Savita Halappanavar: Victim of Catholicism

When it comes down to it women, especially pregnant ones, have no rights in Catholic and Pro-life dogma. That a women should die even as the fetus attached to her dies is considered OK. And this is the 21st century...
Savita Halappanavar's family said she asked several times for her pregnancy to be terminated because she had severe back pain and was miscarrying. Her husband told the BBC that it was refused because there was a foetal heartbeat.[..] An autopsy carried out two days after her death found she had died from septicaemia, according to the Irish Times. (BBC)
Ireland murdered a bright, intelligent, pretty woman who wasn't even Catholic. They imposed a death sentence that even Third World nations wouldn't have. All in the name of religion. And this could have happened here in the US if the zealots within the Republican party had their way. I'm sorry for Savita. The entire story is a horror show of what happens when Church and State aren't separate. Religion has no place in modern society, we've evolved past the point where people need the fear of the unknown to act in a civilized fashion, at least the vast majority of us have. Those who still feel the need to blindly believe in the intangible should be allowed to do so, but not in a way that affects the essential liberties of everyone else. You don't believe in abortion? Fine, you shouldn't have one. But don't tell others what they should or shouldn't do. Religion isn't mandated by force of will, it's by choice. Which is the most fundamental human right of all.
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