overtly sexualized behavior, but those making porn are vilified. Porn is all about supply and demand. Rikki wouldn't have had that job if no one watched porn.
Comment from: debwildwood
I agree with this commentary. The student(s) was wrong. What the teacher did was legal, although I’m sure she regrets it now.
03/09/11 @ 12:59
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Funny, I thought America was a place where people are always given the opportunity to turn their lives around. She went from porn to a socially accepted job. Shouldn’t she be celebrated as having succeeded instead of demonized for her past? Apparently the Scarlet Letter is still valid even today.
03/09/11 @ 21:39