Rhetoric, Guns and Entertainment

There's peanut butter and chocolate, two great tastes that taste great together. And now? There's gun control and nut-jobs, two great topics that compliment each other even better. Note that I haven't specified which side of the argument the nut-jobs are on because, imho, they're pretty evenly distributed. Case in point, the comments after the article from CNN on Walmart rationing ammo. Roll tape!
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) Faced with months of surging demand, Wal-Mart is rationing sales of ammunition. The nation's largest retailer is limiting ammunition sales at its stores across the country to three boxes per customer, per day. Guns and ammunition have been flying off store shelves since President Obama's reelection in November, and the firearm rush only picked up in the wake of the tragic school shooting in Newtown, Conn., in December.
Even considering how *slowly* legislation moves on things we can even agree on, people are caught up in the frenzy. Pants-on-head liberals are howling that mental-health issues are ~not to blame, quoting numbers on how few of the truly insane actually commit horrific crimes while pissing-from-the-door conservatives insist that guns don't kill, criminals kill, and criminals don't abide by laws anyway. It just goes on and on. But the thing is, unlike abortion, which gets personal fast, gun rights aren't. Sure people take it as seriously, but face it, denying someone a gun isn't like forcing someone to have a baby they don't want. It's a different level. So, here for your amusement, are just a quick selection of comments based on the above article, both the pro and the con, which beautifully illustrate just how MUCH fun gun control is to debate if you do it with a glass of liquid relaxation in one hand... •"three boxes per customer, per day" Only 3 boxes per day? How will people survive? •Whenever I go to the range, I usually go through 3-500 rounds. Box is normally 50 (for handgun). Do the math. Granted, lately, my range time has been severely cut back, because of this hoarding issue. •Does it make you feel more like a man? Is any other evidence of your masculinity extremely small? Goofy, goofy and goofy •Does it make you feel more like a man, or woman, sitting in front of the screen viewing CNN Video and making comment for hours a day? Fact, sitting in front of the monitor more than 4 hours a day will give you Moobs. •Moobs* 0_0 •What is it with you libs and your nonsensicle comments. Simply unbelievable. •Public educations!!!! •I see your wrist is limp...... •That's not what your wife told me... •as it should be. You should only be aloud to buy this crap at the range... and nowhere else! Secondly, none of it should be aloud off the range property... including your crazy weapon. •But then there are those darned civil rights getting in the way of your hysteria again... •I wonder if you meant "allowed". Thankfully, I did not have to read your entire post to realize you're stupid. •The word is "allowed" •thank god for the spell check troll, everyone we are OK now! •I'm sure Walmart is busy setting up their own shooting ranges, for that very reason •Wish they would, all of my local ranges have been converted to Condos. •Sometimes look up "allowed". •I unload several hundred rounds a day patrolling the perimeter of my yard. •Mail me the casings :) •Get his address and go to his house to get them. Just be careful. •unless you are illegally manufacturing the gun powder to reload them with... then you sir are on a DHS list. •Switch to claymores. Then you can just sit on the porch, drink beer and wait for a reason to waste ammo and energy. •patrolling from who??? Syrian opposition fighters? What exactly are you patrolling anyway- what do you have in your possession that's so worth hording? •I do the same thing. Squirrels are Satan's little helpers and we ALL know it! Scurrying around and chittering in that special rodent code of theirs! Damn tree rats! •Quite tasty though. •He's patroling for Liberals. And there you have it folks! We're open all week. Try the veal!
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