Scary Sick-o Far-Right Fucks: Debra Medina

Just when you think Texas has gone far enough to the right to tip right off the continental shelf you wind up with scary-crazies like Debra Medina running for office. -She thinks there should be no gun laws, and "lamented in a recent debate that current law did not allow her to take her pistol, which she keeps in a zippered case in her car, into the grocery store." -She wants to deploy the Texas National Guard along the border. -She believes that federal agencies, such as the E.P.A. should have no jurisdiction within the states and if elected she would "tell the E.P.A., ‘You have no authority here." -Property taxes would go and the government would fund itself only on a 15% sales tax. Texas has been and continues to be the biggest joke in the nation. The un-funny part is how big-business has leveraged these politicians into a back-door access to the highest reaches of power. Sadder still is that voters are easily attracted by the ooo-shiny factor, not realizing that the bright lights and glossy images they see are being brought to them by the same corporations that want to ensure that government for the people only benefits them.
Comment from: bman
She’s not *too* far off… The gun laws.. yea, those have to stay. There are ways/means to own/carry already in place that in my opinion, are fair. Texas Natl Guard on the border - totally agree, its out of control down there with drug lords fighting over territory. The US Border control is, like the TSA, ineffective. EPA - yes, abolish them. The EPA is 85% of the reason new manufacturing businesses can’t get established OR stay in business in the US. The red tape amongst all the govt intervention makes these factories head overseas. Property Taxes - Sticky issue. Don’t know their rates there, so can’t speak on it.
02/15/10 @ 05:15
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bman - The EPA does serve a purpose in areas that do not have State or local environmental enforcement; however, they are sorely in need of restructuring and reorganization. I deal with them and when they get involved it frustrates me, but there have been a few occasions where they have been able to step in a deal with an issue where no one else can. Furthermore, I’ve seen what unregulated industry can do, and it ain’t pretty. Gun laws? I find it hard to believe that Texas’s laws are any stricter than other places, plus those issues are left to the state - so she should deal with it there. I don’t care what TX does, I never plan to go there.
02/15/10 @ 09:35
Comment from: Chris
First off if everyone has guns people with guns have no power. My mother is alive today for this reason ( bank robber, probably out of stater ). Maybe that’s the way it should be in MA, but nobody has the right to take a gun away from a Texan in Texas. Texas bargained for entry into the union, being the only nation to join it. You’re taught at a young age gun safety, and though they are common they are taken very seriously. Also the harsh punishments of the law keep people in line. Nation guard…yeah good idea, keep the drugs out, keep the gang wars ravaging mexico on that side of the border. The sales tax….I’m not sure on that, but I do know in Texas more of the money you work for stays in your pocket and the quality of life is pretty good, part of the reason Texas grows leaps and bounds each census. Only one state shrunk in the 1990 census…Mass…. I know just this, in Texas at least I felt I was free and not crushed by liberal polotics where murders go free and if someone hurts themselves robbing your house, you have to pay them and maybe even lose your home. Texas is the best state in the Union.
02/18/10 @ 09:04
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Murders in TX go free if they’ve murdered a Yankee. Doesn’t matter if that Yankee moved to TX and was in his own house and the guy that murdered him was screwing his wife. But I guess that’s my chip on my shoulder about TX justice.
02/18/10 @ 17:47