Safe-toe First!

That was a joke. It's supposed to be a play on the words "Safety First". I suppose I could have gone with Safety - Foots! But that's not better. Anayway... On the way home I see a young girl, likely in her teens, pushing your typical, gas-powered lawn mower. Ok, she's got shorts on, but hey, she also has on hearing protection. Good job, save that hearing (although I mowed the lawn for almost 10 years and it didn't impact my hearing, the tests said so.) Then I notice that she's barefoot. Uh, what? Barefoot? Mowing the lawn? And she was stepping up close to the mower, trying to shove it over some tree roots. Yeah I drove the heck away before the next "step". Literally. Sheesh. Ok, you'll have great hearing, but your ballet career will be over. That's for damn sure.
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