Reality Is Fake And tRump Is Jesus

Like a toddler screaming "no, no, no" to bedtime, Dickhead has a problem with anything he doesn't like. Only he doesn't scream "no, no, no" rather idiot labels things as "fake". To be fair, with his degree of mental illness he can only really keep track of things in two categories "great" and "fake". There's also "bad" but that's just used to mix things up and prove to people that his brain isn't in a similar state as an abandoned kitchen sponge found at the back of the cabinet under the sink.

Actually that analogy is pretty dead-on.

But Dickhead is who he is and the delusional/message-senders who thought he was just *pretending* to be craze were deluded themselves. By now everyone with any sanity knows full well that Dickhead is crazy as a coot and a danger to himself and others. By now the fear and shock of his election has worn off and everyone just grips their chair with increasing anxiety in the hope that nothing goes nuclear and the stupidity emanating from the white house is just absorbed by the continuing in-capacitance of the Senate.

Of course there ARE people who are still happy that the loony-toon (sorry, apologies to WB) was elected, and THEY are a special class themselves: the religious right. These are people who have convinced themselves that all the evil this person physically represents (greed, promiscuity, sloth... you know the whole lot of seven) somehow is a demonstration of their deity's gracious love. Yes, the devil himself with orange hair (hint, hint) shows up saying everything they want to hear and they LOVE him enough to praise him at their holiday meals and prayers.

On the surface that might seem contradictory to a rational, normal human being but one has to remember, these are people who still hold onto the belief that Jesus is the son of a patriarchal god who (somehow) was born from a human virgin (and also the world was created in seven days, the list goes on). Basically these people are as delusional as Dickhead and happy to have someone as fucked up and irrational as themselves in charge because it validates their overly-vocal world view.

One the one hand, good for them, they're having their day. On the other, good for us, because wasting time, effort, friendship, support and sustenance to people who would rather pray over your corpse instead of saving your life is a valuable wakeup call.

The problem with rationality is that it comes with a set of moral standards which answer to THE highest authority: yourself. You live, day in and out with the memory of what you did right and wrong and no one saying "oh it's ok, just give me money and you can forget you were horrible" is going to make it better. The real challenge is to realize that not everyone out there is like you, and no everyone deserves the benefits you can provide. This is not justification for being evil to someone, but it is justification for walking away when you know they're using religion as a crutch to justify their own evil, willful ignorance and arrogance. Message simplified: fuck them, fuck religious, dogmatic freaks and know them by what they say "reality is fake and gods bless tRump."

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