Rep. John Conyers on Illegal Immigrants

Rep. Conyers doesn't want people using the term "illegal immigrant" in his presence.
“I hope no one uses the term ‘illegal immigrants’ here today,” Conyers said today, as National Review noted. “Our citizens are, the people in this country are not illegal, they are out of status, they are new Americans that are immigrants, and I think that we can forge a path to citizenship that will be able to pass muster.”
What is "out of status" supposed to mean? "Status" is defined as: 1) the position of an individual in relation to another or others, especially in regard to social or professional standing; 2)state or condition of affairs: Arbitration has failed to change the status of the disagreement; or 3) Law. the standing of a person before the law. Hmm. What are the possible meanings of the term "out of status" given these definitions? 1) "Out of position or social standing"? Possible. Many illegal immigrants are not part of main stream America, what ever that is. Don't think Rep. Conyers meant that. 2) "Out of affairs"? That could possibly mean that illegal immigrants are in limbo. That might be true for many but I still don't think Rep. Conyers was trying to convey this meaning. 3) "Out of standing before the law"? This could meaning someone is outside the law. In other words, "illegal". I think we have a winner folks. In other words, Rep. Conyers prefers an imprecise term meaning "illegal" over the actual word "illegal". The fact remains that illegal immigrants are here because they broke our laws to get here or to stay here. The use of "immigrant" versus "alien" softened the term enough and I refuse to soften it anymore. Calling someone "out of status" does not change the fact that they are law breakers that would be shipped back to their own countries if they are caught by INS. Trying to candy coat the term "illegal immigrant" is silly. Perhaps immigration laws need to be revised, but until then, Rep. Conyers needs to keep his P.C. bull crap to himself. Illegal immigrants are what they are: illegal.
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Comment from: bman
I knew congress would take upon itself, in full focus, an issue like immigration to lay a smoke-screen around the tumbling economy. Typical politicians, they deflect, hide and side-step issues that they know will affect their membership during the next congressional election in 2014. There are already 1000’s upon 1000’s of lines of laws on this whole immigration issue, and much like the whole gun control debacle, rather than enforce what’s already written they have decided to write even more. They’ve done a good job of avoiding tackling the financial issues this country is in by deflecting the media and the public’s attention on issues such as gay rights, immigration, defense of marriage act, “assault” weapons debates, middle east interests, congressional sex scandals.. oh the list can go on and on. Sorry America, none of those issues are important enough to affect our economic mess. Meanwhile, we’re almost at 17 trillion and the CBO projects it to be 25 trillion by 2020. Stupid people, lets call them “Sheeple” simply wander aimlessly ignoring our country’s debt problems.
02/06/13 @ 08:25