Protection: It Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means

Texas likes to use the word "protection" a lot. They apply it to all sorts of contradictory things such as "Gun Rights", "Women" and "Fetuses". The problem isn't that it's ambiguous, the problem is that it's just being misused. Unless, of course, it's being used sarcastically in which case it makes complete sense.
The judge agreed with abortion-rights activists that the restrictions, which were to take effect Tuesday, placed an unconstitutional burden on women seeking an abortion and didn't make the process safer, as state officials had argued. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott immediately appealed. (AP)
Texas lawmakers claim that by limiting access to abortions that they're "protecting" unborn babies oh yeah, and women too. It doesn't take a brilliant mind to realize that preventing a women from safe, private medical care and removing her right to decide her own future isn't "protection" of any sort. What really needs protection is the word itself, because the level of abuse it's forced to suffer. Texas needs to practice what it preaches: hands off government. If it works for carrying guns it certainly can work for women's bodies. Less is more right?
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