Roy Moore: Pedophile, Pervert

It's always the ones that preach the hardest that have the darkest secrets to hide. Roy Moore is no different than any other holy-rollin' wannabe with a terrible past of abuse.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A second woman abruptly emerged Monday to accuse Roy Moore of sexually assaulting her as a teenager in the late 1970s, this time in a locked car, further roiling the Alabama Republican's candidacy for an open Senate seat. Leaders of Moore's own party intensified their efforts to push him out of the race.[..]

One night when she was 16, Moore offered to drive her home, she said, but instead parked behind the restaurant and touched her breasts and locked the door to keep her inside. She said he squeezed her neck while trying to push her head toward his crotch and tried to pull her shirt off.

"I thought that he was going to rape me," she said.

Moore finally stopped and as she got out of the car, he warned that no one would believe her because he was a county prosecutor, Nelson said. She said her neck was "black and blue and purple" the next morning and she immediately quit her job.

Nelson said that shortly before that, days before Christmas, she'd brought her high school yearbook to the restaurant and Moore signed it. A copy of her statement distributed at the news conference included a picture of what she said was his signature and a message saying, "To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say, 'Merry Christmas.'"

Roy Moore is evil. He's the person who hails Jesus the loudest because he's got something to hide: his own crimes. Roy grew up in a time when grabbing titties on young, defenseless women was OK because he had power and they had none. In fact he never DENIED grabbing titties, rather he claims that he "can't remember" exactly WHAT happened, while not denying that something did.

[Moore] has threatened to sue the Washington Post, which last week published accounts from three women who alleged encounters with Mr Moore decades ago when they were teenagers and he was in this 30s.[..] But Mr Hannity argued that Mr Moore "deserves the presumption of innocence".

He invited him on his radio show to defend himself and his campaign.

On his radio show on Thursday, Mr Hannity seemed to play down the women's allegations.

He said: "There was no sexual, there was kissing involved, and then they're saying this one encounter with a 14-year-old..."

"And it was consensual," his programme producer interjected. (BBC)

A 30 year old man trying to screw teenagers is disgusting, but let's not lose track of the real issue here: AGE OF CONSENT IS NOT 14 ROY MOORE, YOU FUCKING PERVERT, AND YOU KNEW IT. In fact so many people are disgusted with Hannity backing a pedophile that they dropped their advertising from his show, including the coffee-maker giant Keurig. This is leading to the conservative howler-monkeys getting headaches from a lack of caffeine in the morning.

US conservatives are destroying their Keurig coffee machines after the company announced it would stop advertising on a Fox News programme.

OMFG cry me a river you stupid fuckwads. Yes, please smash your coffee machines. I'm sure the Keurig company will REALLY fucking care. Plus at some point you'll probably go out and buy new ones because of the huge stash of K-cups you have in your pantry that you'd have to throw out otherwise.

And Roy, as for you, maybe you can get a good job as a barrista, since there's going to be a spike in customers at the local doughnut shop in the near future.

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