Sally Reynolds Ruining The Party

Who is Sally Reynolds?

Last year, Cate's mum Sally Reynolds bought six tickets to see the band in concert on 1 September at the South of England Event Centre in Sussex.

Sally is deaf and booked for herself and two deaf friends to go with their daughters who are all able to hear.

In order that she and her two friends could fully access the performance, Sally asked the organisers, LHG Live, to provide a British Sign Language interpreter.

She was initially offered carer tickets and told that she could bring her own interpreter, but she didn't consider that met her needs or amounted to full access.

Speaking exclusively to the BBC, Sally explained: "We asked two or three times, please can you provide the interpreter for us, and the explanation we got back was just a 'no'.

"It didn't have any reason behind it and eventually we became so frustrated.

"I wanted to share the same experience my daughter had - essentially I just wanted access to the songs." (BBC)

Long story short, Sally decided to sue. And in the end the performance WAS supported by a sign-language interpreter... but not the opening acts and Sally was PISSED.

Ok, let's start with, it's sad that Sally is deaf. It's sad that technology hasn't provided Sally with a way to recover her hearing, but technology HAS provided Sally with voice-to-text translation options. It's equally sad that Sally feels that she is entitled to be supported, nurtured, and assisted by others just because. Honestly, being provided an extra ticket seems quite fair, but no, that wasn't good enough. She "wanted the same experience."

Sally, no amount of money, inclusion, or support is going to give the you "same experience". The same way that blind people can't ever get the same experience from a sunset, you will never get the same experience as your daughter. You can, however, come across as greedy-balls selfish and arrogant.

In a time where society is recognizing and advancing the quality of life for the disabled, especially in the nation you live in, you're being stuck up stupid. People will use you as a reason to exclude, not include, and you're hurting the cause not helping. Except yourself.

So, how did your 15 minutes of fame work out for you?

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